What is domain authority and page authority

DA / PA : today we What is Domain Authority And What is Page Authority We are going to give complete information about this in Hindi.

nowadays Internet Every day a new website comes in the world and everyone wants that his website or blog is the most popular. Search Engine For example – Rank on Google. That’s why new and old bloggers are engaged in building the Domain Authority and Page Authority of their website.,

whoever BloggerKeeps information about Seo, he must know how important DA / PA is for his website, Backlinks to Blogger, Seo And Google Rank But special attention is required.

So let us know in detail in this post Domain Authority (DA) And Page Authority (PA) What is it, how to check DA / PA of blog as well as how to improve DA and PA of your website.

Domain Authority, Page Authority What is DA PA Complete information in Hindi

What is Domain Authority

Domain Authority is called DA in short, Domain Authority is called a SaaS The company has given web matric which Moz made by.

Moz decides how much grade any website or blog has to be given from 1 to 100. 1st grade is in the form of very bad rank and 100 very good rank.

Domain Authority Seo is very helpful for any blog and website.

If the Domain Authority of your website i.e. DA will be good, then Search Engine will be helpful in ranking your webpage. How much will your website rank you Traffic also increase on the blog Will happen.

Domain Authority remains between 1 to 10 of the newly created website and it increases gradually, you will increase backlinks, seo and organic traffic on your website, by the way your DA (Domain Authority) will increase. So let us now know about Page Authority.

What is Page Authority

Page Authority (PA) is an official algorithm of the most popular search engine which is Google, which decides which page to show first in the search.

If the page authority of the webpage of your website is good, then Google will show it on the first page.

What is the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain Authority (DA) Measures the estimated Moz ranking power of any domain and sub-domain, vice versa Page Authority (PA) website It measures the power of a single web page.

How to check DA / PA of Blog

Domain Authority has been included in SEO tools and online platforms of many websites these days. you URL Explorer MOZ Free SEO Tool Search the domain of any website using any other Keyword Explorer’s SERP analysis Domain Authority check can do

How to Improve Website’s DA and PA

If you also want to rank your blog in Google, then you have to know about your blog and website. DA PA About how to increase, you have to follow the steps given by us.

  • You create High Quality Backlinks of your blog.
  • Publish Daily Post on your blog i.e. keep your website updated.
  • Increase internal linking in your blog, which will increase your DA and PA at once.
  • If you want to increase the Domain Authority (DA), then you have to write all your articles like On Page Seo at least close to 1000 words.
  • To increase the Page Authority, always use Alt Text in the image, apart from this, make your article User Friendly, which will increase the Domain Authority of your website.
  • To increase the Domain Authority fast, you have to website page speed Will have to increase
  • Keep in mind that if the website page authority will increase, then the domain authority will also increase soon.
How to increase Domain Authority?

You can easily increase Domain Authority by creating High Quality Backlinks, updating blog, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, correcting page loading speed, guest posting, commenting on your Similar Blogs.

How to increase Page Authority?

To increase Page Authority, you have to use Internal Linking in your blog post in the right way. Due to which your page authority will increase instantly.

Does creating backlinks increase domain authority?

Yes, creating backlinks increases domain authority.

Last word – what is domain authority and page authority in Hindi

For your information, let us tell you that the DA PA of any website or blog does not remain the same, it sometimes decreases and sometimes increases.

If your blog Domain Authority increase If so, then any search engine will be helpful in ranking any webpage on the first page.

In this post we have you What is domain authority and page authority And What is the difference between domain authority and page authority, Complete information about is given in Hindi.

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