What is Magnetic Tape (Difference Between Magnetic Tape and Magnetic Disc)

Magnetic Tape Kya Hai In Hindi: computer There are many types of storage devices in the device which are used to store the data. Most of the new storage devices replace the old storage device, so that we do not have much information about the storage device used in the old time.

But there are some storage devices that are used for years till date because they are very economical. One of those storage devices is magnetic tape, which we are going to know about in this article today.

Through today’s article we will give you Magnetic Tape what is, Magnetic tape of Invention Who? did, Magnetic tape Of Properties, Magnetic tape Of Advantages, Harm And Magnetic tape And Magnetic Disc Of Middle In gap Will give complete information about.

If you also want to get information about magnetic tape, then definitely read this article till the end. So let’s start this article without wasting any time. What is magnetic tape in Hindi?

What is magnetic tape and difference between magnetic tape and magnetic disc

What is Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape or magnetic tape is a secondary storage device in a computer that is used to Data is used to store. Magnetic tape is one of the oldest technology to store data. Magnetic tape is a non volatile memory. Which means that even when the power supply is turned off, the data stored in it is not destroyed.

Only one side of the ribbon is used to store the data in the magnetic tape. this sequential memory It consists of a thin plastic ribbon to store data and is coated by magnetic oxide.

Data read and write speed is slow due to sequential access. The width of the ribbon ranges from 4 mm to 1 inch. The storage capacity of magnetic tape ranges from 100 MB to 200 GB.

Magnetic tape has a slow data access rate, so it is mostly used as a backup memory.

History of Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape was first invented to record sound in 1928 by Fritz Pfleumer, a German scientist. Pfleumer used iron oxide (Fe2O3) powder coating on a long strip of paper.

Magnetic tapes have been used for the past several years to store data. today CD, DVD As many technologies are replacing magnetic tape, but even today magnetic tape is being used widely.

Features of Magnetic Tape

The main features of magnetic tape are as follows –

  • Data in magnetic tape can be accessed sequentially only, in this data cannot be accessed randomly and directly.
  • It is made of plastic ribbon which is coated with a layer of Mattel Oxide.
  • Magnetic tape is a secondary storage device.
  • Magnetic tape is a non-volatile memory in which the data is not destroyed even when the power supply is turned off.
  • The storage capacity of magnetic tape can range from 100 MB to 200 GB.
  • There are mainly 2 sizes of magnetic tapes available in the market. 1/2 inch and inch.

Advantages of Magnetic Tape

There are many benefits of a magnetic tape such as –

  • Magnetic tape is an inexpensive memory, which means it costs less.
  • Magnetic tape can also be used to store large size files.
  • It provide backup storage.
  • Magnetic tape is a reusable memory in which new data can be stored by erasing the stored data.
  • Data stored in magnetic tape remains secure for a long time.

Disadvantage of Magnetic Tape

There are also some disadvantages of magnetic tape such as –

  • The biggest disadvantage of magnetic tape is that the data stored in it is sequentially accessed, which makes searching difficult.
  • Cannot randomly and directly access data stored in magnetic tape.
  • A dust free environment is required to store data in magnetic tape.
  • Data stored in magnetic tape cannot be updated easily.
  • Data can be stored for a long time in magnetic tape.

difference between magnetic tape and magnetic disc

Magnetic tapes and magnetic disks both have secondary storage devices. Both of them store data magnetically and both are non volatile memory. There is a lot of similarity between these two memory but they are different from each other according to some of their features, functionality and price.

The difference between magnetic tape and magnetic disc is explained in the table below.

Magnetic Tape Magnetic Disk
Magnetic Tape It is used for data backup. Magnetic Disk It is used for secondary storage.
Magnetic tape has more access time. Magnetic disk has less access time.
Magnetic tape is not a very reliable memory. Magnetic disk is a reliable memory.
The rate of data transfer is low in Magnetic Tape. The rate of data transfer in magnetic disk is comparatively high.
The data accessing rate is slow in Magnetic Tape. Whereas the data accessing rate in Magnetic Disk is high and fast.
Magnetic tapes are more portable. Magnetic disks are less portable.
Magnetic tape costs less. Magnetic disk costs more.
Magnetic tape has a reel of tape which is in the form of a plastic strip. Magnetic disks have round platters which are made of plastic or metal.
In Magnetic Tap for data recording, the magnetic material is coated on only one side of the tape. For data recording, the magnetic material in the magnetic disk is coated on the plates on both sides.
(Difference between Magnetic Tape and Magnetic Disk in Hindi)
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Frequently asked questions about Magnetic Tape

What is Magnetic Tape?

Magnetic tape is the oldest technological key storage device used to store data. Magnetic tape comes under the secondary storage device.

Why is magnetic tape used?

Magnetic tape is used to store data and back up data.

Who invented magnetic tape?

Magnetic tape was invented in 1928 by the German scientist Fritz Pfleumer.

What type of memory is magnetic tape?

Magnetic tape is a non volatile memory.

Is Magnetic Tape Still Used Today?

Yes, magnetic tape is still used today. Although various types of new technology storage devices exist today, they are still used today depending on the properties and cost of magnetic tape.

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