What is Dhani App, how to earn money

Hello friends, welcome to another new article of your Techshole blog, in which we How to earn money from Dhani App Are going to give information about. Dhani App is a very popular application which provides various types of services related to Health and Wealth to its customers.

Although Dhani App is used by lakhs and crores of people, but very few of them know that money is also earned from Dhani App. Yes friends, if you spend 2 to 3 hours in Dhani app in a day then you can earn 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month.

If you are also using the Dhani app and till now you have not earned a single rupee from the Dhani app, then definitely read this article till the end. In this article, we have told you the complete process of earning money from Dhani App.

In this article you will get to know that dhani app what Is, rich app To download How do, rich app In account How make, app How play, rich app From Pennies How earn, app From Pennies How remove And rich app Of advantages what Is, Along with this, we have also given you the customer care number of Dhani App in this article, so that in case of any problem, you can talk to the customer care officer of Dhani App.

What is Dhani App, how to earn money from it, Dhani Loan App – Dhani App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

So friends, without taking much of your time, let’s start this article and know all the above information about Dhani App.

About Dhani App

main point description
Application name Dhani: Credit and Online Store
Application Category All in One: Online Banking, Shopping, Gaming, Trading
rating on play store 4.1 Star
total downloads 50 million
Launched by Dhani Service Ltd.
customer care number 0124-655-655
Dhani App In Hindi

What is Dhani App (What is Dhani App in Hindi)

Dhani App is an online All in One application, in which various types of facilities are available. Under the financial service of Dhani app, you can pay bills online, recharge online, transfer money, create Dhani one freedom credit card. Online Personal Loan from Dhani App can take.

Apart from this, you can use Dhani App stock market You can invest, do shopping, play games, take doctor’s opinion online and earn money too. Dhani App is a trusted application, which has been installed by more than 50 million people in their mobiles.

Dhani App is an Indian application whose founder is Sameer Gehlot. Headquarter of this application is in Gurugram of Haryana district. Dhani App was launched in the year 1999.

How to download Dhani App (Dhani App Download)

You can easily download the Dhani app from your app store. if you Android if you are a user Google Play Store Search by typing Dhani App in the search bar, Dhani: Credit and Online Store application will open in front of you. After this you download this app and install it in your Android mobile.

If you are an iPhone user, you can easily download Dhani App from App Store and install it on your mobile.

How to create an account in Dhani App

It is very easy for a smartphone user to create an account in Dhani App, but even then you face any kind of problem in creating an account in Dhani App, then follow the process given below.

#1 After installing the Dhani App in your mobile, open it, and click on the Get Started option.

#2 After this, you will be asked to select the language, according to your convenience, select any one language from Hindi, English, Gujarati and Marathi and click on the option of Continue.

#3 Now you will be asked to enter the mobile number. You fill your mobile number and click on the next button.

#4 After this an OTP will come in your registered mobile number. You fill that OTP and click on next.

#5 Now you have to create a password and you have to remember this password, because with this password you will be able to login to Dhani App in any other device as well. Keep the following things in mind while creating a password.

  • Do not use any special character in the password.
  • Password must be of 6 digits. Neither less nor more than this.
  • At least 1 alphabet and 1 number should be used in the password.

Create a password and click on the Next option.

#6 After this, an OTP will come again in your registered mobile number. You fill the OTP and click on the Continue option.

Your account will be created in Dhani App as soon as you click on Continue. Now you can use this application and earn money.

How to use Dhani App

It is very easy to use Dhani App, you get almost all the options on its homepage itself. We have told you about all the options of Dhani App here below.

One Freedom Credit – On Dhani App, you can get instant credit limit ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 5 lakh. You can apply for a credit card by clicking on One Freedom Credit.

Shopping & Offers You click on this option to do online shopping through the Dhani app. You get a lot of products on the Dhani app.

Bill Payment You can also pay your any type of bill like water, gas, electricity, landline etc. through Dhani App.

transfer money By clicking on this option, you can transact money from Dhani App.

stocks – If you are interested in share market then Dhani App gives you the facility of online trading. You can invest in the stock market with a stock option.

Doctor on Call – If you have any health related complaint, you can take advice from a doctor online through Dhani App. 24 * 7 doctors are available in the Dhani app.

Refer & Earn – By this option you can earn money from Dhani App. You refer Dhani App with your friends and if any of your friends create an account in Dhani App with your Referral Link then you get some money.

mobile recharge You can also get your mobile recharged through the Dhani app.

loans – If you need an instant loan, then the Dhani app also provides you the facility of loan. You can avail loan on Dhani App with minimum documents.

how to earn money from dhani app

By the way, Dhani App is All in One payment application, in which you can do different types of work. But in this article we will tell you about how to earn money from Dhani App only. Below we have told you three such ways by which you can earn money from Dhani App.

#1 – Earn money from Dhani App through Refer and Earn Program

The best way to earn more money from Dhani App is Refer and Earn Program. You can refer the Dhani app with your friends, and when a friend of yours downloads the Dhani app and creates an account in it and does the first transaction with the Dhani app, you get a referral bonus of Rs.200.

If you refer Dhani App to at least 5 friends in a day, then you can easily earn Rs.1000.

#2 – Earn money from Dhani App by playing games

Aap Dhani App has a lot of You can earn money by playing games, When you open the Dhani App, click on the Profile option above, here you will get the Rewards & More option. As soon as you click on it, many games will open in front of you. You can also earn money by playing these games.

#3 – Get Cashback from Dhani App and Earn Money

You can pay online bills, mobile or DTH recharge, online transactions and online shopping through Dhani App, in which you get Cashback. In Dhani App you can get cashback in the following ways.

  • Get cashback on online recharge.
  • Cashback is available on transfer of money.
  • Get cashback on online shopping.
  • If you pay your bills through the Dhani app, then you get cashback in this too.
  • You get cashback even after redeeming the money deposited in Wallet.

So you can earn money from Dhani App through these three methods.

After reading the article till here, you must have understood that Dhani App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye?

After this, the process of withdrawing money from your Dhani app should also be known.

how to withdraw money from rich app

Withdrawal of money in Dhani app is very easy, you get Wallet option on its homepage, through which you can easily withdraw money from Dhani app. Follow the below process to withdraw money from Dhani App.

  • First open the Dhani App.
  • After this, you can click on the option of Wallet in the section with Available Balance on the homepage.
  • After clicking on Wallet, you will get the option of Withdrawal, click on it.
  • After this you can transfer the money earned on Dhani App to your bank account either Paytm can transfer to wallet

What are the advantages of Dhani App (Advantage of Dhani App in Hindi)

The user gets many benefits of using Dhani App. We have told you the following about some of the benefits.

  • You can pay any type of bill with Dhani App.
  • You can recharge your mobile or DTH through Dhani app.
  • You can do money transactions.
  • Dhani App also provides the facility of online shopping.
  • You can take advice from the doctor 24 * 7.
  • If needed, you can also take a loan from Dhani App sitting at home online.
  • Through Dhani App, you can also do trading in the stock market.
  • You can also play games for fun in your spare time.
  • Apart from doing a variety of tasks, you can earn money using the Dhani app.
  • You can get One Freedom credit card made on the Dhani app, in which you get a credit limit of up to Rs.

Dhani App Customer Care Number

If you face any kind of problem on Dhani App, you can easily contact Dhani App team by sending email and by phone call. Following are the contact detail of Dhani App.

Since Dhani App provides variety of services, Dhani App customer care numbers are also different for different service related queries.

Dhani App Customer Care Number

Common questions related to Dhani App

Dhani App is the application of which country?

Dhani App is an Indian application whose founder is Sameer Gehlot.

What can you do with Dhani App?

With Dhani App, you can pay bills, recharge, money transactions and get loans online. Apart from this, you can take doctor’s advice, do trading in the stock market and do online shopping.

read them and earn money

Conclusion: What is Dhani App and How to Earn Money

Through this blog post, we have told you about Dhani App, in which our main objective was to give you how to earn money from dhani app Give full details of

Even after reading this article, if you still have any doubt related to Dhani app or if you have any suggestions regarding the article, then you can tell us in the comment box below. We will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

We hope that from this article you have got valuable information about earning money from Dhani App and Dhani App. Do share this article with your friends through social media and also tell them about earning money from Dhani App.

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