What is DRDO and what is the work of DRDO?

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DRDO ki full form

The full form of DRDO is Defense Research and Development Organisation. Which is known as Defense Research and Development Organization in Hindi.

What is DRDO?

DRDO was established in 1958, it is a great contribution to the research work related to the defense of India and to strengthen the defense power. It was established to strengthen the military power of India. This organization works as a subsidiary unit of the Indian Ministry of Defence. Its aim ,balsya mool vigyanam , That is, the basis of power is science. It is called “Strength’s Origin is Science” in English. Its present chairman Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy.

DRDO is the largest research organization in India. It has been established with 10 small laboratories. DRDO started its first project (Surface-to-Air Missile) in 1960, the first project of missiles in the name of Indigo, it was closed after some time. The short range surface-to-air missile was developed in the 1970s. Its headquarters is located in DRDO Bhawan, opposite Sena Bhavan, near Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi. One of its laboratories is located on Mahatma Gandhi Marg in North West Delhi.

DRDO’s work

The work of DRDO is related to the security of the country. It produces world-class weapons and equipment according to the defense needs of water, land, air, armies. DRDO also works in many areas of military technology. Apart from this, it is also accelerating in the field of cyber, space, life science, agriculture and testing. in order to strengthen the security of the country.

DRDO Projects

The list of major projects and technologies developed by DRDO is quite long. Agni, Prithvi, Nag, Trishul and Akash missiles prepared by DRDO for India’s security are also included in this list-

India’s missile system
missile features
Agni-I Single stage, solid fuel, medium range ballistic missile. It uses a solid propulsion booster and a liquid propulsion upper. 700-800 kms. determines the distance.
Agni-II Medium-range ballistic missile (IRBM). 2000 kms. covers a distance of more than
Agni-III Two Stage Medium Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM). Supports a wide range of warhead configurations. Covers a distance of more than 2,500 kms.
Agni-IV A two-stage missile powered by solid propulsion. Can be fired from a road mobile launcher. 3,500 km. Can cover more distance. It is made up of indigenously developed ring laser gyro and composite rocket motor.
Agni-V A three-stage solid fuel, indigenous inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM). Capable of carrying a 1.5 ton nuclear warhead. The latest and most developed edition in terms of navigation and guidance, warhead and engine. India has also joined an exclusive club of countries like the US, Russia, China, France and the UK that have inter-continental ballistic missile capability. 5,000 km. covers a distance of more than
trident Capable of all-weather surface-to-sky strikes, this quick-reaction missile is designed to counter low-level strikes.
sky It is a medium-range surface-to-sky missile with the capability to hit multiple targets simultaneously. Capable of carrying more than one warhead. Composed of high-energy, solid propulsion and a ram-rocket throwing system.
snake This third generation ‘Fire and Forget’ (Fire and Forget) 4-8 km. It is an anti-tank missile with a range capability of . It has been indigenously developed as an anti-weapon that employs sensor fusion technology for flight guidance. HELINA is an air-to-surface variant of the Nag which is integrated with the Dhruv helicopter.
Earth It is the first indigenously manufactured ballistic missile under IGMDP. Surface-to-Surface Battle Field Missile.150 km. 300 km from Distance capability.
brahmos Supersonic cruise missile. It has been developed as a private joint venture with Russia. Multi-platform cruise can attack from a variety of platforms. It is one of the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missiles with a speed of Mach 2.5–2.8. Once aimed, it does not require guidance from the control center, hence it is also called ‘Fire and Forget’ missile.
Fearless Subsonic missile, a complement to BrahMos. Capable of being launched from multiple platforms on land, sea and air. 1,000 km. have access to.
Sagarika Submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM). Integrated with India’s nuclear powered Arihant class submarine. 700 kms. determines the distance.
bravery The K-15 is a variant of the Sagarika. Submarine- nuclear-capable missile. Second, the goal of increasing India’s attack capability.
Bow Sea-based, short-range, liquid-propellant ballistic missile. Naval Edition of Prithvi II. Maximum 350 kms. distance can be covered.
weapon Air-to-air missile beyond view-range using solid propulsion. It is one of the smallest weapons developed by DRDO in terms of size and weight. Active radar seeker for target detection. Electronic counter-measurement capability. 80 km. It is designed to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft at supersonic speeds in head-on mode.
hit This is India’s latest 150 km. It is a surface-to-surface missile with a range capability of . Its primary purpose is to bridge the gap between the un-guided Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher and the guided Prithvi missile variant.

How to Join DRDO?

The joining process for DRDO is different for different posts. However you can also join DRDO through GATE, SET, CEPTAM.

Join DRDO through GATE exam

Through GATE also candidates can apply for recruitment in DRDO. Candidates must have GATE pass to apply. DRDO recruits Scientist B through the marks obtained by the candidate in GATE and interview and any interested candidate who wants to become a scientist can fill the application form of DRDO through GATE. After having the paper selected candidates will be called for interview. If he passes the interview then he will be admitted.

Join DRDO through CEPTAM

If you want to apply in DRDO through CEPTAM, then first you have to give written exam, in which you will have to take 2 tier exam. If you clear the first tier exam then you can sit for the second tier exam.

  • Tier – 1 In this, you will be given objective type questions, which will be of 150 marks. You will be given 2 hours for this.
  • Tier-2 You will be asked 100 questions in this. Tier 2 will also have objective type questions and you will be given 1 hour 30 minutes to solve it.

Join DRDO through SET

This DRDO exam is conducted in two phases, in which first you have to give return exam, followed by interview. The marks obtained by you in DRDO are not carried forward but are used for screening the candidates in the interview. In this, the final selection depends on the interview, how is the performance of the candidate, if you give your interview well then your selection will be done. This exam is of 3 hours in which 150 objective type questions of 500 marks are asked.

Job Profiles in DRDO

DRDO keeps on conducting recruitment for many posts from time to time. In which job options come out according to different qualifications. In this organization, you can find jobs like Clerk, Stenographer, Fire Engine Driver, Junior Research Fellow and Research Associate on the basis of your qualification.

Main Institutions of DRDO

The list of institutions coming under DRDO is given below-

  1. Advanced Numerical Research and Analysis Group- Hyderabad
  2. Advanced Systems Laboratory- Hyderabad
  3. Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment- Agra
  4. Aeronautical Development Establishment- Bangalore
  5. Award Research and Development Establishment- Pune
  6. Center for Airborne Systems – Bangalore
  7. Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics- Bangalore
  8. Center for Fire Explosive and Environment Safety- Delhi
  9. Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment- Chennai
  10. Defense Food Research Laboratory- Mysore
  11. Terminal Ballistic Research Laboratory- Chandigarh

Main issues of DRDO

Along with knowing DRDO kya hai, also know what are the main issues they have, which are as follows:

  • During the year 2016-17, the Standing Committee on Defense had expressed its concern over the insufficient amount of budgetary support for the projects of DRDO.
  • The Standing Committee noted that the share of DRDO in the total defense budget for 2011-12 was 5.79 percent, which had come down to 5.34 percent in 2013-14.
  • Due to the government’s loose revenue commitments towards DRDO, many key projects related to future technology are stuck.
  • DRDO is also grappling with lack of proper coordination with the Armed Forces due to less manpower in critical areas.
  • The cost escalation and delay in project works have done little damage to the reputation of DRDO.
  • Even after 60 years of the establishment of DRDO, India imports a large part of its defense tools. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, India accounted for 12 per cent of the imports of arms and defense tools globally in the period 2013-17.

DRDO Chairperson

The names of the chairpersons of DRDO are given below through the table-

Name since when Till when?
N Bandyopadhyay 25 March 1996 31 March 1998
MB Lion 01 April 1998 30 September 1999
Dr. A.K. Dutta 01 October 1999 31 May 2000
Dr. Ram Kumar 01 June 2000 31 May 2001
Dr. A.K. Dutta 01 June 2001 31 August 2001
Ramesh Kumar 08 May 2002 30 April 2003
W Selvamurthy 01 May 2003 14 September 2004
Ramesh Kumar 15 September 2004 14 September 2007
SC Narang 15 September 2007 27 March 2012
V Bhujanga Rao 28 March 2012 27 March 2013
Rajwant B Singh 28 March 2013 27 March 2016
M H Rahman 28 March 2016 07 June 2016
Dr. Lalit Kumari 08 June 2016 08 June 2018
Sudhir Gupta 09 June 2018 21 June 2020
R. appavuraji 22 June 2020 So far


What is the function of DRDO?

DRDO is the R&D wing of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, providing state-of-the-art defense technologies and weapons and security to empower India to achieve self-reliance in critical defense technologies and systems.

What is the meaning of DRDO?

Defense Research and Development Organization is the country’s leading organization for research related to the defense of India. This organization works as a unit of the Indian Ministry of Defence.

Who is the present Chairman of DRDO?

The current Chairman of DRDO is Dr G Satheesh Reddy.

When was DRDO established?

DRDO was established in 1958.

Where is the headquarters of DRDO?

The headquarter of DRDO is in New Delhi.

Who established DRDO?

DRDO was established by Jiwaji Rao Scindia.

What is the motto of DRDO?

The motto of DRDO is “Balsya Moolam Vigyanam”.

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