What is Device Driver, its types and how to download device driver

device driver in hindi: Have you ever thought that whenever we computer But let’s connect the new device like keyboard, mouse or any other device, printer Morpho Device Etc. So how does the computer recognize which device is connected, what is its function. Device Driver is needed to explain all this to the computer.

but do you know computer In Device Drivers what is, Device Driver how many type Of would have Huh, computer In Device Driver Why? required Is, Device Driver How download do, Device Driver How Update do,

Probably very few of you would know about it because often we ignore the device driver or we do not have complete information about it. But it is such a part of computer that everyone should know about it. So we thought why not you today What is Device Driver in computer Complete information should be given about.

After reading this article, you will know very well about the device driver, so let’s start without delay and know more about this article. Device Driver what would have Huh,

What is Device Driver, its types and how to download Device Driver in Hindi (Computer Device Driver In Hindi)

What is Device Driver?

One type of Device Driver system software happens that the computer hardware Helps to communicate. Device drivers are also called hardware drivers.

Whenever we connect any device to the computer, we need to install a driver for it, because without a driver, the computer does not understand what the device is connected to.

As we connect the printer to the computer, the printer will not be able to do its work until the driver of the printer is installed in the computer. Similarly, if we connect any device to the computer, then a driver is required for it to work.

Device Driver is a group of files present in the computer, with the help of which the computer can identify its Connect Hardware.

How device drivers work

As we learned above that whenever we want to connect a device to the computer, a driver is required for it to work. Now it is also important to know how these device drivers work.

device driver Operating System And act like a translator between devices. data The operating system needs to communicate with the device in order to send and receive data.

but the operating system Software There is and the device is a hardware, so the language of both is also different so that they cannot understand each other’s language.

Then the device driver is needed. The device driver acts as a translator between the operating system and the hardware through which both of them can communicate.

After installing the driver, the operating system explains to it what type of data is to be sent or received and this thing is explained to the driver hardware.

Types of Device Driver

Although there are different types of device drivers for different hardware in the computer, but according to the basic function of the computer, some of the major device drivers are as follows –

#1 – BIOS (Basic Input and Output System) Driver (BIOS)

BIOS (Basic Input and Output System) Computers have the most basic drivers in existence. They have been designed according to the First Program which is booted when the computer starts.

Motherboard a built in memory BIOS is stored in. And Hard Driveis designed to boot hardware connected to a PC, including video display outputs, keyboard and mouse.

#2 – Motherboard Driver (Motherboard Driver)

Motherboard drivers are small programs that Windows And Linux It is read by and they allow Basic Computer Function inside the operating system. These drivers usually include programs that mouse And keyboard For broadband ports, USB ports and I/O ports are allowed.

Depending on the make of the motherboard, these drivers may also have Basic Drivers for Video and Audio Support. Motherboard Drivers are different than BIOS Drivers.

#3 – Hardware Driver (Hardware Driver)

Hardware drivers are programs that are designed to allow computer hardware pieces such as expansion slots to function on the computer.

To ease the installation process of hardware video card, sound card, network cards and some other expansion cards come with a driver disc. With their help, working in Personal Computer is made easier.

#4 – Virtual Device Drivers (Virtual Device Drivers)

Virtual Device Drivers are different than other drivers. While most drivers allow the computer hardware to interact with the operating system, virtual device drivers emulate the piece of hardware and essentially trick the computer into reading the piece of hardware.

Why device driver is necessary

Till now you must have understood what is Device Driver, now understand why it is necessary –

  • Without the help of device driver, the hardware will not be able to do its work in the computer.
  • If there are no drivers in the computer, then external devices such as mouse, keyboard, pen drive, printer etc. cannot be used.
  • Without Network Driver, you cannot browse Internet in your computer.
  • If there are no drivers in the computer, then you will not be able to use any function of the computer.
  • Whatever device we connect to the computer, a driver is required for all of them to work.

How to download drivers in computer (Device Driver Download in Hindi)

Well when you buy a new computer or take laptop in that you have a CD It contains all the necessary drivers which you can easily install on your computer. But if you do not have CD, then you can also install your drivers in computer online.

To install the driver in Online Computer, first you need Computer Driver Pack Solution in your computer. https://driverpack.io/en Go to the download website. By searching on google you will get many websites.

After this, install whatever drivers you need.

When this software will be installed in your PC, then you have to double click on it so that this software will start running and will scan all the missing drivers. Then you can install all those drivers.

So in this way you can install the driver in the computer. If you have a CD, then install the driver in your PC through the CD itself. If you don’t have the CD, go to the online driver download.

How to update device driver (Update Device Driver In Hindi)

By the way, it is easy to update the device driver, but even then many people face trouble in updating the driver, so we have given you the process of updating the driver below –

  • First of all, search by typing Control Panel in the Computer Search Bar and open it.
  • In this you have to click on the option of Hardware and Sound.
Computer Control Panel and Hardware and Sound
  • Now you have to click on Device Manager.
click Computer Device Manager Option
  • Now a new window will open in front of you, in this you will get all the drivers.
computer device manager All Device Driver list
  • Mark will be made on the drivers which are not updated, you select it and right click and click on Properties option.
  • Now a new Pop-up Window will open in which you have to select the Driver option. And click on Update Driver.
computer device driver update
  • Now you will have two option shows in the new window –
Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software

If you do not have the driver in your file, then click on Search Automatically for update driver software and update the driver with the help of internet.

If the driver is already available with you, then click on Browse my computer for driver software and update the driver.

After following this simple process, you can easily install the driver in the computer.

FAQ For Device Driver

Who makes the driver?

Drivers are made either software engineers or computer engineers.

What is the job of the driver?

The main job of the driver is to communicate between the hardware and the operating system connected to the computer.

What type of software is a device driver?

Device driver is a system software.

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We Learned: What is Device Driver in Hindi

Through this article, we have given you complete information about Device Driver Kya hai and also told you the importance of Device Driver. After reading this article, you must have understood how important device drivers are for the computer. Without device drivers, the computer will not be able to identify which hardware is connected to the computer. And the computer will not be able to do its work properly.

So friends, that’s all in this article, hope you liked this article and What is device driver You would have got to learn a lot from him. By sharing this article on social media also, share the right knowledge with others, and keep visiting our blog to read similar valuable articles.

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