What is Internet Connection and its Types (Internet Connectivity In Hindi)

Internet Connection In Hindi: Internet Today every person would know about it and probably more than 75 percent of the people in the world must have used internet connection at some point or the other. Internet connectivity has become the most important part of human life today, in today’s world nothing is possible without internet.

But in this age of growing internet, there are many such things about which very few people are aware, one of them is the type of internet connection. You can connect your device to the Internet in several ways, which are covered in this article.

Even if you want to install internet connection in your home, then this article is important for you, you can understand the different types of internet connection and buy the best connection according to your use.

So let’s start today’s article without any delay and know first Internet connection what is in hindi,

What is Internet Connection and its Types (Internet Connectivity In Hindi)

What is Internet Connection (Internet Connection In Hindi)

When a user computer Connects to the Internet, then he uses some medium or the other. Internet connectivity through which the user connects his computer to the Internet is called Internet connection. for example you WiFi If you are using the Internet in your computer, then WiFi is an Internet connection here. Similarly, there are many Internet connections through which the user can connect his computer to the Internet.

Types of Internet Connection

To access the Internet, the user has to be connected to the Internet Service Provider. Server The user can use different types of internet connection as per his requirement.

In today’s time there are many ways to connect devices like laptops, desktops, mobile phones, gaming consoles, tablets etc. to the Internet, but the most widely used Internet connection / Internet connectivity types are the following. (Explain Types of Internet Connectivity in Hindi)

#1 – Dial-up connection

dial up connection In this, the user needs to link his device (computer or mobile) to the phone line to access the Internet. It is a special type of connection in which Internet services are provided through a telephone line. Dial-up connection is also called analog connection.

When users access the Internet through a dial-up connection, they are unable to make or receive phone calls through their home phone service because the dial-up connection does not allow phone calls. Dial-up connection is cheaper as compared to other internet connections and also has low data transmission speed. data in this connection Kbps either Mbps is measured in.

Although the use of dial-up connections has almost disappeared today, it used to be the most popular Internet connection at one time.

#2 – Broadband Connection

Broadband which is Broad Bandwidth It is a high-speed Internet connection in which the Internet is used to reach the computer. Coaxial Cable, Fiber Optics Cable Or radio waves are used.

Broadband instead of a single line dial-up connection data Use multiple channels to send. Broadband is also known as Widely Used Bandwidth. Since broadband is capable of transmitting data fast over long distances, their cost is slightly higher than other connections. Broadband gives the user a better internet access experience by eliminating the need for the old dial-up connection.

#3 – DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Connection

DSL i.e. Digital Subscriber Line This is a type of broadband connection. In this, a copper wire telephone line already present in offices or homes is used to bring the Internet to the computer. Unlike dial-up connections, in DSL connections, users can make phone calls or receive calls while accessing the Internet.

DSL Modem Phone Converts weak signals received from the line into strong signals, allowing users to download or upload data faster. In DSL connection, the user gets speeds ranging from 128 KBps to 2MBps.

#4 – Cable Internet Connections

Cable Internet connection is also a form of broadband connection, in this type of connection users can access the Internet over cable TV lines through a cable modem. If you want to take advantage of internet services along with television, then cable internet connection is a good option for you. Cable modems are capable of transmitting data at a speed of 1.5 Mbps.

#5 – Satellite (satellite connectivity)

Satellite Internet services are provided with the help of satellite in internet connection. Internet facility is provided through satellite in those areas where broadband connection service is not yet available. This is a wireless internet connection and wireless Like the connection, it uses a modem for the Internet.

#6 – Leased Line Connection

Leased Line Connection Connected to the computer and the server of the IPS (Internet Service Provider) through a telephone line. In this connection, one or more telephone lines are taken on lease by a user for a long time, so that the internet connection is available to the user at the same speed.

Leased Line connection can be used only by the user who has taken it on lease. This is a 24-hour internet connection, so it also costs more.

#7 – ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)

ISDN connection Allows the user to send data, voice or video content over a digital telephone line or a standard telephone line. To establish ISDN connection, ISDN adapter is required on both the end, i.e. user as well as Internet access provider also needs ISDN adapter.

ISDN connections transmit data much faster than dial-up connections and also cost more than dial-up.

#8 – VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)

VSAT is a technology in which the Internet is delivered to the user through a satellite. VSAT consists of an antenna whose size is 1 meter or less. Through this antenna the signal received from the satellite is transmitted to the user. The user can make a connection to the Internet service provider and access the Internet using the signal received.

It is very expensive to set up a VSAT connection. Using VSAT, any company can establish its network in any geographical area. The medium between which information is exchanged through VSAT is called hub They say.

#9 – Wireless Connection

wireless connection Internet service providers in India reach the Internet through radio signals to the user. No wire is used in this type of connection. Wireless connections are used in places where it is impossible to reach the Internet by telephone line or cable. It does not work if the wireless connection is not in the network covering area.

#10 – Wi-Fi Hotspot (Wi-Fi connectivity)

Wi-Fi whose full name is Wireless Fidelity is a wireless connection, it is a router via wireless local area network (LAN) provides internet facility. WiFi use radio signal to provide high speed internet connection.

With the help of Wi-Fi, users can access their electronic devices such as computers, mobiles, printerCan exchange data by connecting video cameras, etc. to the Internet.

#11 – LiFi (Li-Fi connectivity)

Li-Fi Whose full name is Light Fidelity, it is also a wireless Internet connection like WiFi, through which you can connect your electronic device to the Internet. Light is used to transmit data in Li-Fi. In this, the domestic LED Blub works as a router. Li-Fi technology is used more in places where radio waves are obstructed.

Li-Fi is capable of transmitting data at a much higher speed than Wi-Fi. But the area of ​​Li-Fi is very limited, you can use it only in one room. To access the Internet through a Li-Fi connection, the light must be turned on. If the light is off then you cannot use Li-Fi.

#12 – Mobile Connection

Many cell phone and smartphone providers offer special plans for accessing the Internet. Users can access internet by purchasing these plans according to their usage. Mobile internet connections provide good speed.

FAQ: Internet Connection in Hindi

What is internet connectivity?

Internet connectivity is the act of connecting a mobile or computer to the Internet. Through connectivity, any user is able to access the Internet by connecting to the Internet through his computer or smartphone.

What is a dial-up connection?

Dial-up is an Internet connection in which the user can connect their device to the Internet and access the Internet through a telephone line.

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a special type of Internet connection in which the user leases one or more telephone lines for a long period of time to access the Internet for 24 hours at the same speed.

Conclusion: Internet Connection/Connectivity what is in hindi

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