What is Monitor, its types and features (Type of Monitor in Hindi)

Monitor Kya Hai In Hindi: you guys computer The display unit working in must have seen the monitor and must have done video games, movies or any other work in it.

but do you know What is computer monitor, what is the full form of monitor, who invented monitor, how many types of monitors are there, what are the functions of monitor and features of monitor.

If you do not know the answer to the questions asked above, then definitely read this article till the end, in this we have given you Monitor what is The complete detailed information is given in simple words of Hindi language, after reading which you will get useful information about the monitor. So let’s start this article to know more what is monitor,

What is Monitor

monitor computer’s one output device which is input into the computer data displays on the computer screen. Monitor is also known as Visual Display Unit, because it displays information on the screen.

Complete information including what is a monitor (Type of Monitor in Hindi)

Monitor is an important device of the computer, without it the computer is incomplete because until we do not know what is going on in the computer, we will not be able to work in the computer.

Monitor CPU remains connected to, when the user keyboard either mouse data by Input performs or gives instructions to the computer, the computer output device shows the result in the monitor at the same time as the work is done. Monitor shows all the information to the user in the form of Image, Video and Text.

Many people also call monitor as Screen or Display but its real name is Monitor itself.

Monitor Full Form

Monitor full-form is – Machine Output Number of Information To Organize Report

  • M – Machine
  • O – Output
  • N – Number of
  • I – Information
  • T – To
  • O – Organize
  • R – Report

Who Invented Monitor (Who Invent Monitor in Hindi)

The monitor was invented by German scientist Karl Ferdinand Braun in 1897 AD. It was a cathode ray monitor (CTR).

Type of Monitor

In today’s time, monitors come in many types based on their make, size and design. Some of the major types of monitors are as follows –

  • CTR (Cathode Ray Tube)
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode)
  • SED (Surface Conducted Electron Emitting Display)
  • Plasma Monitor

Let us now know about them one by one.

1 – CTR (Cathode Ray Tube)

CTR is the most commonly used output device. This monitor uses Cathode Ray Tube technology to display the image. CTR technology is also used in making television screens.

CTR computer-monitor
CTR computer-monitor

Cathode Ray Tube is mainly a Vacuum Tube. In which there is a gun of electrons in one side and on the other side there is a fluorescent screen.

In today’s time, their use is gradually decreasing, the main reason for this is that they are very heavy and expensive. In their place, light and cheap monitors are being used.

2 – LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

As we know CTR monitors were very heavy and used to occupy more space, but gradually with the advancement in technology, the size of the monitor also changed. instead of CTR LCD use began to increase.

Liquid Crystal is used to make LCD, it is thin in size and also light in weight. Therefore, there is no need of much space to keep them.

LCD Monitor
LCD Monitor

Compared to CTR, LCD consumes less power and it also produces less heat. Earlier LCD was used in laptops but now LCD is also used for desktop computers.

3 – LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED Like the LCD, the Flat Panel Display and the edges are slightly curved, which are easily available in the market in today’s time.

LED Monitor For Computer
LED Monitor For Computer

For LED back lighting, Light Emitting Diode is used. It consumes less power than CTR and LCD, and they are also more durable.

4 – SSD (Surface Conducted Electron Emitting Display)

SSD There are monitors with High Resolution and Flat Panel Display. It has been made jointly by Canon and Tosiba. SSDs use up to 50 percent less power than CTR monitors. Electron Emitted Array and a layer of phosphorus are used to make this type of monitor.


5 – Plasma Monitor

Functions of Monitor A screen with high contrast has VibrantColor and Brightness. It works on the Plasma Discharge principle. Plasma displays are thinner than CTRs and brighter than LCDs. After the availability of LCD at cheap prices, gradually the use of plasma monitors has started decreasing.

Types of Monitors by Color

There are mainly three types of monitors on the basis of color.

  • Monochrome
  • Gray Scale
  • Color Monitor

1. Monochrome

Monochrome (monochrome) monitors are single color displays, it displays the output as black and white.

2. Gray Scale

Gray Scale is the same as monochrome, which displays the output in gray shades.

3. Color Monitor

Color monitors are capable of displaying graphics in high resolution and display the output in the form of adjustments for RBG (Red Blue Green) distortion.

Features of Monitor

The main features of the monitor are as follows –

1 – Resolution

Resolution means how the pixels are packed on the screen. A pixel is a single point in a graphic image. The monitor displays the images by dividing the picture into millions of pixels. which are arranged in rows and columns.

2 – Dot – Pitch

Dot pitch is a type of measurement technique that shows the horizontal distance between two pixels. It is measured in millimetres, indicating the quality of the monitor.

3 – Size

The most important characteristic of a monitor is its size. Monitor size is measured in length and width. The monitor of a computer system is like a TV screen. Monitor is measured in terms of Dianalog Inch.

4 – Refresh Rate

Monitor’s Refresh Rate Displays how many times per second the monitor needs to be refreshed. The refresh rate per minute for the monitor is measured in periods.

Monitor display details

monitor resolution description Width (in pixels)
480i or 480p Standard Definition (SD) 640
720p High Definition (HD) 1280
1080i or 1080p High Definition (HD) 1920
2160p Ultra High Definition (UHD) or 4K 3840
Monitor display details in Hindi

Advantages of Monitor

There are many advantages of monitors, some of the main ones are as follows –

  • Modern monitors (LCDs) use less power than CTR monitors.
  • Cathode ray tubes were used in old monitors but in modern monitors, LED Backlighting, Liquid Crystal Display are used.
  • The monitor displays the information in a graphical form which is easy for the user to understand.
  • There is sharpness in every image of LCD monitor.
  • Monitors are more economical with cost effective.
  • touchscreen mouse and trackball Are faster than .

Disadvantage of Monitor

While on the one hand there are many advantages of the monitor, on the other hand it also has some disadvantages such as –

  • Monitors can be a bit expensive.
  • CTR monitors take up more space and are also heavy due to which they cannot be easily moved from one place to another.

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FAQ For Monitor in Hindi

Which device is the monitor?

Monitor is the output device of the computer.

What is the function of monitor?

The main function of the monitor is to display the instructions given to the computer in the screen.

What is the full name of Monitor?

The full name of the monitor is Machine Output Number of Information To Organize Report.

What is the full name of LED?

The full name of LED is Light Emitting Diode.

Conclusion – What is Monitor in Hindi

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