What is Google Meet and how to use (Google Meet In Hindi)

Hello friends, welcome to another new article of our blog in which we will tell you What is Google Meet, History of Google Meet, Features of Google Meet, Advantages, Disadvantages of Google Meet and How to use Google Meet Will give full details of.

Lockdown Since the time of Google Meet, ZoomThe use of video conferencing applications like Microsoft Teams has increased a lot. Every single person in the country is aware of these applications due to online classes and meetings. In the time of lockdown, school education, business meeting etc. will be possible only through these video conferencing services.

Today Google Meet is the most popular video conferencing service due to its great features, so we thought why not give you complete information about Google Meet.

If you want to know about Google Meet, then definitely read this article till the end, so let’s start this article without taking much of your time – Google Meet In Hindi,

What is Google Meet and how to use it (Google Meet In Hindi)

Quick Review of Google Meet

main point description
Product Name Google Meet
Product category Video Confacing Service
when was it launched 9 March 2017
launched by Google Inc
Google Meet Download Google Meet App
Device WindowsAndroid, iOS, Web App
Quick Review of Google Meet In Hindi

What is Google Meet

google meet, Google Has a Video Confessing Service, which was originally created for the enterprise customer, but seeing its increasing demand, Google made Google Meet available to every one of its users for free.

A normal user can avail free 1 hour free video call facility in which he can connect up to 100 people. Google Meet is available on the web, you can do it on any device like desktop, laptop, smartphone, iPhone etc. can be accessed.

By the way, Google Meet is primarily designed as a way to host video meetings. but you camera and microphone You can turn it off and listen only to the meeting.

The interface of Google Meet is user friendly, you can create meetings and invite people to the meeting very easily. The people you want to invite to the meeting can be invited by sending a link or by sending a meet code.

The best feature of Google Meet is that you don’t have any extra features in your system. Software Doesn’t need to be installed. Google Meet is a part of Google’s service G-Suite, so you need a Google account to use it.

What is Google Meet App (Google Meet App in Hindi)

Google Meet App is also a video conferencing application from Google that has been launched exclusively for smartphones in Google. This application also works just like Google Meet and similar features are also available in it. The only difference is that the Google Meet App is for smartphones.

how to download google meet

google meet download

  • first you Playstore Go on
  • Install and open Google Meet.
  • Now you can use Google Meet.

History of Google Meet

Google formally launched Google Meet on 9 March 2017. At that time only 30 people could participate in the meeting through Google Meet. Initially, it was made keeping in mind only business. Google Meet web app, android app and iOS App was launched as .

During the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in the year 2020, the use of Google Meet suddenly increased tremendously and in this epidemic this application proved to be a boon for business and school. At the same time, Google made Google Meet free for meetings of up to 100 people. In April 2020, more than 200 million people were using Google Meet every day.

Features of Google Meet

The following features are available in the free plan of Google Meet –

  • You can take advantage of meetings with up to 3 up to 250 people.
  • You can create and join as many meetings as you want, so after 1 hour of meeting you can create another new meeting.
  • You can add up to 100 people to a meeting in the free plan. In which 1 hour meeting is free.
  • As a meeting organizer, you have many rights, such as you can mute someone, remove them from the meeting, etc.
  • You can share your screen on video call.
  • Google Meet does its best to filter out the background noise so that it can have great sound quality.
  • The facility of Google Chat is available, through which you can message and send necessary documents.

Google Meet Premium Features

The free plan of Google Meet is the best for an individual. But if you want to use Google Meet for business, school, etc. meeting, then you can subscribe to G-Suit and take advantage of more services of Google Meet.

G-Suit costs 10$ per month for one user. Following are some additional features available in the subscription of Google Meet –

  • Up to 250 people can be added to a meeting.
  • Meetings can be held 24 hours a day.
  • You can live streaming an event with a maximum of 1 lakh viewers in your domain.
  • to record the meeting google drive You can save in .
  • You are supported 24/7 by the Google Meet team in multiple languages.
  • Better protection is provided as compared to the free plan.

how to use google meet

Using Google Meet is very easy, you can do a meeting using Google Meet on any device by following the steps given below.

  • First of all download Google Meet Android App from Playstore or https://meet.google.com Visit on
  • In this login or signup with Google account.
  • Schedule a new meeting or add friends instantly.
  • To add the person to Google Meet, share the link or meet code with them.
  • Now you have a meeting with friends on video conference.

How to hold meeting on Google Meet in computer, laptop

#1 – To use Google Meet on a computer or laptop, first of all, search by typing Google Meet in the search bar of your browser and open the official website of Google Meet.

#2 – After that click on Sign In Gmail ID Log in to Google Meet from there. Here you can check your camera and microphone by clicking on the setting icon above whether they are working properly or not.

#3 – Now you will see 2 options in this page New Meeting and Enter a Code or link. If you have a code or link to a meeting, enter it in the box with Enter a Code or link and join the meeting.

If you want to start a new meeting, click on New Meeting. Now a pop up window will open in front of you which will have the following options.

  • Create a Meeting For Later – You Can create a meeting for later or future.
  • Start an Instant – You can start a meeting right away.
  • Schedule in Google Calendar – You You can create a schedule for the meeting in Google Calendar.

You can create a meeting by selecting an option according to your need.

#4 – After this you will get the meeting link and code, which you copy and share with the people whom you want to invite to the meeting.

How to hold meetings on Google Meet in Smartphone

It is very easy to use Google Meet in mobile like laptop.

  • To use Google Meet on your smartphone, first of all, download the Google Meet App from your Play Store and App Store.
  • After this you login to Google Meet with your Gmail ID.
  • Now you will be asked for access to the camera and microphone, you allow them and click on Continue.
  • Now you will get two options in front of you, you can create a new meeting by clicking on New Meeting or you can be a part of an ongoing meeting by clicking on Join a meeting.

In this way, you can create a meeting or join a meeting through Google Meeting in computer and smartphone.

Advantages of Google Meet

There are many benefits of Google Meet, some of its advantages are as follows –

  • The free version of Google Meet also has many advanced features that are enough for an individual. If needed, you can increase its feature by subscribing to G-Suit.
  • Google Meet filters out background noise.
  • Any user can easily create a meeting and join the meeting through a link or code.
  • There is two way communication so that viewers can ask their questions in real time.
  • The Meeting Organizer has the rights to control all the people in the meeting.
  • You do not need any other software to use Google Meet.
  • The security of Google Meet is also of a very high level.
  • You can save the recording of the meeting to your Google Drive.

Disadvantage of Google Meet

Along with the advantages of Google Meet, there are also some disadvantages –

  • More features are not available in the free version of Google Meet, such as video recording, 24-hour meeting etc.
  • You can only see up to 16 people on one screen at a time
  • Overusing Google Meet can sometimes cause your system to decrease in performance.

FAQ For Google Meeting in Hindi

Which country’s application is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a product of Google company which is based in America.

How many people can join at once on Google Meet?

A maximum of 250 people can join simultaneously in the free version of Google Meet, and a maximum of 500 people can join simultaneously in its subscription.

How long can you call in google meet?

You can make a maximum of 1 hour video calling in the free plan of Google Meet and you can take advantage of 24 hours of video calling in the paid plan.

When was Google Meet launched?

Google Meet was launched on 9 March 2017 for web, Android and iOS.

Who can use Google Meet?

Every user who has an internet device and a Google account (Gmail ID) can use Google Meet.

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Conclusion: What is Google Meet in Hindi

In this article we learned that What is Google Meeting In HindiWhat are the features of Google Meet, how to use Google Meet and what are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Meet. If you want to take advantage of high quality video conferencing for free, then Google Meet is a good option for you.

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