What is computer memory and its types

Memory Kya Hai In Hindi – almost all of you computer Must have heard the name of memory. but do you know that What is memory (What is computer memory in Hindi), what are the types of memoryAnd How is memory measured? You may hardly know the exact answer to all these.

Computer memory is that part of the computer in which all the data of the computer is stored, without memory the computer cannot be run.

In today’s article we will tell you Memory Kya Hai in Hindi We are going to give complete information about it, which will prove to be very useful for you. And after reading this, all your questions related to memory will be over, so let’s start without any delay, know more about this article. what is memory,

What is Computer Memory

Just as whatever activity we do in our life is stored in our brain, similarly in the computer data Or memory is used to store information. Computer memory is similar to human brain.

What is memory and its types - What is computer memory in Hindi - in Hindi

Memory is an important part of a computer whose job is to store data and instructions. computer system Have to store in. In turning on the computer, memory is used to run any program in the computer.

Whenever any instruction is given by us to the computer, CPU Accesses data from memory itself.

Memory is divided into small parts and each part is called a cell. The data in these cells is stored in the form of Binary Digit (0,1).

Definition of Memory

Memory is used to remember or store data in a computer, which is called Computer Memory.

Types of Computer Memory

There are mainly three types of computer memory –

  1. Primary Memory
  2. Secondary Memory
  3. Cache Memory

Now let us understand these three one by one –

#1 Primary Memory

primary memory The main memory of the computer is, which is part of the CPU. Due to being engaged in the CPU, this memory is also called Internal Memory.

to primary memory Semiconductor (semiconductor material).

Current work running in the computer is stored in this memory only. Primary memory is also called working memory of computer.

No electronic device can run without primary memory.

The storage capacity of primary memory is limited, it stores only the data which is of great use.

Features of Primary Memory

  • Primary memory is the main memory of the computer.
  • It is used to turn on the computer and run the program in it.
  • Its storage capacity is limited.
  • It is installed inside the device itself.
  • Primary memory is used by the CPU.
  • Primary memory is faster than secondary memory.
  • It is made of Semiconductor (semiconductor material).

Types of Primary Memory

There are mainly 2 types of primary memory –

RAM (Random Access Memory) RAM is a Temporary Memory, which stores the current work running in the computer on the Temporary Base and after the power is turned off, all the data stored in it gets erased.

RAM is a volatile memory. And all the programs running in the computer run in RAM only. RAM is an important part of computer memory.

There are also 2 types of RAM

  • SRAM (Static Random Access Memory)
  • DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory)

ROM (Read Only Memory) – ROM is the permanent memory of the computer, in which the main instruction store of the computer resides. Which help in turning on the computer.

The data in ROM is stored on Permanent Base, even after the power is turned off, the data stored in ROM remains safe.

The data in ROM is already fixed by the manufacturing company, we cannot change the data present in it. The data present in the ROM can only be read, it cannot be written.

ROM there are four types

  • MROM (Masked Read Only Memory)
  • PROM (Programmable Read-Only Memory)
  • EPROM (Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory)
  • EEPROM (Electricity Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory)

#2 Secondary Memory

secondary memory There is a second memory of the computer, it is connected with the computer from outside, this memory is not connected to the computer circuit, so this memory is called External Memory (Second Memory).

Generally, the storage capacity of secondary memory is more than the primary and its storage can be increased if needed.

secondary memory Non-Volatile memory In this, the data can be kept safe for a long time.

Features of Secondary Memory

  • This is a permanent memory.
  • Data can be stored in the secondary memory for a long time.
  • The data stored in it can be easily copied from one computer to another.
  • This is the backup memory.
  • The computer can run even without secondary memory.
  • Their speed is less than that of the primary memory.
  • Even after power off or computer shutdown, the data stored in it remains safe.

Types of Secondary Memory

All the memory that we take from outside in the computer to store the data is called secondary memory.

like – memory card, Hard Disk, Pen Drive, DVDCD etc.

But on the basis of structure and methodology, there are four types of secondary memory –

  • Magnetic Tap
  • Magnetic Disk
  • optical disk
  • Flash memory
  • Magnetic Tap Memory , They are no longer used, in olden times they were used a lot. This type of memory consists of a plastic ribbon with a coating of iron oxide on both sides. Iron oxide is a magnetic material. Data can be erased and stored again in Magnetic Tap Memory. Example – audio cassette, tape recorder.
  • Magnetic Disk Memory It is a useful memory. In this, the data is stored in the track, spot and sector area and this area is covered with magnetic coating. Example – Hard Disk, floppy disk,
  • optical disk It is a secondary memory of round flat surface in which laser is used to store data. In this, the data is stored in the form of Pits. Example – CD (Compact Disk), DVD (Digital versatile disk)
  • Flash memory – all USB Drive comes under Flash Memory. Despite their small size, their data storage capacity is more than other disks. This type of memory does not deteriorate quickly and data can be read and written in it. Flash memory is used to store data in almost all computers nowadays. Example – Memory card, Pen Drive, SSD (Solid State Drive)

#3 Cache Memory

cache memory Computer has the fastest memory. This memory is used for fast transfer of data between CPU and RAM.

Frequently used programs and instructions are stored in the cache memory so that the CPU can work faster.

Cache memory is placed between the CPU and RAM, so that whatever data the CPU processes is stored in the cache memory. The CPU tries to get the data from the cache memory, if it gets the data then it accesses it immediately.

If the CPU does not get data in the cache memory, then it gets the data from RAM and then accesses it.

Features of Cache Memory

  • Cache memory is faster than primary memory.
  • In this, the Data Temporary Store is kept.
  • Its capacity is limited, less than RAM and ROM.
  • It stores only that data which has to be processed in less time.
  • It is costly even after having limited data storage.

Types of Cache Memory

There are two types of cache memory –

  • L 1 Cache Memory ( Internal )
  • L 2 Cache Memory ( External )

Computer Memory Measurement Unit

Just as units are used to measure all physical units, similarly units are also used to measure the capacity of memory, these units of measuring memory are called memory units.

The smallest unit of measurement of memory is called a bit, because computer memory is stored as a binary digit (0,1). And Binary Digit is also called Bit, so the smallest unit of measurement of computer memory is called Bit.

When 8 bits are mixed, a byte is formed. Large sets of bits are made to measure its type of memory with more capacity.

The capacity of memory in a computer is measured in the following units, which we have told you through a table –

Unit Short Name Capacity
Bit b 0,1
Byte B 8 Bit
Kilobyte KB 1024 Byte
Megabyte MB 1024 Kilobyte
gigabyte GB 1024 Megabyte
Terabyte TB 1024 Gigabyte
petabyte PB 1024 Terabyte
Exabyte EB 1024 Petabyte
Zettabyte ZB 1024 Exabyte
Yottabyte YB 1024 Zettabyte
Memory Measuring Unit

FAQ For Computer Memory

What is the smallest unit of memory?

The smallest unit of memory is a bit.

What is the largest unit of memory?

The largest unit of memory is Zettabyte (ZB).

What is a memory unit?

Some units have been set to measure the capacity of memory, these units are called memory units.

What are RAM and ROM made of?

RAM and ROM are made of semiconductor (semiconductor material).

What is Processing Speed ​​of Memory?

The amount of data that the memory can transfer in 1 second is called Processing Speed ​​of Memory. For example, if the memory is transferring 100 KB of data in 1 second, then the processing speed of the memory will be 100KBps.

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