What is hyperlink link, type and how to create it (Hyperlink In Hindi)

What is hyperlink in Hindi: Web browser But while browsing, have you ever noticed that sometimes computer your on screen cursor Turns into a finger, or to say, such a text or image appears in front of you, by clicking on which you reach another webpage. These are called Hyperlinks.

but do you know hyperlink what is, hyperlink how many type Of would have Huh, hyperlink of Use what Is And hyperlink How make, If you do not have all the above information about hyperlinks, then you have come to the right article. Because in today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about hyperlink.

So let’s start without taking much of your time and know more about this article hyperlink Whom says are in hindi,

Hyperlink or Link a HTML There is an Element, through which two webpages are connected.

What is hyperlink link, type and how to create it (Hyperlink In Hindi)

It is a Clickable text or image on which the user clicks URL With the help of it reaches any other webpage. If the webpage containing the hyperlink does not exist or has been deleted, then a 404 error occurs by clicking on the hyperlink.

Internet But you will find hyperlinks on almost all the webpages. Usually the text hyperlink is blue but its color CSS Can be changed by You can easily use hyperlink in Table, Ms Word, Ms Excel, Web page and Ms PowerPoint.

If there is a hyperlink on an image, then by moving the cursor on that image, there is some effect in the image, by which it can be easily detected that there is a hyperlink in the image.

Types of Hyperlink

Hyperlinks can be of many types, we have told you further in the article about some major types of hyperlinks.

  • Internal Link (Internal Link)
  • External Link (External Link)
  • Text Hyperlink (Text Hyperlink)
  • Image Hyperlink (Image Hyperlink)
  • Email Hyperlink (Email Hyperlink)
  • Download Hyperlink (Download Hyperlink)

Let us now know about them one by one.

1 – Internal Link (Internal Link)

This type of hyperlink links two webpages of the same website together. If you click on a hyperlink present in a webpage Website If you reach another webpage, then this is the internal link.

2 – External Link (External Link)

Through this type of hyperlink, you reach from one website to another.

3 – Text Hyperlink (Text Hyperlink)

When a hyperlink is used on a text, it is called a text hyperlink.

4 – Image Hyperlink (Image Hyperlink)

Connecting two webpages through an image is called an image hyperlink. You can create hyperlinks through images just like text.

5 – Email Hyperlink (Email Hyperlink)

Such a hyperlink by clicking on which the user reaches his email is called an email hyperlink. If you want your visitors to contact you through email, then you can also give the link of your email in your website.

6 – Download Hyperlink (Download Hyperlink)

There is a file in the download hyperlink, as soon as the user clicks on this link, then on his computer or Android That file starts downloading in the smartphone.

Uses of Hyperlink

Hyperlinks are very important in the world of internet, following are some of the uses of hyperlinks –

  • Through the hyperlink, the user can reach the website even without searching it in the Internet.
  • By hyperlink one user can access different webpages from the same webpage.
  • All the webpages in the Internet are connected to each other only through hyperlinks.
  • User can download any important file.
  • If you are a Creator, then you can add a link to your social media account in the hyperlink in your website, and ask the user to follow.

How to create Hyperlink (HyperLink Kaise Banaye)

You can easily create Hyperlink manually. Almost all web editors, text editing applications, email clients, etc. have an inbuilt tool for creating hyperlinks. In this article, we have told you the easy process of creating hyperlink in HTML document and MS Word.

How to make hyperlink in HTML (Hyperlink in HTML)

HTML Creating a hyperlink in a document is very easy. You can add hyperlink in HTML document through its Syntax. To add hyperlink in HTML document you have to write the following code.

<a href=”Hyperlink”>Link Text </a>

Example of Hyperlink Let’s understand it easily with an example. Suppose you have to write Techshole in the document, which will be visible to the user. So you have to write it in HTML like this.

Example Hyperlink in HTML

<a href=”https://www.techshole.com”>Techshole </a>

In this way you can add hyperlink in HTML.

How to Create Hyperlink in MS Word (Hyperlink in MS Word)

Following is the complete process of creating hyperlink in MS Word –

  • First of all select the text on which you want to make hyperlink.
  • After this, Right Click with the mouse.
  • After Right Clicking, you will get the option of Hyperlink, click on it.
  • Now you can link any file, folder, page or webpage in text.
  • In this way you can create hyperlink in MS Word.

What is the shortcut key of Hyperlink (Hyperlink Shortcut Key)

Hyperlink can be used through shortcut key. for this you Ctrl+K You can add hyperlink by pressing . You can use this shortcut key in MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint.

Difference between external hyperlink and internal hyperlink

Externals Hyperlink, Internal Hyperlink,
It is difficult to control External Hyperlink. Internal Hyperlink is easy, fast and free to control.
this main domain Occurs within or in the content of the article. This is visible in website navigation as well as content.
it’s yourdomain authority” Passes SEO authority from another site to your site while increasing it. This makes your site SEO friendly, increasing the “page authority” of a specific page.
External Hyperlink has to pay more. Internal Hyperlink has no value.
This links to your external page. Internal link links to your internal page.
External link links from domain “A” to domain “B”. This one domain links to A, B pages.
External link improves the quality of web pages. Internal linking helps bots find other web pages on your site.
External Hyperlink helps in increasing traffic on your website. Internal link also helps in increasing traffic on your website.
Difference Between External Hyperlink and Internal Hyperlink

FAQ For Hyperlink

What is hyperlink?

A hyperlink or link is an HTML object that connects two webpages.

What color is hyperlink?

Hyperlink can be made in any color. If you are a programmer, you can arrange the color of the hyperlink according to your own through CSS. Generally speaking, the hyperlink is in Blue Color, you will see only blue colored hyperlinks in most of the webpages.

What happens when you click on the hyperlink?

When you click on a given hyperlink on a webpage, your browser opens a link to a new webpage leaving the current webpage you are viewing. That is, you reach another webpage.

Why are hyperlinks used?

There can be many purposes for adding a hyperlink, but the function of a hyperlink is only one. That is, linking two webpages together.

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Last Word: What is Hyperlink in Hindi

Hyperlink or Link serves to connect two or more webpages. Hyperlinks are very important in the Internet.

Through this article we learned that hyperlink what in hindi, This how many type of Would Is, hyperlink of Use what Is And hyperlink How make, We have full hope that you must have liked this article written by us.

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