What is Java and how to learn it for free (Java Programming in Hindi)

Learn Java Programming in Hindi – Taking technology to new heights Coding And computer has a very important role. Such mobile applications are made only through coding, which we use in daily life.

Today we are able to do online transactions sitting at home only with the application made by Coding. We can play games for entertainment and can do many things through mobile application.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about Java, one of the most popular computer programming. In this article you What is Java and how to learn Java Full details will be available.

In this article, you will also get to know about the history of Java, its features and the use of Java in this article. So let’s start without delay and let’s start this article with Java introduction.

What is Java and how to learn it for free (What is Java Programming in Hindi)

What is Java – Java Programming in Hindi

Java computer There is a language which is a General Purpose Language. It is used in many ways to make applications and software.

Java is High Level Programming Language. You can run Java in any platform. It supports all operating systems.

The code in Java is written in English so that anyone can understand it easily. in this C++ The Fundamentel of has been used.

Java is a widely used computer language, simpler and safer than other computer languages.

Java is an Oriented Computer Programming Language, which C Language And it is just like C++.

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Inventor of Java Programming (Java Inventor in Hindi)

The Java language was discovered by James Gosling. He first started Java in 1991 as a project named Oak. The first public implementation of Java was Java 1.0 in 1995.

Object of Java Programming in Hindi

The main purpose of Java Programming Language was Write Once run everywhere. Which means that you have to write this language once and then you can use it in any way. Web Browser can run in.

History of Java

Java is an Oriental Programming Language. In 1991, a group of engineers from a company named Sun Microsystem, which was led by James Gosling, decided that they would develop a programming language for the consumer device.

This project was given the name of Green Project. Then C ++ was kept as the first choice, but C ++ was not a better language for this project, then a new computer language Oak was born.

Initially the name of Java was Oak. This name was given because there was an oak tree outside James Gosling’s office. And this language was named Oak after the name of this tree. Earlier Oak was also known as Greentalk but in 1995 Oak was renamed as Java.

Java’s first public implementation was Java 1.0 in 1995. Right now the latest version of java is JavaSE 16.

Currently, the owner of Java language is Oracle Corporation, according to them, Java runs in 3 billion devices worldwide in today’s time.

Now we know all the versions of Java that have been released so far. ,

Version of Java

With the advancement of technology, new versions of Java were released from time to time, all the versions of Java so far are as follows –

Java Version Release Date
JdkAlpha and Beta 1995
jdk 1.0 January 1996
Jdk 1.1 February 1997
J2SE 1.2 December 1998
J2SE 1.3 May 2000
J2SE 1.4 February 2002
J2SE 5.0 September 2004
Java SE 6 December 2006
Java SE 7 July 2011
Java SE 8 March 2014
Java SE 9 August 2017
Java SE 10 March 2018
Java SE 11 September 2018
Java SE 12 March 2019
Java SE 13 September 2019
Java SE 14 March 2020
Java SE 15 September 2020
Java SE 16 March 2021
Java programming language version in hindi

Types of Java

By now you must have understood that what is Java, now you know how many types it is. Java is mainly divided into three parts –

  • Java Standard Edition
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Java Micro Edition

Java Standard Edition (Java 2SE)

Java SE provides us all the tools with the help of which Server Application, Desktop Application are created. All programs written in Java SE Operating System Let’s go in.

Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE)

Useful for JEE web application, Component Model, Enterprise Class Service.

Java Micro Edition (J2ME)

JME is used in making software of Mobile Application, Gaming Application, Set-Top Box.

Types of Java Application

Mainly four types of applications can be created using Java Programming.

Web Application

The application which is used to run the server is called Web Application. With the help of Java, all types of web applications can be created.

Standalone Application

No browser is required to run this type of application. It is easily run on any computer.

Standlone applications are desktop and mobile applications which are mostly used. Such as Media Player, MS Office, Browser etc.

Mobile Application

Java Mobile Application is a platform that has been developed to run Mobile Application in Smartphone. Java is used to make all types of mobile applications.

Enterprise Application

Java Language is used to create Enterprise Application of type Banking Software, Accounting Application etc.

Features of Java Programming

Java There are many features of the language which make it special, some of the main features are as follows –

  • Secure Language – Java is a secure language as compared to other computer languages. It protects the application from external attacks.
  • Simple Language Java is a simple language whose code is very easy to read, write and compile.
  • Object Oriented Programming Language It is an Object Oriented Programming Language, which means that everything in it is seen as an object.
  • Architectural Nature – The bytecode generated by the compiler can be run in any operating system, hence it is called Architectural Nature.
  • Platform Independent – Its program can be run in any platform.
  • Portable language Due to Platform Independent, it is a portable language.
  • Multi Threaded With the help of this feature, such programs can be written which can do multiple tasks. Meaning that multiple tasks can be done in one application.

Uses of Java Language

Java language is used for many things. Some of the major uses of Java Language are as follows –

  • Java is used extensively in creating web applications.
  • Desktop Application can be easily developed with the help of Java.
  • With the help of Java language, all mobile applications are developed.
  • Java is the best language to develop Gaming Application.
  • Software can be made with the help of Java.
  • Java is also used in making financial applications.
  • Scintfic applications are also made with the help of Java.

Components of Java

To learn Java language, it is necessary to know about its components. Only then you will be able to learn Java easily.

Whenever we do any programming, it is in Human Readable Language. Meaning that humans can understand that coding but machines cannot understand it. Machines can only understand machine language.

Therefore the coding which is done by Human has to be converted into Machine language to explain to the Machine.

In Java language, three components are important to convert the code into machine language –

Java Development Kit (Jdk)

Jdk is a package of a tool that provides us those tools from which we find the program on Create. Jdk is only used by Java Developer.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

JRE is a set of software that is used in the development of Java applications. It is a part of Jdk itself. JRE provides us those tools with the help of which the program can be run.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

JVM is a part of JRE which converts bytecode into machine language. JVM provides runtime environment to execute Java program.

How Java Works

Before learning Java, it is also important to know how Java works, so let’s know.

When compiling a program of Java, first the program does not change into machine language but changes to an intermediate language called Java bytecode. This code can be used on any Operating System and Processor can be run in.

After this it interprets the Bytecode program to run. Java Source Code is compiled into bytecode by the javac compiler and converted into Machine Language.

Therefore, the Java program is compiled twice to be executed.

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How to Learn Java for Free

Java is a very popular language which is used in many works. By learning Java language, you can easily develop many types of applications. Learning Java is not that difficult.

To learn Java, first you have to understand its Basic Fundamental very well. There are many such platforms online and offline where you can easily learn Java language.

Learn Java Using You Tube Video

Today every single content is available absolutely free on YouTube. If you do a little research in YouTube, you will find many such channels where you can learn Java language.

Learn Java with the help of an online website

Friends, there are many such websites on the Internet where you can learn Java. We have suggested some of those popular websites to you.

learn java programming by buying books

You can also learn Java programming by buying java books from the market.

Learn Java by joining Coaching Institute

If there is a coaching institute near your home, then this is the best place for you to learn Java.

FAQ For Java Programming in Hindi

what is Java?

Java is an Object Oriented Computer Programming Language, it is similar to C language and C++.

What is the full name of Java?

Java does not have any full form. The full name of this language is Java. But in many places on the Internet, you will find the full form of Java. Just Another Virtual Accelerator Will get to see.

How many types of Java are there?

There are mainly three types of Java – Java Standard Edition (J2SE), Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Java Micro Edition (J2ME).

Who discovered Java?

Java was invented by James Gosling.

What was the purpose of Java?

The purpose of Java was Write Once run everywhere.

What We Learned: Java Programming in Hindi

So friends, through this article we have given you What is Java? In Hindi We have tried to give almost all the information related to it. In this article, we have given you complete information about the characteristics of Java language, its uses, how Java works and how to learn Java.

What is Java Programming In Hindi That this information must have proved useful for you. It is always our endeavor that after reading our article, you do not need to go to any other article, so we try to write complete information in our article.

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