What is Google AdMob and how does it work?

Google Admob Se Paise Kaise Kamaye: Google is the most reliable way to earn money online. There are many such products of Google, through which people earn lakhs of rupees every month. One of these online money-making products of Google is also Google AdMob, through which you can earn money by monetizing your Android or iOS app.

But most of the people are not aware about Google Admob due to which they are not able to earn money online from Google. If you also do not have information about AdMob, then there is nothing to worry because through this article today we are going to give you complete information about Google AdMob so that you can earn money from AdMob.

In this article you will get to know that What is Google Admob, How Google Admob Works, How to Create a Google Admob Account, and How to Earn Money from Google Admob.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know this article first and foremost. What is Google AdMob in Hindi.

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What is Google Admob (What is Google AdMob in Hindi)

Google AdMob Google is a product of Google AdSense Just like there is an Ad Network. Just like a Creator through Google AdSense on his YouTube channel, blog or Website Similarly, through AdMob, a developer can monetize his mobile application and earn money by showing Google ads in it.

You must be using many apps in your mobile in which ads are shown by Google. App developers show Google ads on their apps through Google AdMob. To earn money from Google AdMob, you must have a mobile application.

main point description
AdMob Founder Omar Hamoui
establishment year 10 April 2006
youtube HQ mountain view, california, usa
Work advertising display
parent organization Google
Admob Review

History of Google AdMob

You will only know about Google AdMob that it is a product of Google, but very few people know that Google Admob is not made by Google. Google AdMob was developed by Omar Hamoui in the year 2006, which was bought by Google in 2009 for $750 million, seeing its future utility. And since then Google AdMob is a product of Google itself.

How Google Admob Works

The working method of Google AdMob is exactly like Google AdSense. It acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the creator. Advertiser means advertising providers who have to fulfill their marketing objectives, such as branding their company, increasing product sales, generating leads etc. They can show their ads in the mobile app through Google Ads.

To show ads in the mobile app, advertisers create a Google Ads account and then create a campaign in which they also select the mobile app to show their ads.

Now those who are App Developers or those who run any app, they create an account of Google AdMob and from there they generate Ad Unit and add it to their mobile app.

After this Google runs the advertisements given by the advertiser on these mobile applications and when a user clicks on the ad, Google takes money from the advertiser for each click. Google keeps some percentage of its money with itself and gives the rest of the money to the App Owner through AdMob.

Google Ads shows ads according to the interest of the user so that the advertiser can get maximum benefit. The kind of things that the user searches on Google throughout the day or the type of video he watches, the same type of ads are shown. So friends, this is how Google AdMob works.

How to Create a Google AdMob Account

To use any of Google’s products, you must have a Gmail ID. Although everyone has a Gmail ID in today’s time, but for some reason you do not have a Gmail ID, then you can create a Gmail ID, only then you can create an account in Google AdMob. To create a Google AdMob account, follow the step-wise process given below.

Step 1 First of all, you search by typing Google AdMob in Google, and the official website of Google AdMob https://admob.google.com/home/ Open it.

Step 2 – Here you have to click on the sign up option. And you sign up in AdMob with your Gmail Id.

Step 3 After this, you have to select your Country, Time Zone and Billing Currency and accept the Terms & Conditions and click on Create Admob Account.

  • If you are from India then select India in the country.
  • Select India’s Time Zone Kolkata.
  • Select INR in Currency.

Step 4 Now a new page will open in front of you, you can yes whatever service you want to receive in the email related to AdMob and select the rest as No. If you are a complete beginner then you can say yes to all. By selecting all these options according to your convenience, you have to click on the option with Verify Your Account.

Step 5 – To verify the account, you have to enter your mobile number, and select the method by which you want to get your PIN, and then click on the Continue option. You can get the PIN by message or voice call.

Step 6 After this a 6 digit code will come on your mobile number, you enter it and click on Verify. After entering the correct PIN, your AdMob account will be verified, and now you have to click on the option Continue to AdMob.

Step 7 – Congratulations, your AdMob account has been created successfully. Now you can earn money by adding your app to AdMob Account.

How to Add Your App to Google AdMob

After creating an account in Google AdMob, now you have to connect your mobile app with Google AdMob. You do not have to worry about getting Approval in Google AdMob. Shortly after adding the app, you can generate Ad Unit and put Ad Code in your app, and show Google ads.

Before adding the app to Google AdMob, keep one thing in mind that your application should be live on Play Store or App Store. Following is the complete process to add mobile app to Google AdMob –

Step 1 After creating an account for Google AdMob, you have to come to the App section and click on the Add Your First App option here.

Step 2 After this you have to select the Platform. If your app is for Android then select Android and if your app is for iPhone then select iOS.

And then you will be asked whether your App is live in the respective platform ie App Store or Play Store? If yes then click on Yes and if not then click on No and click on Continue option.

Step 3 Now you have to write the name of your App, you write the same name that you have given in Play Store. And then click on Add Your App. And in this way you can successfully connect your app to Google AdMob.

How to Create an Ad Unit in Google AdMob

Right now only your App is connected to AdMob, now you have to generate Ad Unit and install it in your App, only then ads will appear on your application.

To generate Ad Unit in Google AdMob, you can click on the Ad Unit option made in the sidebar, and you can create any type of Ad you want to place.

After creating the ad unit, you will get a code which you have to paste in your app. After about 1 hour after applying the Ad Code in the app, Ad Show will be in your app and you can earn money from AdMob.

After reading the article till here, you must have understood that Google AdMob Kya Hai and how to create Google AdMob account. Now know how you can earn money from Google AdMob.

How to make money with Google AdMob

To earn money from Google AdMob, you have to promote your app, the more people install your app in their mobile, the more money you can earn from AdMob. Google AdMob pays you when a user clicks on the ad that appears on your app or watches the video ad in its entirety.

The more clicks you get on your ad, the more you will earn. You can run ads on Facebook or Google to promote your app. If your app will be problem solving or fun, then more people will download your app in a very short time.

FAQ: What is Google AdMob in Hindi

Explain what is Google AdMob?

Google AdMob is an Ad Network, through which you can monetize Android or iOS applications.

Can we show ads on blogs also with Google AdMob?

No, Google AdMob only provides ads for mobile applications. If you want to earn money from Google AdMob then you must have mobile application. You can take the approval of Google Adsense to show Google ads in the blog.

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Conclusion: What is Google AdMob in Hindi

Through today’s article we learned that What is Google AdMob, Google AdMob Feather account How make And Google AdMob From Pennies How earn, If you know how to make applications, then you too can earn lakhs of rupees from Google AdMob.

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