What is Joystick (Definition, Types, History, Uses) Joystick in Hindi

What is Joystick in Hindi: a lot of you computer I must have played video games. And maybe you have also used a device of D type to play the game which also has buttons.

But do you know the name of this D type tool, very few of you will know the name of this device. Let us tell you this device is called joystick.

now this Joystick Kya Hai In Hindi, Joystick Where is it used, these types of questions must be coming in your mind. In this article we have what is joystick, Joystick how many typesWhen it was discovered and what are its advantages and disadvantages, all this information has been given.

this article Joystick In Hindi Read the complete till the end, in this you will get complete information about the joystick. After this article you will not need to go to any other article, so let’s start this article – What is joystick and its uses in hindi.

What is Joystick (Definition, Types, History, Uses) What is Joystick in Hindi

What is Joystick

one in joystick computer input device is used as cursor The movement of is controlled. Joystick is also known as D type device.

A potentiometer is installed under the joystick, which causes movement in it. Due to this potentiometer, the stick comes back in its place. The joystick can be rotated in any direction. The special thing about the joystick is that it makes it easy to play games on the computer.

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Apart from this, there are many types of buttons in it, which give different commands to the computer. Joysticks are commonly used to play video games on computers.

Definition of Joystick

Joystick is one such type of computer input device with the help of which the pointer or cursor is controlled.

Element of Joystick

The main 8 elements in a joystick are –

  1. Stick
  2. Base
  3. Trigger
  4. Extra Button
  5. Auto fire switch
  6. Throttle
  7. Hat Switch
  8. Suctions Cups

History of Joystick

The joystick is a very old device, it was first made by Robert Esnault Pelterie in the 20th century. He was a French pilot.

Electricity-assisted two-button joystick was made in Germany in 1944.

The joystick for playing video games on a computer was created by Ralph H Bear in 1972.

Types of Joysticks

There are many types of joysticks, out of which the five main types of joysticks are as follows-

#1 – Digital Joystick

This is the most common joystick used in home computers. This type of joystick is easily rotated in all four directions (Up, Down, Left, Right). today’s digital computer Digital joystick is most commonly used in

#2 – Paddle Joystick

Puddle joysticks are the oldest joysticks and this type of joystick was previously used to play videogames. It is a simple controller consisting of a knob which is used to control the game.

Puddle joysticks use analog principles for control, they simply consist of a potentiometer and buttons.

#3 – Analog Joystick

Analog joysticks were a combination of both digital and puddle joysticks. This type of joystick also uses a potentiometer to control the cursor like other joysticks.

#4 – PC Analog Joystick

PC analog joystick is the most common analog joystick in today’s time. This joystick was first used by IBM with their computers. It is similar to analog joystick but this joystick has 2 buttons,

#5 – Joypad

Joypad has a D-Pad with the help of which it can be controlled in all four directions. This type of Joystick is most commonly used in today’s game play.

Uses of Joystick

The joystick is most commonly used to play video games. But apart from this, the joystick is also used for many things.

For example, joysticks are used in industries like assembly lines, cranes, accelerators, etc. Joystick is used as the main flight controller in planes.

But the joystick used in industries and aircraft is very different than the joystick used in video games. The structure of joysticks used in industries is complex.

There is also a lot of difference in the price of joysticks of industries and joysticks with video games. The joysticks of industries and aircraft are expensive as compared to the joysticks of video games.

Advantages of Joystick

There are many advantages of joystick which are as follows –

  • With the help of joystick, you can play games in computer.
  • The joystick can be operated easily.
  • Its working capacity is very good.
  • You can also use the joystick in a 3D way.
  • The joystick is very useful for racing and mission games.

Disadvantage of Joystick

There are also some disadvantages of joystick such as –

  • Initially, it is a bit difficult to move the pointer in the screen.
  • The stick of the joystick can also break due to excessive force, so care should be taken while moving it.
  • Excessive use of joystick can also cause pain in the hand.

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Common joystick questions: FAQ For Joystick

What is joystick?

A joystick is an input device that computer Controls the cursor on the screen.

Joystick is a device in which computer?

joystick computer key input device Is.

How many types of joysticks are there?

There are mainly five types of joysticks – digital joystick, puddle joystick, analog joystick, PC analog joystick, joypad.

What is a joystick used for?

The joystick is mainly used for playing video games.

Who invented the joystick for playing video games?

The joystick that plays video games was invented by Ralph H Bear in 1972.

Last word – what is joystick in Hindi

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