What is Data in Hindi (What is Data in Hindi)

what is data in hindi: Data word we hear in our daily life. today’s Internet This word has become common in the era, its use computer And android Mobile phone is very much. Although people use the word data, they still do not know correctly that what is data,

If we use the word data so many times, then we should also be aware of the data. If you also want to know what is data, then definitely read this article till the end.

Through this article you will get to know that Data what is, Data how many type of Would Is, Data Store How did go Is, Data To How measuring Huh And database what Would Is, You are going to get such very important information in this article which will always be useful for you.

What is Data

If we have any type of record, then we represent it with the word data. Data (Data) Words can be used to represent facts, concepts, instructions, etc. in an appropriate way, which we can communicate, interpret and process when we need it. The word Data is the plural form of Datum which means given.

What is Data in Hindi including its types (What is Data in Hindi)

Whatever number you have in your mobile is also data, whatever file you create in your computer is also data. Data can be in different form such as text, audio, video, image etc.

When the data is in its Raw Form, it is of no use. When we prepare information by processing raw data, then that data is useful for us.

What is Data Processing

The process of converting raw data into information by processing it is called data processing. When we input any data in the computer, it is Raw Data. And the output that is received is called information.

There are mainly 3 steps in data processing.

#1 – Inputting Data

In the input stage, we input the data into the computer. like keyboard, mouse e.t.c input device Data is input from the computer in different ways. When data is inputted into the computer, it goes into the computer in binary form (0,1).

#2 – Processing the data

CPU With the help of input data is processed. The computer tries to understand what type of input data is.

#3 – Providing output of data

When the data is processed, the output is received in the form of information and this information is useful for the user. Output data can also be stored so that the data can be used when needed.

Types of Data

Due to being in different forms, the data is also of different types. Which we have told you about below.

#1 – Numerical Data

Such data which is in the form of numbers is called numerical data. Such as 0, 1, 2, 3 etc.

#2 – Alphabetic Data

Such data which is in the form of alphabets is called alphabetic data. Like a, b, c, d etc.

#3 – Alpha Numeric Data

Such data which is in the form of special character is called symbolic data. Like @, #, $, & etc.

#4 – Video Data

Such data which is in the form of video is called video data. Such as Movie, Video Clip etc.

#5 – Sound Data

Such data which is in the form of sound is called voice data. Such as songs, audio recordings etc.

#6 – Graphical Data

Such data which is in graphical form is called graphical data. Such as images, pictures etc.

how the data is represented

We can use letters, numbers, special symbols etc. to represent the data. Data can be text, image, video or audio in any form. There are mainly two ways of representing data –

  • Analog Data
  • Digital Data

#1 – Analogue Data

Analog data is data that is represented in a physical way. Analog data is stored in physical media. Like VCR cassettes, or other non-digital media, in olden times people used to make pictures in the walls. That too is analog data.

#2 – Digital Data

Digital data is the data that is represented in digital form. As we store any file, image, video, etc. in the computer, it comes under digital data only.

how to store data

When we have data, we have to store it to keep it safe. Storage is needed to store data. When we store the data, we can use it anytime as per the requirement. In the Physical World, the data is stored on paper by making a file of it.

today’s era Digital Marketing This is the era, so now instead of storing the data in paper, it is stored in the database through computer. In this digital world we can store data in 2 ways.

  • Temporary Storage
  • Permanent Storage

#1 – Temporary Storage

Temporary storage of data in Temporary Storage RAM is stored in. In this, the data is stored temporarily. As long as the computer gets a power supply, the data is temporarily stored in the RAM. When the power supply is turned off, the data stored in RAM is also deleted. Whenever we do any work in the computer in the current time, then its data is stored in RAM.

#2 – Permanent Storage

Data is stored forever in Permanent Storage. To store the data Permanently Hard Disk Drive, SSD etc. use. Apart from this, some external devices such as pan drive, memory card Data is also stored Permanently in etc.

If you have any important data then you can store it Permanently so that you can access that data when you need it.

Measurement of Data

Data in digital form is measured in the following units. It is the smallest bit to measure the data.

1 Bit = 1 Binary Digit
4 Bits = 1 Nibble
8 Bit = 1 Byte
1024 Byte = 1 Kilobyte
1024 Kilobyte = 1 Megabyte
1024 Megabyte= 1 Gigabyte
1024 Gigabyte = 1 Terabyte
1024 Terabyte = 1 petabyte
Measurement of Data

What is Database (What is Database in Hindi)

Database is an organized collection of data. Whenever data is stored, it is not stored in any random order. A structure is provided to store the data. With the help of database, a structure is given to organize the data.

Database Table is a very common data structure which consists of Row and Column. Where each row is called a record and each column is called a field.

difference between data and data

Many people have this confusion that what is the difference between data and data. Actually there is no difference between these two. People call data as data due to less information. But in pure form it is called data itself and not data.

Data FAQs

What is numerical data?

Such data which is available in numerical form is called numerical data.

Where is the data permanently stored?

In Digital World, data is stored permanently or in Permanent Hard Disk, SSD.

What is analog data?

Such data which we can represent in physical way is called analog data.

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We learned: What is data/data in Hindi

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