What is MICR and how to find MICR code

What is MICR in Hindi: – Have you ever noticed that bank check Some words are written with magnetic ink inside the white strip at the bottom. Which we call MICR code.

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What is MICR and how to find MICR code

What is MICR (What is MICR in Hindi)

Full name of MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is called magnetic ink character recognition in Hindi. MICR computer that one input device it occurs. With the help of which the character written with magnetic ink on the check is identified.

any bank in magnetic ink at the bottom of the check Bank Account Details are written about it, such as the name of the bank, the name of the branch, and the name of the city. All these details are written in Digit which is called MICR Code.

A special type of ink and font is used to write the MICR code. One in MICR Device scanner It is installed with the help of which the MICR code is read.

The MICR code is of 9 digits, in which the name of the city is written in the first 3 digits, the name of the bank in the middle 3 digits and the name of the branch in the last 3 digits.

MICR Full Form

  • MICR Full Form – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  • Full name of MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

When was MICR started

MICR was started in 1958 by the American Bank Association. Printed E-13B font was used in magnetic ink.

By the end of 1959, checks were printed using magnetic ink. Gradually, the technology of MICR improved further. And they started being used all over the world. Modern MICRs are capable of reading magnetic ink with clarity.

MICR was introduced in India in the 1980s. reserve Bank of India had used this method to do secure and fast transactions across the country.

Uses of MICR Device

MICR is a technology based on Character Recognition which is used to read MICR code written in Bank Cheque.

Due to the high number of check processing in banks every day, MICR device is used.

Advantages of MICR Code

MICR has the following advantages –

  • The data prepared in MICR system is human and machine readable.
  • in MICR data can be inputted faster.
  • MICR is an enhanced security against technical fraud and mechanization.
  • With the help of MICR technology, the work in banks is done faster and with more accuracy.

Disadvantage of MICR in Hindi

There are also some disadvantages of MICR which are as follows –

  • Data preparation for MICR method takes more time.
  • MICR Reader can only recognize a particular type of Ink and Font.
  • MICR readers are very expensive.

What is MICR code (What is MICR Code in Hindi)

MICR code is a 9 digit number which helps to identify a bank. The MICR code contains the name of the bank, branch name and city name, with the help of which the Check Clearing Process is done faster.

The MICR code is found written in the white colored strip at the bottom of a cheque, which is called MICR Band in the language of the bank. Every bank branch has a unique MICR code.

MICR code is used to make the transaction safe and fast, MICR code is used in the check clearing process.

The most commonly used magnetic inks in MICR are E-13B and CMC – 7.

How is MICR code generated?

MICR code is a 9 digit number, all the digits of which have some meaning.

  • The first 3 digits of MICR Code tell the name of the city.
  • The middle 3 Digits tell the name of the bank.
  • The last 3 digits tell the name of the branch.

Let us understand this through an example. Suppose the MICR code of a bank branch is 600-002-007, then it has –

  • 600 is the name of the city, each city has a different code called City Code.
  • 002 is the bank code.
  • 007 is the branch code.

So this is how the MICR Code is formed.

How to know MICR code

You can find out the MICR code very easily. Some ways to find out the MICR code are as follows –

#1 – Find MICR Code by Bank Check

You can easily find out the MICR code through your bank cheque. You will find the MICR code written on the bottom side of the bank cheque. The MICR code is written inside a white stripe at the bottom of the bank cheque.

#2 – Find MICR code through website

Another easy way to find out the MICR code is online Website through. Online you will find many such websites from where you can find out the MICR code.

  • To know the MICR code through online website, first of all you MICR Code Search Website But come on
  • After this, select the name of the Bank, State, District, and Branch.
  • After selecting all these, you will get the MICR code of your branch displayed on the screen.

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Difference Between MICR Code and IFSC Code (MICR vs IFSC in Hindi)

MICR code is completely different from IFSC code, there is the following difference between these two –

  • IFSC Code Using Money Transfer (NEFT And RTGS) while MICR is used in This is done in Check Clearing.
  • IFSC code is used to initiate money transfer between two banks whereas MICR code is used to bring speed and security in check clearing.

FAQ For MICR in Hindi

What is MICR?

MICR type Input Device It is with the help of which the MICR code written with magnetic ink is read in the Bank Cheque.

What is the full form of MICR?

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, which is called magnetic ink character recognition in Hindi.

Which device is MICR?

MICR is the input device of the computer.

Where is MICR mainly used?

MICR is mainly used in banks.

What is the device used to read MICR code called?

The device that reads MICR code is called Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Device.

What is the meaning of C in MICR?

The meaning of C in MICR is “Character”. Which is called “Akshar” in Hindi.

Conclusion: What is MICR in Hindi

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