What is graphic design and how to become a graphic designer

What is Graphic Design In EnglishAs the world is becoming digital, many career options are opening up for the people, there was a time when people used to choose professions like doctors, engineers, government jobs etc. But today’s time is very advance people YouTube, blogging, Coding, web designing, Graphic design, digital marketing etc. as a career option.

These are such online platforms through which you can earn more money than a government job. Many people today are very famous on the basis of this profession and earn lakhs and crores of rupees a month. Blogging, YouTube, Coding There are many articles in our blog above which you can read and learn. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about Graphic Designing.

In our daily life, we see images, logos, banners, symbols, etc., all of which come under graphics. Graphic design is one of the fast growing industry because people are more attracted towards creative images, which businessmen use to get more and more sales for their products. If you are thinking of making a career in graphic design, then it can prove to be a good decision for you.

in this article What is Graphic Design, How to do Graphic Design, Graphic Designing Course, Graphic Designing Institute, Graphic Designing Course Fee, Career and Salary in Graphic Designing etc. will get to know in detail. To get complete information about Graphic Designing, read this article till the end.

What is Graphic Design and how to become a Graphic Designer

What is a graphic? (What is graphics in Hindi)

According to Wikipediacomputer graphics computer generated graphics Means there are diagrams. Mostly in these the image data is displayed and changed by the computer. The development of computer graphics has increased the experience of computers in understanding, interpreting and using many types of data.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic designing is a type of art in which attractive messages are created with the help of text and graphics. This message can be in any form like graphic, image, logo, newsletter, poster etc. Which makes a graphic designer.

Graphic designing is also called Visual Communication, because with its help such messages are created which people can easily understand. It is commonly used for Marketing, Sales, Business Promotion etc. That’s why graphics are used by many companies in modern times.

What is a graphic designer (What Is Graphic Designer In Hindi)

The professional person who designs Graphic with the help of computer is called “Graphic Designer”. That Professional way Image, typographymotion and Gif Does the best Graphic Design from etc. Graphic Designer makes any image in such a way that in that image, the work of conveying a correct message among the people should be done properly.

Work of Graphic Designer

  • a blog, Website or Youtube channel, Facebook Graphic design for banner.
  • Creates posters, advertisements and packing designs etc. for a company.
  • Using graphics in any form of marketing.
  • The main task of Graphic Designer is to prepare Art, Image and Poster.

How to do Graphic Designing (How to do Graphic Designing in Hindi)

It is very important for you to be creative in doing graphic designing. If you are a creative person then your future can be bright in the field of graphic designing. A man’s creativity makes him the best graphic designer.

When you have creativity, then you can do graphic designing courses and learn to use the necessary tools for this. When you learn to use the tools, you can easily do graphic designing.

If we say in context, then to learn graphic designing, you should be creative along with using the tool, only then you can do good graphic design.

Uses of Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is widely used today. It is used for the following types of work –

  • Graphic designing is useful in making logo banners of companies.
  • Graphic design is used to make the visiting card.
  • Graphic designing is used in newspapers, magazines, books etc.
  • Graphic designing is used in product packing.
  • Every day you will see many types of graphics around you or in social media, all these are made by graphic designers.
  • Graphic design is also used to design clothes.

How to learn graphic designing and become a graphic designer

You can also learn graphic designing online and you can also learn graphic design by going to offline coaching institute. If you want to become a professional graphic designer, then you can also become a graphic designer by doing graphic designing courses. By the way, we would recommend you to learn graphic designing offline. Because in offline you can learn graphic designing quickly and get a job quickly.

If you want to do Graphic Designing in Part-Time, then after doing solid research in YouTube, you will get many Graphic Designing Tutorials from which you can learn Graphic Designing,

Udemy And Unacademy You can become a great Graphic Designer even by joining the course on such platform.

Graphic Designing Course

There are many courses in graphic designing that you can do after 12th pass. We have suggested some graphic design courses below.

  • Bachelor off fine arts (B.F.A.) – The time duration of this course is 4 years which you can do after 12 pass.
  • master off fine arts (MFA) – This is a 2 year course that you can do after BFA.
  • BSc multimedia (B.Sc. Multimedia) This is a 3 years course which can be done after 12th.
  • Diploma These graphic The duration of this course is 6 months, which you can do after 12th.
  • PG Diploma These graphic It is a one year course which is done after graduation.

Institute of Graphic Design

There are many graphic designing institutes in India, some of the major coaching institutes are as follows.

  • National Institute of Design – Ahmedabad
  • TGC Animation and Multimedia – New Delhi
  • Maya Academy of Advance Cinematic – Mumbai
  • Entrance Animation Training School – Bangalore
  • Department of IIT – Guwahati

Graphic Design Course Fees

If we talk about the course fees of graphic design, then the fees can be different in different institutes, and according to the course, the fees also vary. By the way, the basic fees of graphic designing ranges from 10 thousand to 50 thousand rupees, but in many institutions, the fee of graphic designing can be 1 lakh rupees or more.

Essential Tool for Graphic Designing

Tools make your work easier. To do graphic designing, you should know how to use its tools. The main tools used in graphic designing are as follows –

  • CorelDraw
  • adobe
  • quark
  • Notebook
  • A Laptop and Desktop in which good graphics cards Got it

Career in Graphic Designing

As we told you at the beginning of the article, the industry of Graphic Design is growing very fast, almost all small and big companies need a graphic designer to attract the attention of their customers. Therefore, there are many career options available in it.

Some of the major industries are as follows where work is not possible without a graphic designer –

  • Website Development Industry
  • gaming industry
  • Newspaper Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • advertising industry
  • animation industry

You can apply for graphic designer in any of these companies. You will easily get a job in these industries.

Apart from the job, you Freelancing You can do this or you can also open your own Graphic Design company.

Graphic Designer Salary

If we talk about the salary of a graphic designer, then initially the salary of a graphic designer remains between 20 to 30 thousand. This salary is easily available to a graphic designer in any company. When your experience increases, the salary also increases, the salary of an experienced graphic designer is also in lakhs.

FAQ For Graphic Designing

What is the job of a graphic designer?

The job of a graphic designer is to design such a graphic with the help of Image and Text so that it can convey the message to more people.

Can you make money from graphic design without a job?

Yes, of course you can earn money from graphic design even without a job. You can work as a freelancer or you can open your own graphic design company.

How is a career in graphic design?

Career in graphic designing is very bright as it is one of the fast growing industry.

We Learned: What is Graphic Designing in Hindi

So friends through this article we What is Graphic Design, How to Learn Graphic Designing and Career in Graphic Designing Complete information has been given about it, so that it will be easy for you to make a career in graphic designing.

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