What is Hotspot and how does it work?

Hotspot Kya Hai In Hindi: Internet Today it has become a very important part of human life, with the help of internet, many facilities have been provided to the people. But even today there are many such areas where it is not possible to reach the Internet. as such it is necessary WiFi of hotspot.

but do you know Hotspot what is, Hotspot How Work does Is, Hotspot how many type of Would Is, Hotspot From Our Device To How connect do And Hotspot Of Advantages And Harm what Huh, If you want to know the answer to all these questions, then definitely read this article till the end.

By the way, you must have heard the name of Hotspot many times and also used it. In daily life, we use Hotspot many times to access the Internet. A lot of people use hotspots as one Network Also understand that which is not right.

After reading this article, all your doubts related to Hotspot will be cleared. So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article Hotspot what Would Is,

What is Hotspot and How to Connect to Wi-Fi Hotspot

What is Hotspot

hotspot one internet access point with which you Network You can connect your computer, smartphone or any other device to a WiFi network and use the Internet even when you are away from it.

A hotspot is a physical place where people are connected to an Internet service provider. router wireless with local area network (WLAN) can access the Internet using WiFi. Most people use this as a Wi-Fi hotspot or Wi-Fi connection and Tethering Also know by name.

Simply put, hotspots are physical places where users can share their computercan connect a smartphone, tablet or other device to the Internet wirelessly.

Hotspot can be in any private places or public places like restaurants, railway stations, colleges etc. Hotspots can be present. Seeing the increasing use of the Internet, many cities have provided the facility of WiFi Hotspot. Hotspots help people to access the Internet faster than cellular networks.

How Hotspot Works

A Hotspot works like the WiFi that you usually use in your home or office. These hotspots transmit internet connection using a special wireless device to create a WiFi network. So that you can access the Internet by connecting any of your devices. This wireless The device is often a router.

The range, power, speed and price of WiFi Hotspot may vary depending on your location. But the idea behind WiFi Hotspot is exactly the same as that of a home-based WiFi network.

Type of Hotspot

There are mainly three types of hotspots, which we have told you further in this article.

#1 – Public WiFi hotspot

As the name suggests, you can usually use Public Hotspot for free. You must have seen most of the places like libraries, retail stores etc. you get the facility of free public hotspot. In some cities, municipalities, ISPs provide free public WiFi connections.

You can usually use public WiFi hotspots for free, but in many places you have to pay to use them.

#2 – Mobile WiFi hotspot

You… Yourself android Can also use phone and iPhone as hotspot. Your phone uses your mobile’s cellular data to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can then connect a computer or any other device to this Wi-Fi hotspot to access the Internet. You too must have used your mobile as a Wi-Fi hotspot when needed many times.

#3 – Pre-paid hotspot

Prepaid hotspots are similar to mobile hotspots, but you can set how much data to transmit. you have a certain amount data and if your data runs out then you can pay automatically for more data.

Term used in Hotspot

There are some important terms used in Hotspot, which you also need to know about –

Access point (Wireless Access Point)

wireless access point (WAP) is a networking device that allows Wi-Fi compliant devices to connect to a wired network. WAP can either be physically connected to the router or can be integrated into the router itself. WAP is not a hotspot, but a physical location where Wi-Fi is available for WLAN.

WiFi (Wi-Fi)

Wi-Fi is the technology by which you can connect your smartphone or computer to the Internet through a wireless connection. Wi-Fi uses radio signals to send and receive data between your enabled device and WAP.


A service set service set identifier (SSID) is a unique name for a wireless network. You must know the name of the wireless network to connect to it. Your computer or smartphone searches for available wireless networks. Often people name their wireless network for easy identification.

How to Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot

By now you must have understood what is Hotspot. Now in this article let us know how to connect hotspot. Connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot is a very simple process that most of you would be aware of.

There is a WiFi option in your Android mobile, iPhone, laptop, tablet etc. As soon as you turn WiFi On by clicking on it, then you will see all the hotspots near you on your screen. Select the hotspot you want to connect your device to.

If the hotspot does not have a password, then the hotspot will be connected directly to your device. But if there is a private hotspot then you will need a password to connect your device to the hotspot.

If your data runs out, then you can use the Internet with the help of Wi-Fi hotspot. Connecting your device to the hotspot is very easy.

Advantages of WiFi Hotspot

  • Hotspot speed is good as compared to cellular network.
  • Using Hotspot, you can save your data plan from running out quickly.
  • Even if your device does not have data, you can still access the Internet using Hotspot.
  • In many places you can use Public Hotspot for absolutely free.

Disadvantage of WiFi Hotspot

  • If more devices are connected to a hotspot, then the internet speed is also low.
  • In Mobile Hotspot, you can use only a certain amount of data.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot requires you to have more data.

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FAQ For Hotspot

What is Wi-Fi Hotspot?

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a physical location where you can access the Internet via Wi-Fi on your computer, smartphone, or other device.

Is Hotspot completely secure?

If you use a mobile or prepaid hotspot, it is completely safe, but if you use a public hotspot, the security methods used to protect your data may be different.

How to find Hotspot?

You can turn on the Wi-Fi option in your smartphone, computer or other device and you can see a list of all the hotspots available near you on your screen.

How to secure your mobile hotspot?

You can secure your mobile hotspot by entering a password in your hotspot, setting the number of connections and the amount of data.

You have learned: What is Hotspot in Hindi

After reading this article you must have understood that Hotspot Kya Hai And how does it work. I sincerely hope that now you will not have any confusion related to Hotspot. Hotspot refers to a physical location and a Wi-Fi hotspot is a place where you can access the Internet via Wi-Fi.

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