What is Google Earth, how to use it (Google Earth In Hindi)

Google Earth In Hindi: if you your Android If you want to see the map of the whole world in mobile in 3D, then Google Earth is such an application that gives you this facility. With the help of Google Earth, you can see mountains, roads, rivers, seas, etc. on the map of the whole world from your smartphone.

There are also many people who do not know about Google Earth, so they Google But keep searching what Google Earth is. If you also do not know about Google Earth, then you have come to the right blog post.

Through this article we will give you What is Google Earth? Who created Google Earth? How to use Google Earth? And what are the advantages of Google Earth? We are going to give complete information about Google Earth, so read this article till the end to understand Google Earth.

So let’s start this article without taking much of your time – what is google earth in hindi,

What is Google Earth and how to use it (Google Earth In Hindi)

Google Earth Review

Application name Google Earth
made by Keyhole Inc.
when launched year 2001
who operates Google LLC.
rating on play store 4.4 / 5 Star
total number of downloads over 100 million
Google Earth Review

What is Google Earth

Google earth is an application that shows 3D depiction of the whole earth, it is an advanced version of google map, like you can see 2D map with the help of google map but with the help of google earth you can see 3D map.

To develop Google Earth, the whole earth was reviewed and it has been made similar to earth, it is a good application to understand the earth.

With the help of Google Earth, you can find any place in the world and see its 3D picture and Google Earth also tells you the distance to any place and the way to reach there.

To show the 3D image shown in Google Earth, the Google Earth team takes a complete view of every road or building and takes images from every part, then sends the image to Google Earth, and helicopters to take photos of large buildings or mountains. From this the entire part is reviewed.

And then Google Earth is sent and Google Earth puts all this data into the application, then we get to see the 3D image.

History of Google Earth

Google Earth which was developed by Keyhole Inc. in 2001, later in 2004, Google named Keyhole Inc. bought to. Initially it was known as Google Viewer but in 2006 Google changed its name to Google Earth.

How to Download Google Earth

To use Google Earth, you must first download it, you google play store You can easily download Google Earth from.

To download Google Earth, first of all, type Google Earth in the Play Store and search it. After this, the official application of Google Earth will come in front of you, you can download the Google Earth app by clicking on Download and then click on Install and install Arap on your smartphone.

In this way you can install Google Earth on your smartphone and with its help you can see the map in 3D.

How to use Google Earth

After downloading Google Earth it is very easy to use, you can view any place in 3D using Google Earth as follows.

  • First of all, open the Google Earth application.
  • After this you will have to do your own thing in Google Earth Gmail ID Register from
  • Search by typing the place you want to see in the search bar at the top of the App, you can also search by area pin code.
  • Now that whole place will come in front of you and you can see it in 3D.
  • You can also see that place by zooming in it and dragging it on the screen.
  • You can turn the 3D image ON/OFF by going to Settings.

Advantages of Google Earth

Following are some of the major advantages of Google Earth –

  • Using Google Earth you can see 3D image of any corner of the world.
  • Using Google Earth is very easy.
  • With the help of Google Earth, you can measure the distance of any place.
  • The image quality of Google Earth is also very good.
  • Google Earth gives you information about everywhere.
  • You can know about any place in detail.

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FAQ: What is Google Earth?

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a product of Google, with the help of which you can see the 3D map of the whole earth.

Who created Google Earth?

Google Earth was created by Keyhole Inc in 2001, which was later acquired by Google and was renamed Google Earth in 2006.

Last words: what is google earth in hindi

In today’s article we have given you What is Google Earth, how to use Google Earth and the benefits of Google Earth Gave complete information about. We hope that after reading the article till the end, you too must have learned to use Google Earth.

If you still have any questions related to Google Earth in your mind, then feel free to tell us in the comment box, we will try to answer your questions soon.

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