What is Google Classroom and How to Use it (Google Clossroom In English)

What is Google Clossroom in Hindi: In today’s article we will know Google Classroom what is, Google classroom of history, Google classroom Of Properties And Google classroom of Use How do,

Google Classroom is an e-learning platform, if you want to give online classes or study online classes, then Google Classroom is a great option, it is a service of Google that benefits both teachers and students.

To get complete information about Google Classroom, read this article till the end, so without wasting time let’s start this article – What is google classroom in hindi.

Quick Review of Google Classroom in Hindi

Product Name Google Classroom
Product category Online Education
product manufacturer Google Inc
When was the product launched 12 August 2014
Which device can you use WindowsAndroid, iOS, Web App
resources to use Google Account, Internet Device & Connection
Google Classroom in Hindi

What is Google Classroom (Google Classroom in Hindi)

Google Classroom Google It is an online education platform created by . this is google service G-Suite is a part of the same. Google Classroom is very beneficial for teachers and students who want to exchange online education for free.

What is Google Classroom and How to Use It (Google Clossroom In English)

The teacher can create a class in Google Classroom and teach the students. Also he can give homework like assignments, question answers etc. to the students. Google Classroom was created primarily to eliminate the use of paper and digitize education.

you use google classroom classroom.google.com website and by downloading the Google Classroom app and computer In chrome browser You can easily do this by downloading the Google Classroom extension.

As the field of online education developed, Google Classroom became more widely used, as Google Classroom allows teachers to implement paperless instructions immediately.

Google Classroom is a part of G-Suite so it google docs, google sheetsSlides, Sites, Earth, Calendar and Gmail Works with and for Face to Face Live teaching Google Meet makes use of. In Google Classroom, teachers can invite students to join the class through a class code.

History of Google Classroom

Google introduced Google Classroom to some members of G-Suite on 6 May 2014, but it was officially launched on 14 August 2014. Initially this platform was not that much popular but Google was trying to improve it, and from time to time new features were added to it.

Like Share Button to share file in 2015, Calendar for scheduled date of assignments etc. In the year 2017, Google made a change in Google Classroom in which the user can also use Google Classroom from his personal Google account. Previously, a G-Suite Education account was required to use Google Classroom.

In 2020, Google also integrated Google Meet in Google Classroom. Google Classroom was most prevalent in 2020 only during the Covid pandemic, lockdown Due to this, online classes started running more for which teachers needed a better online education platform.

Features of Google Classroom

To make online education easy, Google has added great features to Google Classroom which benefit both a student and a teacher. Let’s take a look at the major feature of Google Classroom.

1 – Available for free (Free Platform)

Teachers and students can use Google Classroom for absolutely free, this is the biggest advantage of Google Classroom. Because many online portals charge a lot of money to use. With Google Classroom being free, anyone can use it. just have you Internet Must have device and internet connection.

2 – Can give work to children

Through Google Classroom, teachers can give different types of tasks to children and can also check which child submitted the work and who did not. Teachers can give assignments, quizzes, question-answers etc. to the students.

3 – Grading System

Through the grading system of Google Classroom, teachers can keep an eye on the progress of each student. This feature of Google Classroom makes it different from other applications. When teachers give students some work to do, then through the grading system, they can grade the students according to the work, from this the progress of each student can be assessed.

4 – Has an easy interface

The interface of Google Classroom is user friendly so that a user who does not have much knowledge about technology can also use Google Classroom.

5 – Works in mobile too

Google launched the Google Classroom mobile application in 2015, and now Google Classroom android And iOS Works efficiently in both the smartphones. Therefore, if you do not have a laptop or computer, then you can use Google Classroom through mobile only.

6 – Two-Way Communication

Both teachers and students can communicate in Google Classroom. Teachers can post announcements during the live stream of the class and students can comment on it and give their feedback.

how to create account in google classroom

Creating and using an account in Google Classroom is very easy. You just need to have a Gmail ID, after that you can easily create an account in Google Classroom and use it through smartphone or laptop.

how to create account in google classroom on computer, laptop

  • To create an account in Google Classroom on computer or mobile, first of all, search Google by typing Google Classroom in Google and open the official website of Google Classroom.
  • After this click on Sign in and select Google Classroom here.
  • After this, sign in to Google Classroom through your Gmail ID.
  • In this way you can create Google Classroom account in computer or laptop.
Google Classroom
Google Classroom

how to create google classroom account from mobile

  • To create a Google Classroom account from mobile, first you Play Store Download the app from Google Classroom and install it on your mobile.
  • After this click on Get Started and sign in to Google Classroom with your Gmail ID.
  • Now your Google Classroom account has been created, you can create a class here or join the class.

How to Create a Class in Google Classroom

If you are a teacher, then follow the process given below to create a class in Google Classroom.

#1 – First of all you Login to Google Classroom Account.

#2 Now here you will see so options Create Class and Join Class. If you are using a smartphone, then you will have a + icon in front of you, after clicking on it, you will get the option of Create Class and Join Class.

#3 Now you have to click on the option with Create Class.

#4 – As soon as you click on Create Class, you will open the Terms & Condition page in the pop up window in front, you accept T&C and click on Continue option.

#5 Now you have to fill here Class Name (Class Name), Section (Class A, B, C etc.), Subject (Subject Name) and Room (Number of Students) and click on Create option.

How to Create a Class in Google Classroom
How to Create a Class in Google Classroom

#6 After following all these steps, your class will be created, now you can invite children to class by sending link or through class code.

how to join google classroom

if you Student If you want to join the classroom to join Google Classroom, then follow the process given below for this.

  • First of all login to Google Classroom.
  • After this you have to click on the option with Join Class.
  • Now enter the Class Code that has been given to you here in the Box with Class Code and click on Join.
  • In this way you can join any class.

How to Hire Students in Google Classroom

Through Google Classroom, a teacher can give any type of work to his students, to give work to the students, you follow the following process –

  • After logging into Google Classroom, click on the Classroom tab.
  • Here all the classes created by you will be shown to you. Select the classroom you want to work for.
  • After that click on Create option.
  • Now whatever type of work you want to give to the students like Assignment, QuizQuestion, Material, Reuse Post, Topic etc. Make it and share it with the students.
  • In this way you can give work to the students in Google Classroom.

how to send homework in google classroom

Students can easily complete and submit the homework. Following is the process of sending homework –

  • First login to Google Classroom.
  • After this you will get to see all the homework assigned in the Classwork tab.
  • Now you have to click on Assignment
  • After this you will get the option of Add Work below, click on it.
  • As soon as you click on Add Work, you get options like Google Drive, Scanner, Upload, Create etc.
  • Finally, after adding Attachment, you have to click on Turn In.
  • Your homework will be submitted as soon as you click on Turn In.

FAQ: Google Classroom in Hindi

Who created Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a product of Google company whose aim is to digitize education.

When was Google Classroom created?

Google launched Google Classroom on 12 August 2014.

How to Play Google Classroom in Mobile?

To run Google Classroom in mobile, you can download Google Classroom application from Play Store and you can use Google Classroom in mobile by signing through Gmail ID.

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Conclusion: What is Google Classroom in Hindi

After reading this article till the end, you must have understood that What is Google Classroom In Hindi and how it is used. Google Classroom is a great service of Google, if you want to teach an online class, then Google Classroom is a great option for you.

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