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digital camera in hindi , computer Do you know in this era of – What is Digital Camera, how many types of Digital Camera are there, how does Digital Camera work? What is the history of digital cameras?

Whenever we go somewhere, we save our memories in the form of pictures in the camera. But friends, it was not so easy in the time of 1990, 2000 because cameras were not so advanced at that time. But gradually they kept improving and today we can take high quality pictures from our mobile camera only. All this was possible only with Digital Camera.

If you do not know the answers to all these questions. we wrote this article what is digital camera in hindi written for you, in this you full details of digital camera Going to get it which will prove to be very useful for you.

You read this article completely till the end, you have a lot to learn in it, so let’s start to know more about this article. What is a digital camera.

Know what is digital camera in Hindi - What is Digital Camera in Hindi

What is Digital Camera (What is Digital Camera in Hindi)

digital camera (digital cameras) of a computer input device Is. Which captures the image or video in digital format and stores them in its Memories stores in. Later we can transfer Store Image, Video to computer in it.

Image Sensor is used for good quality of photo in digital camera. Capture photo or video in digital camera can also be deleted as per your need.

Camera is a Latin language word derived from Camera Obscura which means Dark Chamber.

In many digital cameras today sound Can do video recording with.

History of Digital Camera

Steven Sasson invented the world’s first digital camerasteven sasson) did in the year 1975. Steven Sasson was an engineer at Eastman Kodak. He used Charge Coupled Device (CCD) image sensor in this camera.

This camera was the size of a Breadbox. And it used to take 23 seconds to capture an image. With this only Black and White Photo was shot.

Subsequently, in 1988, the Fujix DS-1P was unveiled at the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany. Fujix DS – 1P is considered to be the first True Digital Camera. Like Kodak company, this camera of Fuji company was never sold in the market.

In 1991, Kodak Company made its first Digital SLR (DSLR). After this, many other companies also started making Digital Cameras.

Richo RDC 1 was the first such Digital Camera which had Dedicated Movie Mode. It was made in 1995. Although its video recording capability was quite limited. it was very expensive.

Gradually the camera started being used in mobiles as well. Launched in 1999, the Kyocera Visual Phone VP – 210 was the world’s first camera phone. It had a front camera of 0.11 megapixels.

The very next year, the Samsung SCH-V200 and the Sharp J-SH04 followed the VP 210 as camera phones. After this even more Advance camera phones started being made. In modern mobiles, almost all of them have high quality cameras.

In today’s time all digital camera Image Editing Software and memory card meet with.

So this was the brief history of Digital Camera, by reading which you would have got to learn a lot, now let’s go ahead in the article and know how digital camera works.

How digital camera works

When you press the button to take a picture from a digital camera, the aperture opens in the front of the camera. And enters through the Light Lens.

There is an Electronic Device in it which converts the incoming light rays into Electronic Signal. This Light Detector is either a CCD Image Sensor or CMOS,

When you look closely at a screen, you will see that the image is made up of millions of tiny color dots, which we pixel They say. These pixels are very small in appearance.

In Digital Camera, light comes from the object to the lens. The picture image coming in it hits the sensor chip which is divided into crores of small pixels.

So this was a brief information about the working of Digital Camera.

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Part of Digital Camera

By now you guys must have realized that What is Digital Camera Now let us know about its main parts –

  • Shutter Button Press this button to capture the image.
  • Control Button They are used to adjust different settings of the camera.
  • Shooting Mode Dial – Used to change the various scene modes, adjust the exposure option.
  • Microphone Captures audio for Movie Clip.
  • picture review – This button is used for the review of the image taken.
  • electronic flash – Provides additional light in the scene.
  • Zoom Lens and Control Increases and decreases the size of the image.
  • Battery Compartment– It contains the cells that give power to the camera.
  • cursor pad Menu Choice is used to navigate.
  • Indicator LEDs – Shows the position of the camera.
  • LCDPanel – this camera Displays It happens.
  • Memory Card Slot It accepts digital memory card.
  • USB port , usb cables Is meant for access.
  • FileSaved LED – This LEDs Indicates that the image has been stored on the memory card.
  • power switch Press this button to open and close the camera.

Types of Digital Camera

Digital cameras are mainly classified on the basis of their focus, use and price. Digital Camera is divided into the following 6 parts. Following are the types of digital cameras –

#1 – Compact Digital Camera

Compact Cameras are widely used simple cameras. They are called Point and Shoot (Point and Shoot) Camera because they are used for general purposes.

They are cheaper than other cameras, so their image quality can also be less. In this way small cameras are called ultra-compact cameras. The rest is called Compact Camera.

Some of the features of this camera are as follows –

  • Image to Computer Jpeg Can be stored in format.
  • You can see Live Preview before taking photo.
  • Low Power Flash is available in it, with the help of which you can take photos in the dark.
  • Being small in size, they are portable.
  • Along with Close Focus, there is also the Ability of Auto Focus.
  • They are simple and compact.
  • They have the ability to zoom.

This type of camera has all these features but its image quality may be less as compared to other cameras.

#2 – Bridge Camera

Bridge Cameras are High Level Digital Cameras whose texture is similar to DSLR, some of their features are as follows –

  • It consists of Fixed lens and Image Sensors are small.
  • You can see Live Preview before taking photo.
  • Image can be stored in Compressed JPEG Format along with Raw Data.
  • Auto Focus and Manual Focus can be done using Contrast Detect Method.

Bridge cameras look like DSLR but their working speed is slow.

#3 – DSLR Cameras (Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras)

dslr camera There is a very high level camera which uses the single lens method. The main features of this camera are as follows –

  • Can see Live Preview.
  • There is high image quality even in low light.
  • Special types of sensors are installed in Mirror Box to get Auto Focus.
  • Photographer can choose the required lens according to the situation.

#4 – Electronic Viewfinder – Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)

The EVF is a combination of a large sensor and interchangeable lenses. It is more compact and simpler than DSLR. In this, you can see the preview before capturing the image, and adjust the focus accordingly.

#5 – Digital Rangefinder – Digital Rangefinder (DRF)

The DRF is a special type of film camera with a rangefinder, using which distant photography is possible.

#6 – Line Scene Cameras

Line scan cameras are used to capture image resolutions at high speed. In this type of cameras, a Pixel of Image Sensor is used in place of Matrix System.

Uses of Digital Camera

In today’s time, Digital Camera is used in many works, some of which are the following –

  • With the help of Digital Camera, you can take photos of your Family, Friends, Place etc. You can store your memory in your camera.
  • Digital Camera is also used to make business cards. With the help of digital camera, you can take your photo and put it in your business card.
  • Digital Cameras are also used for the diagnosis of Dental Problems. With the help of Digital Camera, you can capture high quality images. Due to which the doctor can see those problems which are missed.
  • Digital cameras are also used to record any meeting or event.
  • Digital Camera is also used for communication between users in the Internet. Such as Live Class, Video Calling etc.

In today’s time, apart from all these, digital cameras are also used in all other works.

Advantages of Digital Camera (Advantage of Digital Camera in Hindi)

  • You can store photos and videos in the memory of a digital camera and transfer them to a computer if needed.
  • Image Quality is High in Digital Cameras.
  • Zoom Even after doing this, there is no difference in the quality of the image.
  • Editing can be done easily with the help of digital camera.
  • You can also record video with the help of Digital Camera.
  • Image, video captured by digital camera can be easily shared.

Disadvantage of Digital Camera

Along with the advantages of digital cameras, there are also some disadvantages such as –

  • To use a digital camera, you should also have some computer skills.
  • Due to more storage, managing the captured photos in it can be a bit difficult.
  • There are too many functions in it, due to which there may be difficulty in using it properly in the beginning.
  • Digital cameras require more battery power.

difference between film camera and digital camera

Modern digital cameras are very different than the old film cameras, the following are the differences between film cameras and digital cameras –

  • Film cameras can only take photos, while with the help of digital cameras, you can record videos along with photos.
  • Film cameras can store only a limited number of photos, while digital cameras can store unlimited photos on a memory card.
  • Battery life of film cameras is longer than that of digital cameras.
  • Chemical film is used in film cameras while digital sensors are used in digital cameras.
  • Digital camera is an advance form of film camera.

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FAQ For Digital Camera

What are the digital camera computer devices?

digital camera computer Key is the input device.

Who invented the digital camera?

The digital camera was invented by Steven Sasson in 1975.

Which lens is used in mobile camera?

Wide angle lens is used in mobile camera.

How many megapixels is the human eye?

The human eye is of 576 megapixels.

Conclusion: What is Digital Camera in Hindi

Friends, after reading this article you must have understood that what is digital camera And digital cameras how many types are there, and digital cameras Where – where is it used.

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