What is MMID, how to get it, why is it important (MMID Full Form In Hindi)

MMID Full Form In Hindi: In today’s time, you can do all the work related to banking with the help of mobile sitting at home, for this you have to Bank There is no need to go. In order to make banking services easier through mobile, the role of some special type of code is most important. One of these is the MMID code.

By using the MMID code you can instant payment service can take advantage of. You can transfer money instantly only from your mobile or you can get money deposited in your bank account.

In today’s blog post, we are going to give you all the information related to MMID code. In this article you will get to know that What is MMID, MMID Full form in Hindi, How to get MMID and how to transfer funds from MMID. But to get all this information, you have to read this article till the end.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article What is MMID code in detail in Hindi.

What is MMID, how to get it, why is it important (MMID Full Form In Hindi)

MMID Full Form

The full name of MMID is Mobile Money Identifier, which is called Mobile Money Identifier in Hindi.

  • MMID Full Form in English – Mobile Money Identifier
  • MMID Full Form in Hindi – Mobile Money Identifier

What is MMID

MMID i.e. Mobile Money Identifier is a 7 digit unique number issued by the bank to its customers which allows the customers to transfer funds through IMPS (Immediate Payment Service). Using customer MMID, the beneficiary’s bank details like account number, IFSC CodeFunds can be transferred in real time through IMPS without the name of the bank and branch.

Along with this, you can also send SMS and SMS from MMID without any internet connection. ATM You can also do IMPS through . You can use your bank’s mobile application online, net banking Or you can easily get the MMID number by visiting the offline bank and avail the instant payment service.

MMID is commonly used when a customer wants to transfer funds through IMPS using his mobile phone. Your to use MMID bank account Must be linked to mobile number.

MMID number is a combination of mobile number and bank account number. If you have multiple bank accounts linked to the same mobile number, then the MMID number will also be unique for each bank account. You can find out which MMID refers to which bank by looking at the MMID number.

How to Generate MMID

As we told you above MMID number is used to transfer funds from IMPS and your bank account should be linked with your mobile number to do IMPS. By which you can get MMID request in your mobile.

If your bank account is not linked with mobile number then you can visit your bank branch and take the mobile number linking form. Submit the form after filling all the details correctly in the form. Your bank account will be linked to the mobile number only after a few days of submitting the form. After this you can generate MMID and avail the service of IMPS.

You can generate MMID number with the help of the following four methods –

#1 – Get MMID from Mobile Banking

  • First of all login to your bank’s mobile banking app.
  • Here you have to click on Generate MMID.
  • If Generate MMID is not an option then you can search by typing MMID about the search of the app, you will get the option of MMID.
  • After this you can generate the MMID number by clicking on Generate.

#2 – Get MMID from Net Banking

To generate MMID code from net banking, the service of net banking should be enabled in your bank account, after that you can generate MMID by following the steps given below.

  • First of all login to your bank’s online portal with username and password.
  • After this, on the homepage, you will get the option of Generate MMID, click on it.
  • After this you will be asked to enter the mobile number, you enter the mobile number.
  • Now OTP will come on your mobile number, you OTP Get the mobile number verified by entering it.
  • After this the MMID of your respective account will be generated.

#3 – Generate MMID by visiting ATM

  • To generate MMID from ATM, you have to go to the ATM of your respective bank.
  • After this, enter your card in your ATM machine and enter your four-digit PIN.
  • Now you have to select SMS / Secure Code / IMPS option.
  • After this you have to enter your mobile number, and click on Confirm option.
  • Now an OTP will come on your mobile number, you get the mobile number verified by entering the OTP.
  • After completing this process, the MMID code of your bank account will be sent to you through SMS.

#4 – Get MMID with Customer Care Help

If you do not have technical knowledge then you can also generate MMID code by talking to the customer care of your bank. For this follow the following process. You will find the customer care number of the bank written on the internet or on the document related to your bank.

  • First of all call the customer care of your respective bank.
  • Follow the instructions on the call and select the option of Mobile Banking.
  • Select the required option and talk to the customer service officer.
  • Provide your mobile number to the customer service officer.
  • Give the correct answer to whatever details the customer service authority will ask you.
  • Once all your details are verified, MMID code will be sent to your mobile number through SMS.

#5 – Get MMID by visiting the bank

If you are finding the above mentioned four methods difficult, then you can also go to your bank to get the MMID code.

  • For this, first you have to go to your bank, and there you have to take an application form to generate MMID.
  • Read all the details in the form carefully and fill them correctly.
  • After filling the form correctly, submit the form to the bank.
  • Now in a few days, an envelope will come to your address like a bank, in which your MMID code will be written.

You can generate MMID code by any one of these five methods as per your convenience.

How to transfer funds from MMID

Following is the process to transfer funds through MMID code –

  • First of all login to your bank’s mobile banking application.
  • After this select IMPS in the fund transfer option.
  • Now you have to enter the mobile number and MMID code of the beneficiary and click on the Continue option.
  • After that enter the amount which you want to send to the beneficiary.
  • To verify the transaction, an OTP will come on the mobile number linked to your bank account.
  • You get the transaction verified by entering the OTP.
  • Finally enter your mPIN to make the transaction successful.
  • Within a few seconds of the completion of the transaction, the amount will be debited from your bank account and will be credited to the beneficiary’s bank account.

So by following this easy process, you can transfer funds from MMID.

Features of MMID

Following are some of the salient features of MMID code –

  • Through MMID, you can use the IMPS service, which is the fastest and most reliable way to transfer funds.
  • MMID is a unique code preceded by a four-digit bank account identifier.
  • The bank account details of the beneficiary are not required to transfer funds from MMID.
  • MMIDs make IMPS transactions secure.

Why MMID is necessary

Today’s Customer RTGS, NEFT For example, one can transfer and receive funds through payment services. But both these facilities have many drawbacks such as –

In these, it takes some time to transfer funds, NEFT service is not operational for 24 hours, with RTGS you cannot transfer funds less than 2 lakhs and also to transfer funds in both the bank details of the beneficiary. is required. Similarly, there are many limitations in both. Therefore, customers cannot make payments as per their wish.

IMPS was started to overcome these shortcomings. With IMPS, customers can make payments anytime as this service is operational 24*7 and in this the funds are credited to the beneficiary’s bank account immediately.

The service of IMPS is designed in such a way that the customer can transfer funds without any bank details without beneficiary. But for this MMID code is required. MMID code is a combination of customer’s bank account number and mobile number, and this code is unique to each bank account.

If a customer has multiple bank accounts which are linked to the same mobile number, then the MMID code is also unique for all the bank accounts. MMID made IMPS a successful mobile banking platform.

FAQ: MMID in Hindi

What is the full form of MMID?

The full form of MMID is Mobile Money Identifier.

How to get MMID?

There are many ways to get MMID. You can get MMID code through net banking, ATM, offline bank visit or SMS.

Where is MMID used?

MMID is commonly used to transfer funds through IMPS.

What is the number of MMID code?

The MMID code is of 7 numbers, the first 4 digits of which are related to the customer’s bank account.

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Conclusion: What is MMID in Hindi

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