What is CSS and its introduction (What is CSS in Hindi)

What is CSS , search engines But you must have seen many webpages whose look is very attractive, but do you know how to make the look attractive in the webpage? computer language is used.

If you do not know, then let us tell you, CSS is used to give an attractive look to any webpage. Almost all websites use CSS. In this age of technology everyone computer Knowledge of language is also very important

In today’s article we will tell you What is CSS in Hindi, What are the types of CSS, Advantages of CSS Including, will share a lot of information about CSS with you, which will make it easier for you to understand CSS better. So let’s start this article whose topic is – CSS in Hindi.

What is CSS – What is CSS in Hindi

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a computer language with the help of HTML The Webpage made in is given an attractive look. HTML and CSS are very important to create a webpage.

What is CSS and its introduction (What is CSS in Hindi) – Complete information in Hindi

HTML keys for CSS coding Should come CSS cannot be done without HTML. We have told you about HTML in the previous article. Through CSS, we can give color to HTML Element.

CSS is used in all websites. webpage with the help of CSS (website) can set Font, Color, Size, etc. in the content.

Full name of CSS – CSS Full Form

Full Form of CSSCascading Style Sheet, Is. Which in Hindi means “Comprehensive Style Sheet”

Definition of CSS – Delimitation of CSS

CSS is a computer language with the help of which a webpage is given an attractive look.

CSS Text Editor

The editor used for coding CSS is called CSS Text Editor.

CSS Text Editor – Notepad, Notepad++

The tools that are required to use CSS are called CSS Tools. CSS Text Editor and web browser are required to use CSS. Both of these are CSS tools.

Types of CSS – Type of CSS

There are three main ways you can work on CSS –

#1. Inline Style Sheet (Inline Style Sheet)

When CSS is added inside the HTML Tag, then this type of CSS is called Inline Style CSS. Inline Style CSS is used to configure a particular HTML element.

In this it is written inside the CSS Style attribute,

#2. Internal Style CSS (Internal Style CSS)

In this type of CSS, the coding of CSS is done inside the Head section in the HTML of the same page in which the style is to be applied. And its effect also falls only in that page.

Internal Style CSS is used for single page website. In this, the CSS code is placed between < head > < / head >.

In this, when the Style element is used, the type attribute is also used. The type attribute specifies what type of style should be used in the document.

#3. External Style CSS (External Style CSS)

This type of CSS is used when many webpages are given the same style. Using this, making changes to one file changes the entire website.

In this, CSS is applied to HTML with the help of tag and its effect falls on the entire HTML document.

External CSS is used for a website with multiple pages.

History of CSS – History of CSS in Hindi

CSS was created in 1994 by Hakon Wiuam Lie. And after this, in 1996 W3C launched Level 1 of CSS. CSS4 is the latest version of CSS right now –

CSS Version – CSS Version

  • css 1,
  • css 2
  • CSS 2.1
  • css 3
  • css 4

Some common properties of CSS (Basic Properties of CSS)

  • height – Through this property, we fix the height of the element.
  • width This property is used to give width to the element.
  • Colors It is used to give color to the element.
  • Brother This property is used to create a border in the element.
  • background color With its help, you can color the background of the element.
  • margins It is used to give space around the element.
  • padding – This property is used to determine the padding in the element.

Benefits of CSS – Benefit of CSS in Hindi

There are many advantages of CSS, some of which we have mentioned below.

  • With the help of CSS, a webpage is given an attractive look.
  • CSS saves time, by using External Style CSS, we can use CSS in one of our webpages and apply it in Multiple Pages. We will not have to do CSS coding on every page.
  • Using CSS increases the speed of the website, because when CSS is used, there is no need to write the HTML attribute again and again, which reduces the load of HTML and increases the speed of the website.
  • CSS can be easily maintained.
  • css we Windows, Linux etc. can be used in all platforms, and all Web browser Also supports CSS.

How to learn CSS – Learn CSS in Hindi

You can easily learn CSS both online and offline.

How to learn CSS online

There are many such websites on the Internet from where you can easily learn CSS, such as –

You can also learn CSS by joining online App courses like

Apart from this, you can also learn CSS by watching videos in YouTube.

There are many ways to learn CSS online.

How to learn CSS offline

You can also learn CSS Coding offline, like –

  • carrying books
  • By joining Coaching Institute
What is the difference between CSS and HTML?

Through HTML, we create the stature of a webpage and add content to the webpage. Content like – Heading, text, Paragraph, image, video, audio etc.
With the help of CSS, make that content attractive like – Color, background color, size, border etc.

What is CSS used for?

CSS is used to give color to a webpage.

Who discovered CSS?

CSS was discovered in 1994 by Hakon Wiuam Lie.

Which is the latest version of CSS?

The latest version of CSS is CSS 4.

What is the full form of CSS?

Full Form of CSS Cascading Style Sheet It happens.

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Conclusion: What is CSS in Hindi

So friends, that’s all in today’s article, after reading this article completely, you must have understood that What is CSS And What are the advantages of CSS, hope you article What is CSS Got to learn a lot from him. Do share this article with your friends too.

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