What is CVV and its importance

What is Cvv Code in Hindi: Friends, our subject today is to know what is CVV. As you all know that digital revolution has come not only in India but in the whole world and people Internet A large amount of transactions are also being done through this.

There are many types of these transactions. such as e-payment, debit card, credit card And so on. So when you try to make online payment through credit or debit card, you will find that you need to enter the account number of your debit card along with a 3 digit CVV code. Today we will know about this CBI Court, what is this CVV code, what is its full form, and its usefulness etc.

What is CVV Full Form (CVV Full Form In Hindi)

Below you are being given cvv and some other full forms related to it –

  • cvv FULL FORM OF IN HINDI – “card verification the code” It happens.

What is CVV code (What is CVV In Hindi)

CVV code which is known by many names such as security code, card verification code and card verification number etc. all mean the same thing to make your transaction more secure. it clearly means in any of your Bank There is a secret code to protect the online payment of debit or credit card. Which remains of 3 digits.

What is CVV and its importance (CVV Full Form In Hindi)

Normally whenever you try to make online payment and choose debit card or credit card option, you are asked for your card details. These details are as follows –

  • card number
  • card holder name
  • card expiry date and
  • cvv code

The use of CVV ​​is to make any of your transactions more secure, the reason is that when any company asks about the CVV at the time of the transaction you are doing, it wants to know that the card is being used by you. is being done or any other person is using it.

So in this way you will always have to use CVV whenever you choose to pay via Debit or Credit card. Nowadays, according to a new system, you can use your debit or credit card in any app like flipkart, amazonmyntra etc. according to the new circular of Reserve Bank of India and you only need to enter CVV for every transaction once you enter CVV OTP comes on your registered mobile number even if this OTP You can easily complete the transaction.

What is CVV?
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What is the history of CVV?

CVV was founded by Michael stone in 1995 in the United Kingdom. It was established as a concept with the basic objective of making card payments highly secure and hassle-free. However, in the initial phase, this code used to be of more than three numbers. Due to which many complicated things were seen, due to which it was later made of 3 numbers.

At present, an organization like the International Court of Judicature has said that the CVV number should be changed continuously every hour.

How CVV works

As you know that CVV is used during online transactions to avoid any type of fraud. This court gives us a special security. Whenever details about your ATM card or debit card are asked by a call agent or company, then your CVV is also mentioned in it.

So whenever you are about to do online transaction, you have to enter CVV at the time of card details as well. There is such a wonderful transaction feature in CVV that we also know by the name of card not enter.

This feature provides cryptography feature to any debit or credit card. That’s why it also goes that CVV code is not part of the card while there is a security check.

At present, a system of CVV ​​code is given in every credit and debit card. CVV is mainly divided into two types of codes which are – CVV1 and CVV2.

CVV1 is used by the current holder of the card to verify that the person using the card is the actual owner.

The same CVV2 is used by the company or payment merchandiser. You must have noticed that whenever you enter your debit card details for online transaction to make payment, CVV2 number is written there.

How to find CCV security code?

After getting information about CVV code, now the next question comes that where is it in CBI Court Card?

CVV code is a 3 digit code written on the back of the card. This three-digit CVV number provides a lot of security on those online transactions in which we do not require the physical use of the card.

When you look at the back side of your card, you will find that a special sequence of 3 digits will appear on the back side of your card in slightly clear and capital letters, this is nothing but the CVV code. In most of the cards it is found next to the signature slab. That is, the place where you are asked to sign as soon as you receive the card, the CVV is found on its just side.

Keep in mind that CVV Code is not your ATM Pin Code?

Many people have a misconception that CVV is the PIN code of their ATM or Debit card (4 numbers ATM PIN code). This concept is completely wrong because CVV is a unique code directly visible on the back of the card, which you see physically in each card and it is a permanent number on any particular card, in comparison to a pin code. Can be easily changed at any moment.

What is CSV code (CSV code in Hindi)

Another word related to Card is CSV, which means – “Card Security Value”.

A CSV is just like an ATM card i.e. it also has 3 or 4 digits and it is also found on the front or back of the card.

Where is cvv number used?

In all online transaction merchants, where debit cards and credit cards are used for online payment, the use of CVV ​​number is suspect.

Note that at any place where card payment is being used, you will need to give CVV number at that place.

Importance of CVV

By the way, in any debit and credit card, the CVV code attached to the magnetic chief has its own special importance, which can be understood from the following points –

  1. If used properly, CVV is helpful in protecting against many types of frauds. For example, if some change has been made in the data of the magnetic strip, then the strip reader will give you an indication of the error by showing a damaged card error.
  • CVV Number is very important in the shopping done through mobile and internet because it shows that the person who is ordering has physically present the card. That’s why CVV Number is very important.
  • But CVV technology cannot save you from every fraud, if your card is stolen or someone has hacked your card, then CVV cannot save the amount spent from your card. Because whoever has your card, CVV will also reach him. Because it is physically printed in the card.
  • The CVV present in the card not only safeguards your funds but also provides the necessary permission for any transaction to be completed because whenever you try to do a transaction with a debit card or credit card, only after entering your CVV. OTP is received in your registered mobile.

Drawbacks of CVV

Following are some important drawbacks of CVV ​​–

  • You need to have a Debit Card to use CVV.
  • It is always necessary to keep CVV secret because it is confidential.
  • Since the CVV is on the ATM card, if your ATM card is lost, the chances of getting your civil card to another person also increases a lot.
  • CVV is not only related to your debit card but it is also related to mobile because whenever there is an option to pay for merchandise and we use debit card, OTP is received on our registered mobile number only after entering CVV. Is. Therefore, it can also pose a threat to your mobile number or mobile.

FAQs related to CVV

Following are some frequently asked questions and their answers related to CVV code –

How is CVV number generated?

CVV number is generated from computer, it is auto printed by computer in a magnetic chip card. Therefore, you will see that a Particular Card has a Particular CVV number, it is a highly confidential three digit number which is Umchangable i.e. it cannot be changed.

Should the CVV code be kept hidden?

A CVV number is always considered confidential because the leaking of the CVV number can put the amount deposited in your account at risk. For example, suppose you have a debit card, it means that you are the only person who knows what the three digit CVV digit of that card is. Now if you tell the details of this CVV number to any other person, it means that you have given half the details of your account to that person. Now even if by mistake your phone comes in the hands of this person, then he will get OTP and run away after stealing the amount deposited in your bank account.

Is it mandatory to get the CVV code?

The CVV code is automatically provided to you on the card issued to you by your bank. So even if you don’t have the desire to have it, you will definitely get it.

Can we make our CVV code as our ATM PIN also?

Your CVV code and your ATM PIN are two different things. Where an ATM PIN is used near the ATM machine, there is no need to go to the ATM to use a CVV code. An ATM PIN is basically a 4 digit code, while a CVV code is a confidential code of about 3 digits. Therefore, it is advised that you should never keep your ATM PIN code, CVV code or your birthday, vehicle number etc.

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Last Word: What is CVV in Hindi

CVV is a high level three digit confidential code. Through this article, we have tried to bring before you all the information related to CVV at one place. In the article, we have told you the meaning, definition, full form history of CVV, difference between CVV and related words, method of working of CVV, where it is located, its importance and drawbacks. Along with this, we have also tried to find and answer your most searched questions related to CVV at the end.

Hope you have liked this article. All kinds of questions related to the topic are welcome, thanks.

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