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What is the MeWe App in HindiToday in this article we will tell you MeWe App Kya Hai, How To Download MeWe App, How To Run MeWe App, Features Of MeWe App, Advantages And Disadvantages Of MeWe App Will tell about.

Friends, in today’s time almost every person is connected on social media and there are many such social networking platforms which keep people connected to each other.

Today in this article we are going to tell you about such social networking applications. Facebookinstagram, sharechat, Twitter etc. have come in the news in the midst of the news of the closure of social networking applications in India. the name of that application is MeWe Application.

By the way, the threat of closure of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter in India has been averted, because according to media reports, these application companies have shared information related to nodal officers with the IT Ministry for complaints under the new rules.

MeWe App kya hai in hindi - MeWe App Review in Hindi

But if there is ever a risk of these applications being closed again in the future, then there are many such applications in the market which are alternative to them. Let’s start this article without delay MeWe App in Hindi,

What is MeWe App

MeWe App too Facebook, Instagram Just like there is a Social Networking Application. In which you can share photos, videos like other social networking apps. Can talk to people. Can connect with new people.

This is an American application developed by Sgrouples company.

How to Download MeWe App

You can easily download the MeWe app from your App Store like you would any other application.

If you are Android User then Play Store From here you can download MeWe App, and in iPhone you can download it from your App Store. MeWe App can easily download.

How to Create Account in MeWe App

If you use any social networking application then it will be very easy for you to create an account on MeWe app.

But even then you are facing any problem in creating an account in MeWe App, then you can follow the process mentioned below –

  • Step 1 After installing the MeWe app, open it and click on Sign up, its free option.
  • Step 2 Now enter your First and Last Name and click on Next button.
  • Step 3 After this, create a strong password and click on the button of Next.
  • Step 4 After this, after accepting the Terms and Conditions of MeWe App, click on Next.
  • Step 5 Now you have to verify your mobile number or Gmail Id. Verify any one of you and click on the button of Next.
  • Step 6 An OTP will come on your registered mail id or mobile number. Verify that OTP.
  • Step 7 Now your account has been created on MeWe application.

After following all this process step wise, you can easily create your account in MeWe application.

How to Use MeWe App

You can run MeWe App in the same way as you use other Social Networking Application.

The way you share a story on Facebook or Instagram, share an image, connect with new people, talk to your friends in Chatting.

You can do all the same type of activity in MeWe application also. It is very easy to operate MeWe App.

Features of MeWe App

Features of MeWe App are similar to Instagram. But Instagram also has some different features from MeWe App. Let us know about the main feature of MeWe App –

  • Just as we share photos on Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking application, in the same way we share photos on MeWe App.
  • Like other social networking applications, you can also share videos on the MeWe app.
  • Like Instagram, Story can be posted in MeWe App.
  • You can create a group in MeWe App.
  • Just as we can create a page in other Social Networking Application, in the same way we can also create a page of our own in MeWe App.
  • Chatting can also be done in MeWe App like other social networking applications.

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Advantages of MeWe App

  • You get 8 GB free space in MeWe App. In which you can share Image, Video, Audio Msg etc.
  • This app is also better in terms of data privacy.
  • Like Facebook, Instagram, you can add Cover Story here.
  • In MeWe App, you can increase the number of followers by sharing good content.

Disadvantage of MeWe App

Right now the big disadvantage of MeWe App is that the number of users is less in it, due to which you will not be able to find many of your friends in this application. But gradually the number of users in this application can also increase.

Apart from this, excessive use of MeWe App can also result in loss of your time.

FAQ For MeWe App

What is MeWe App?

MeWe App is a social networking application.

MeWe App is the application of which country?

MeWe App is American App developed by Sgrouples Company.

Is MeWe App Indian?

No, MeWe app is an American app.

Who is the founder of MeWe App?

The founder of MeWe App is Mark Weinstein.

Conclusion: What is dry app in Hindi

So friends, in this article we have told you What is the MeWe App And shared a lot of useful information related to MeWe App with you.

If you want to find a best alternative to Facebook, Instagram then you can use MeWe App. Hope you liked this article written by us, do share this article with your friends also.

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