What is Linux (Difference between Windows and Linux) Linux Operating System

Linux Operating System in Hindi: if you computer Or if you are using mobile, then you must have heard about the operating system as well. There are many operating systems available in the market like Windows, Android, Linux etc.

We have given you this blog techshole first in Android And Windows Have told about, in today’s article we will tell you that What is Linux, History of Linux, Features of Linux Operating System and What is the difference between Linux and Windows.

Linux is an operating system designed for computers, laptops etc. But most computers use Windows, due to which people do not know much about Linux. We have written this article for you so that you can also get information about Linux.

If you also want to know what is Linux, then definitely read this article till the end. So without wasting any time let’s start – Linux Operating System In Hindi.

What is Linux complete information in Hindi - Linux Operating System In Hindi

What is Linux

Linux is an operating system like Windows, Mac and UNIX, although it is quite different from all of them. Linux an Open Source Operating System Which is used in computers and laptops. Since Linux is absolutely Free and Open Source under the GPL v 2 license, you can easily use Linux by downloading it from the Internet.

Whenever the computer is turned on, the operating system is the first program to be loaded. When the operating system is on, then other parts of the computer Software And hardware Let’s start working.

History of Linux

Linux Operating System was developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991. The developers of the Free Open Source Foundation were also there along with Linus Torvalds in making Linux.

In fact, at that time Torvalds wanted to make Linux similar to Minix OS, which was similar to Unix. And it was mainly used in Academic Setting. When Torvalds developed Linux, he was a student at the University of Helsinki.

At that time Torvalds had developed Linux for his computer, actually he wanted to buy Unix 386 intel computer, but his financial condition was not so good that he could buy this computer and thus a small program of his gave the world Gave operating system like Linux Kernel.

What is Distribution (What Is Linux Distribution In Hindi)

There are many versions (variants) of Linux operating system available which are suitable for all types of users. Different versions are available for everyone from a new user to an Advance user in Linux. Linux Version itself is called Distribution. All Linux Distribution can be easily downloaded.

Some of the major Linux distributions are as follows –

  • Ubuntu Linux (Ubuntu Linux)
  • Linux Mint (Linux Mint)
  • Arch Linux (Arch Linux)
  • Deepin (Deepin)
  • Fedora (Fedora)
  • openSUSE (openSUSE)

Components of Linux

Mainly three components of Linux Operating System are as follows –

  • Kernel
  • System Library (System Library)
  • System Utility (System Utility)

#1 – Kernel

Kernel is the main part of Linux. It is responsible for all the activities happening in the operating system. There are also many other modules in Kernel that interact directly with the underlying hardware.

#2 – System Library (System Library)

System Libraries are those special functions or programs that can be used to access the features of the Application Program or System Utility kernel. These system libraries implement most of the functionality of the operating system.

#3 – System Utility (System Utility)

System utilities are programs that are responsible for specific, individual-level tasks.

Features of Linux

Linux operating system has the following features –

  • Portable The Linux operating system is portable, meaning it can run on multiple hardware simultaneously.
  • Multi User – Linux is a multi-user operating system, that is, many users at a time memory, RAMCan access applications etc.
  • Multi Programming – Linux is a Multi Programming Operating System. That is, you can run many programs in it simultaneously.
  • Open Source – Linux is an open source operating system. Any user can use Linux operating system for free without license.
  • Virtual Memory – If we edit any big program or application, then we need some physical memory which hard disk It is stored in and can be used when required.
  • Security – Good security features are also available in Linux operating system. Like Password Protaction, Control Access etc.

Difference Between Windows and Linux

Following are the differences between Windows and Linux –

Windows Linux (Linux)
There are C, D etc. drives in Windows, which contain many folders. There is no drive in Linux.
There are 4 types of accounts in Windows (Administrator, Standard, Child, Guest). There are 3 types of accounts in Linux (Regular, Root, Service)
In Windows, we cannot save 2 files with the same name in a folder. Can save 2 files in one folder in Linux.
Windows OS is for Single User Linux operating system is meant for multi user.
Windows is Closed Source Operating System. Linux is Open Source Operating System.
There are more chances of getting Virus in Windows. Linux operating system is considered more secure than Windows because it viruses There is less chance of coming.
Windows Vs Linux

FAQ For Linux

What is Linux?

Linux is an open source operating system.

Who created Linux?

Linux was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991.

What are the basic components of Linux operating system?

There are mainly three components of the Linux operating system – Kernel (Kernel), System Library (System Library), System Utility (System Utility).

How many bit operating system is Linux?

Linux is a 32 bit operating system.

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We Learned: What is Linux Operating System in Hindi

After reading this article you must have understood that What is Linux In English, Linux is a great operating system that provides many features to the user. But compared to Windows, Linux has not been able to establish its supremacy that much, so Windows is used in most of the computers.

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