What is Morpho Fingerprint Device – Complete information in Hindi

Morpho Fingerprint Device: you guys sometime Sim while taking, Bank You must have seen finger print device while getting KYC Verification done, while making Aadhaar card or in Biometric Attendance etc. in the office, but do you know what this device is called.

device name MORPHO is the deviceIt is widely used today.

Through today’s article we What is MORPHO, use of MORPHO, difference between MORPHO and Mantra device and how to install MORPHO RD Service Will give full details of.

After reading this article till the end, you will get to know a lot about MORPHO, so read this article completely. So let’s start without taking much of your time and know more about this article. What is Morpho,

Morpho Fingerprint Device in HindiMorpho Fingerprint Device in Hindi

What is MORPHO Device?

MORPHO is a type of FingerPrint Device, which scans the finger data Verifies the. MORPHO computer of one input device It happens.

MORPHO is used in works like Aadhaar Verification, eKYC Verification. MORPHO devices capture digital fingerprints and signatures.

Morpho Device

This device can capture and store biometric data for easy verification.

Uses of MORPHO Device

MORPHO device is used for the following purposes –

  • MORPHO device is used for Biometric Attendance in the office.
  • MORPHO device is also used for Biometric Attendance in College and School.
  • MORPHO device is used for Aadhaar Verification.
  • MORPHO device is used in eKYC Verification.
  • MORPHO device is also used for SIM card activation based on Aadhaar card.
  • MORPHO device is used in account opening in banks.

How to install MORPHO Driver (Install MORPHO RD Driver in Hindi)

You can install MORPHO Driver in both computer and mobile, we have told you the process of both below –

How to install MORPHO Driver in computer or laptop

Follow the process given below to install MORPHO device in computer or laptop.

  • First of all, come to the MORPHO device’s official website MORPHO RD Service online by clicking on the link below. , https://rdserviceonline.com/
morpho device RD Service
  • After this, click on the download option above and again click on the Windows option.
  • As soon as you click on the window, it will start downloading. When it is downloaded, install it on your PC.
  • MORPHO RD Driver will be downloaded in your computer or laptop as Zip File, you can download it by Right Click zip file Extract it.
  • After extracting a file in your computer file Will come, open it and go to Window Rd Service File.
  • Now run as administrator by right clicking in rd service software.
  • Now wait for some time, until it is completely installed.
  • When MORPHO RD Driver will be installed then you can make proper use of any service.

How to install MORPHO RD Driver in mobile

in your mobile Play Store From can install MORPHO RD Service. You download and install MORPHO SCL RDService in your Play Store.


What is Mantra Device?

Mantra too There is a fingerprint device just like MORPHO. It also works exactly like MORPHO. This is a verified device by RD Service, CSC and UIDAI.

Mantra Device

Like MORPHO driver, you can install Mantra Driver on your computer and mobile.

you in the computer Mantra RD Services You can download it from the official website. And in mobile you can download Mantra RD Service and Mantra management Client app from Play Store.

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What is the name of the fingerprint device?

The name of the fingerprint device is MORPHO.

How to connect fingerprint device?

You can connect the fingerprint device to your laptop or computer via USB port.

How much does the Morpho device cost?

Depending on its quality, the price of Morpho devices varies. These devices start getting from 2000 rupees.

How to install Morpho driver in mobile?

To install Morpho driver in mobile, you can install MORPHO SCL RDService application from Play Store.

Conclusion: What is MORPHO Device in Hindi?

After reading this article you must have got an idea that what is morpho And what are its uses. And also you must have learned to install MORPHO RD Device in your computer and mobile.

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