What is Floppy Disk, its types and uses (Floppy Disk In Hindi)

Floppy Disk in Hindi: if you computer If you are interested then you must have heard the name of floppy disk at some time or the other. but do you know What is Floppy Disk, Who Invented Floppy Disk, What are the Types of Floppy Disk, What are the Parts of Floppy Disk, Uses of Floppy Disk, What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Floppy Disk.

If you want to know the answer to the above questions, then read this article till the end. In this article we have tried to give you complete information about floppy disk.

Floppy disk was used as the main storage device during 1980 – 1990. It was the only means of transferring files between computers at that time. But gradually the use of floppy disk decreased and in today’s time floppy disk is not used at all.

You are also going to get this information about why floppy disk is not used in today’s time, so let’s start without delay, know more about this article today. What is Floppy Disk in Hindi In detail.

What is floppy disk, its types and uses (What Is Floppy Disk In Hindi)

What is Floppy Disk

A floppy disk is a secondary data storage device used in a computer. data is used to store. floppy disk one hardware device and it is portable. It can be easily moved from one place to another and can be used for computer Disk Drive Can also be easily removed from.

At present, the use of floppy disk is very less because it takes a lot of time to access the floppy disk and its storage capacity is also less.

Floppy Disk is also known as floppy diskette, floppy, and floppy disk drive. The disk drives for Floppy Disk are called floppy drivers.

History of Floppy Disk

The floppy disk drive was invented in 1967 by Allan Sugart at IBM. Its size was 8 inches. It was the first type of hardware storage device that was portable. That is, you could read and write the stored data in it.

This floppy disk was capable of storing only 80KB of data. When the size of this disk was 8 inches, it was called diskette. In the next version of the floppy disk, its size was increased to 5.25 inches and it was capable of storing 800 KB of data. That’s why it was called disc.

Floppy Disk image

In the early 1970s, floppy disks were widely used. Earlier it was used only to read data but later it was designed for Read and Write.

The 5.25-inch floppy disk was first used by IBM in its personal computer in 1981. Later, 3.5-inch floppy disks were also made, which had a storage capacity of 1.44 MB. But at the time of 1990, 5.25 inch floppy disk had gained a lot of popularity.

Types of Floppy Disk

There are 3 types of floppy disks according to their size.

  • 8 inch floppy disk
  • 5.25 inch floppy disk
  • 3.5 inch floppy disk
picture of floppy disk
picture of floppy disk

#1 – 8 Inch Floppy Disk

It was the largest floppy disk ever designed by IBM in 1967. The storage capacity of 8-inch floppy disk was 80 KB. Initially it was designed in Read Only Format but later it was designed in Read and Write Format.

#2 – 5.25 Inch Floppy Disk

During 1980 – 90, 5.25 inch floppy disks started being used in personal computers. It was a portable storage media. The storage capacity of 5.25 inch floppy disk is 800 KB.

#3 – 3.5 Inch Floppy Disk

3.5 inch is the smallest floppy disk. Despite being smaller in size, its storage capacity was more than 8-inch and 5.25-inch floppy disks. The storage capacity of 3.5 inch floppy disk is 1.44 MB.

Components of Floppy Disk

A floppy disk consists of the following components –

Read/Write Head – Floppy disk has Read and Write Magnetic Head. These are on both sides of the disc. Because of which it is able to read and write data. Head present in the second part of the disk is used to track and remove data.

Circuit Board – The circuit board contains all the important electronic parts of the floppy disk that handle the data to be read and written. Along with this, the circuit board also attacks the stepper motor.

Stepper Motor This motor calculates the exact number of stepped revolutions, so that the Read / Write Head Assembly moves to the Proper Track Position.

drive motor This is the most important part of the floppy disk, which rotates 360 times in 1 minute. This small motor is attached to the metal center attached to the floppy.

Read / Write Window In this, the work of read and write is done with the help of head.

Maniacal Frame – This opens the protective window of the floppy disk to allow the read/write heads to touch the dual-sided diskette media. The diskette is ejected with an external button.

Uses of Floppy Disk

  • The most important and major use of floppy disk is to store data. Users can create backup of important data with the help of floppy disk.
  • 3.5 inch floppy disk is used to transfer files between computers. This floppy disk is known as the Universal Standard for transferring files between different computers.
  • One of the most important applications of the 3.5-inch floppy disk was the distribution of programs and services in which drives and software updates were critical. via floppy disk Driver And Software Can be updated easily.

Advantages of Floppy Disk

Some of the important advantages of floppy disk are as follows –

  • The biggest advantage of floppy disks was that they were portable. Its size was very small so that users could easily move even small size files from one place to another with its help.
  • Floppy disks were smaller in size and lighter in weight.
  • At that time the cost of floppy disks was very low compared to other storage devices.
  • Stored data in floppy disk could be accessed in Random Order.
  • Floppy disks were the main storage device of computers until the 1990s.

Disadvantage of Floppy Disk

There was also some drawback in the floppy disk, due to which it has stopped being used today.

  • The storage capacity of floppy disks was very less.
  • The data transfer rate in the floppy disk was very low. It took a lot of time to transfer data to the floppy disk.
  • Due to the magnetic field and heat in the floppy disk, the files could also be corrupt. This was the biggest disadvantage of the floppy disk.
  • Floppy disks are not used at the present time.

Difference Between Hard Disk and Floppy Disk

We have told you the difference between hard disk and floppy disk through the table below –

hard disk floppy disk
The storage capacity of hard disk is high. The storage capacity of floppy disk is very less.
Hard disk can store data at high speed. Floppy disk has low data storage speed.
Hard disk is not easily portable. Floppy disk is easily portable.
Hard disk weighs more than floppy disk. Floppy disk weighs very little.
The cost of hard disk is more as compared to floppy disk. Floppy disks are cheap.
Hard disk is a magnetic disk made of aluminum. Floppy disk is a magnetic disk made of plastic.
Hard disk is used as the main storage. Earlier floppy disk was also used as the main storage device, but it is no longer used.
At present, hard disk is widely used. Floppy disks are not used at the present time.
Hard Disk vs Floppy Disk

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FAQ For Floppy Disk

What is floppy disk?

A floppy disk is a data storage device in a computer that is used to store data.

Who invented the floppy disk?

Floppy disk was invented in 1967 by Allan Sugart.

What is the size of a floppy disk?

Floppy disk comes in 3 different sizes which are 8 inch, 5.25 inch and 3 inch respectively.

What is the storage capacity of floppy disk?

The storage capacity of a 3 inch floppy disk is 1.44 MB.

Are floppy disks still used today?

At present, the use of floppy disks is almost non-existent. Floppy disk is not used in all the computers that are coming in the market.

You have learned: What is a Floppy Disk in Hindi

After reading this article today, you must have understood that Floppy Disk Kya Hai And why floppy disk is not used at present. Floppy disk was a storage device that was widely used in the 1980s – 90s. But due to some of its shortcomings, the use of floppy disks has almost ended today. That’s all in this article, I hope you must have liked this article written by us. What IsFloppy Disk In Hindi Do share the article with your friends on social media too.

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