What is Google Maps How to use it

What is Google Map in Hindi: There used to be a time when a person could not go to an unknown city without the help of a person, he had to face many problems in finding the way. He needed help to find an address, to go to the office.

But today due to advance technology any person Google Map With the help of this, one can come and go in any city, find out all the routes, reach his destination in less time, apart from this one can find out many types of information with the help of Google Map.

Friends, you must have used Google Map at some point or the other, even after Google Map has become so popular, many people do not know how to use Google Map. Keeping these problems in mind, we have written today’s article.

In this article you will get to know that Google Map what is, Google map of use How do, Google map Of Features what Huh And Google map Of Advantages what Huh, So let’s start this article without taking much of your time.

What is Google Map How to use it - Google Map In Hindi

Google Map Review in Hindi

Product Name Google Map
what works Web Based Mapping Service Application
who launched Google
when was it launched 8 February 2005
Supported Platforms Android, iOS, Web

What is Google Map (Google Map in Hindi)

Google Map which Google Launched on 8 February 2005, it is a web mapping service application with the help of which you can see the map of the whole world. In Google Map you can see the location of all the roads, cities and villages around the world.

Apart from this, Google Map also gives you directions to go somewhere, so that you can reach wherever you want to go without any hindrance.

For example, if you have to go to some place in an unknown city but you do not know the way there, then you can see the way to that place with the help of Google Map, along with this Google Map tells you how long it will take to reach there, Google Map tells all the information about the distance and how much traffic is on the way.

Apart from this, if you ever have to go to a restaurant to eat and you want to see about the restaurant, then Google Map gives you information about the restaurant. Overall, Google Map is a very good feature of Google.

History of Google Map

Google Maps begins in the year 2004 when two Danish brothers Lars and Jens joined the Sydney-based company Where 2 Technologies. C++ programming language Created a web mapping service in It was first made for the user to download separately.

But later the company changed its distribution method and put its idea in front of Google Management and in October 2004 acquired it in Google, and changed it to the web application Google Map.

Google launched it as Google Map on 8 February 2005 by making necessary improvements. In today’s time Google Map is a popular mapping application which is used by people all over the world to reach the right destination.

How to use Google Maps

To use Google Maps, you must have Google Maps on your mobile. Well today everyone android Google Map is already installed in the smartphone, if you do not have Google Map installed in your device then you can download it from Play Store.

To download Google Maps to your device, first you need to google play store I have to go and then search by writing Google Map.

After this the official application of Google Map will appear in front of you, you have to download it first and then install it.

in google map after installation Gmail ID You have to login with . By doing this Google Map will be ready to work. With the help of Google Map satellite, the map of the whole world is shown.

You search any location in the search bar, it will show you all the information about that place. We use Google map to go from one place to another. You can now use Google Maps in Hindi language also.

What are the options in Google Maps?

In Google Maps, you will find some options that have been made to help you, which let’s see in detail.

  • Map– This option of Google Map Gives you information about all the highways, from small streets to big highways, Google Map will tell you about everything.
  • Satellite – It provides you Satellite View in which you will see all the houses, villages and cities etc.
  • TrafficAfter selecting this option, you have to enter the location of the place where you want to go, Google Map will tell you the status of live traffic.
  • TerrainWith this, you will know the geographical extension of a place, whether there is an area plan or there are hills.

How to see the route in Google Map (Google Map Me Ratsa Kaise Dekhe)

Many people do not know how to use Google Maps properly and have problems finding their way. But it is very easy to find any way through Google Map. You can easily find your way in Google Map by following the steps given below –

  • First of all, open Google Map on your mobile.
  • In the search bar at the top, search the place where you want to go, like if you want to go to a mall in your city, then search the name of that mall.
  • After searching, navigation will come in front of you, where you will be told important things like distance, time taken to reach there.
  • Now you click on the Direction option, as soon as you click on it, Google Map tells you the full route to the mall.
  • In the end, you click on Start, and then go on according to the map. As you walk the distance in the map will also decrease.
  • But note one thing, keep the location on your mobile, only then Google Map will be able to reach you everywhere.

So in this way you can very easily find the way to any place with the help of Google Map.

how to play google map in hindi

Although Google Map by default is set in English language in most of the smartphones, but you can change the language of Google Map if you want. Google Maps supports many Indian languages ​​like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil. Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. You can set Google Map in any language according to your understanding.

Here we have told you how to run Google Map in Hindi, you can run Google Map in your local language from the above languages ​​by following the same process.

  • First of all open Google Map.
  • After this, click on the icon with the profile made in the right side.
  • Now you have to click on setting.
  • Click on the option with App language.
  • Select Language Hindi from here.
  • Finally click on the OK button.
  • In this way you can set Google Map in Hindi language.

Features of Google Map

Following are some of the major features of Google Maps –

  • Offline Map You can download a section of the map in Google Maps, and you can also use the map offline. The downloaded map gets updated as soon as you connect to the Internet.
  • Share Location – Through Google Map, you can share your location with your friends or relatives so that they do not face any problem in reaching you.
  • Set Your Address – You can set your address in Google Map, this will give you the advantage that when you are going home from anywhere, you will get information about the traffic on the way.
  • Check Train & Bus Timing There is also a facility to check bus and train timings in Google Maps. If you are going somewhere, then you can use Google Map to know the exact time of your bus or train.
  • Check Travel History – If you went for a walk on some day and you do not remember the name of that place, then you can also check it from Google Map, because all your travel history is saved in the map.
  • Search Local Area With the help of Google Map, you can search any restaurant, coffee shop, mall, petrol pump etc. things near you on Google Map.
  • List Your Business You can get your local business listed on Google Map and get more customers. If you get good reviews and ratings then your local area business Its popularity will also increase.
  • Earn Money You can also earn money by becoming a local guide in Google Maps.

Advantages of Google Map

Now let’s talk about the benefits of google map which are given below.

  • With the help of Google Map, you can go to any place, without the help of any person, you can find the roads.
  • Google Maps also helps you to see the traffic and also suggests the way of low traffic area to take you to the destination in less time.
  • With Google Map, we can easily know about any place.
  • It also helps us to measure the distance of the place.
  • You can also find out with the help of Google Map how long it will take to reach a location.

FAQ: Google Map in Hindi

Who founded Google Maps?

Google Maps was founded by two Danish brothers Lars and Jens in the year 2004, which was acquired by Google after some time.

What is the purpose of Google Maps?

The purpose of Google Map is to give accurate information about any location and to reach people to their destination in less time.

Conclusion: What is Google Map Full Information in Hindi

Here is the complete information about friends Google Map Kya Hai, in this article we have given you information about using Google Map and also about the features of Google Map. In all our articles, it is our endeavor to give accurate and detailed information to Hindi readers, and we have done the same in this article.

We sincerely hope that you must have liked this article, if you have got to learn something from this article, then share this information of Google Map with your friends on social media as well.

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