What is Kormo Jobs How to use (Google Kormo Jobs Apply)

Google Kormo Jobs Kya Hai In Hindi: You must know how difficult it is to get a job in today’s time, we have to run a lot to find a job. But in today’s internet era, there are many such applications, through which you can get a job in good companies sitting at home. One of these applications is Google Kormo Job, about which we will know in today’s article.

In this article you will get to know that google kormo job what is, google kormo job of use How do And Google Kormo Jobs From job How Received do, So if you also want to get your favorite job sitting at home, then this article is going to be very beneficial for you.

So, without taking much of your time, let’s start today’s blog post and know more. What is Google Kormo Job in detail in Hindi.

Google Kormo Job App Review

Application Name Kormo Jobs: Find your next job
Application category Online Job Finding
name of the company Google
When was it launched in India October 2020
rating on play store 4.0/ 5 Star
total number of downloads 10 Million Plus
Kormo Jobs By Google

What is Kormo Jobs (Kormo Jobs In Hindi)

Kormo Jobs is an online job portal application in which you can find job sitting at home And you can advance your career. Kormo Jobs Google was launched in India in 2020. Kormo Jobs was launched in countries like Bangladesh in 2018 and Indonesia in 2019 before being launched in India. Seeing the need of jobs in India, Google also launched its own job portal in the market.

What is Kormo Jobs How to use (Google Kormo Jobs Apply In Hindi)

Google Kormo Jobs App helps you to find your desired job and there is one more special thing in Kormo app in this you can create digital CV so that company can know about you, and if you are eligible for job then you will also get job. gets.

In the Google Kormo Jobs platform, both job givers and job needs are present, so that you are more likely to get a job in it. The companies providing the job post the skill requirement on the Kormo Jobs platform according to their need and the one whose skill is met by this can apply for the job.

In Google Kormo Jobs, you will get many types of jobs like engineering, IT, marketing, cooking, driver etc. You get jobs, you have to select your city where you want the job, Kormo Jobs shows you all the jobs available in that city. Is.

How to use Google Kormo Jobs

To use Google Kormo Jobs, you have to download this application and then enter your Gmail ID You can use Kormo Jobs App by login from. The process to use Kormo Jobs is as follows –

  • To download Google Kormo Jobs on your smartphone, first of all you have to go to Google play store Will have to go to then search by writing Kormo Jobs.
  • After this, the official application of Kormo Jobs will appear in front of you, and you can download and install it on your device.
  • After installing Kormo Jobs, you will have to login to the app with your Gmail ID, then this application will open.
  • After the app is opened, a new page will open in front of you and it will be written what type of job looking for? In which many options will come. You select the type of job according to your skill.
  • After that you click on continue. Now you will again get another question that where do you want to work? In which you can select the city where you want to work.
  • After doing this, all the jobs in your area will appear on the screen for which you can apply.

In this way your account will be created in Google Kormo Jobs and you can find the job of your choice using this application.

How to Create Profile in Google Kormo Jobs?

In Google Kormo Jobs, you can find your favorite job by creating an attractive profile. To create a profile in Google Kormo Jobs, you have to follow some steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, click on the profile icon in the dashboard of Google Kormo Jobs.
  • In Your Profile, fill your basic information by clicking on the Edit option. Like your name, address, gender, phone number, email address etc.
  • Here you will get an option of Upload Resume by which you can upload your Resume on Kormo Jobs.
  • After this you will get the option of Work experience in which you have to fill your old work experience. If you do not have experience in any work then you can select fresher.
  • Then next you will have the option of education in which you can fill all your education information.
  • After this the option of reference will come in which you can give the details of your old company boss or manager.
  • In the end, you will get the option of Language, you can fill in whatever language you know.

So in this way you can create a tremendous profile on Google Kormo Jobs, so that you will get more and more job proposals.

How to Apply for Jobs at Kormo Jobs (Kormo Job Apply In Hindi)

The process of applying for any job on Google Kormo Jobs is very easy. You can apply for a job on Kormo Jobs by following the steps mentioned below. You apply for the job only after completing the profile.

  • As soon as you open Kormo Jobs, you will get different categories in the dashboard, related to which you can get jobs, select the job related to which category you want.
  • After selecting the category of job, all the jobs related to that category will be shown in front of you which are available in your city.
  • You can select any job according to you.
  • After selecting the job, you have to read the requirements and description of the job carefully, because by this you will be able to decide whether this job is for you or not.
  • After understanding the requirements and description well, click on Start Job Application.
  • Whatever Detail is asked from you, fill them all correctly, and submit the Job Application Form.
  • Now the company will check your application and if you are eligible for the job then you will get a call from the company in which they will give you all the information related to the job.

So in this way you can apply for any job on Kormo Jobs.

What type of job will get from Google Kormo Jobs

There are many types of jobs available on Google Kormo Jobs, applicants can easily find the job of their choice. You get jobs ranging from delivery boy to engineer in this platform.

Mainly the following categories of jobs are available in Kormo Jobs –

  • BPO/ IT Support
  • Delivery Boy
  • Cashier / Shop Staff
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • IT Software
  • Healthcare
  • To do household chores (Maid / Nanny)
  • Hotel and Restaurant
  • Plumber / Electrician
  • Accountant and money related work (Accounting / Finance)
  • graphic designing Designing
  • Web designing Web Designing

Advantages of Google Kormo Jobs

After reading the article till now, you must have understood very well that what is Google Kormo Jobs, now let’s take a look at its benefits as well.

  • With the help of Kormo Jobs, you can apply for jobs sitting at home, you do not need to go to every company for interview.
  • Kormo Jobs is a product of Google, and looking at the credibility of Google, you can consider it safe.
  • Kormo Jobs also saves your time, you can apply for your favorite job sitting at home.
  • Kormo Jobs offers you many types of jobs that you like, you can apply for them.

FAQ related to Google Kormo Jobs

How does Google help in finding jobs?

Google’s mobile application Kormo Jobs helps users to find jobs online.

What is Kormo Jobs?

Kormo Jobs is a mobile application launched by Google, with the help of which you can apply for the job of your choice sitting at home.

In which countries is Kormo Jobs used?

Currently Kormo Jobs is used in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

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Finally: What is Kormo Jobs App in Hindi

In today’s blog post we have given you What is Google Kormo Jobs The complete information has been given in very simple words, if you are also looking for a job, then with the help of Kormo Jobs, you can apply for a job related to your skill sitting at home. In most of the cases you get a job on this platform.

So friends, that’s all in this blog post, I hope you must have liked this article written by us. You can also share this article with your friends through social media and also tell them about Kormo Jobs app.

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