What is mouse and types and functions of computer mouse

What is Mouse in Hindi: computers You must be very familiar with the mouse and you must also know that What is computer mouse and what is the function of mouse in computer.

but do you know Who invented the mouse, how many types of mouse are there, what are the functions of mouse and what is the full name of mouse?

If you want to know the answers to all the questions asked above, then read this article completely, in this you will get satisfactory answers to all the questions. So let’s know from the beginning without wasting time. What is a mouse.

What is mouse

mouse There is an input device of the computer which is mainly used to move the pointer in the computer. It is also known as Pointing Device. The mouse keeps us connected to the computer. mouse one Input Device It happens.

What is mouse and types and functions of computer mouse (What is Mouse in Hindi)

Pointer is not only moved by mouse but also file The mouse is also used in the work of opening and closing a program to select it.

Definition of Mouse

mouse computer input device Which is used by the user by placing it in a plane cursor Does it to move around.

Mouse Full Form

Mouse Full Name (Full Form) Manually Operated User Selection Equipment It happens. which in hindi Manually operated selection tool by the user They say.

  • M – Manually
  • O – Operated
  • U – User
  • S – Selection
  • E – Equipment

Inventor of Mouse

The mouse was invented in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart. He was a researcher at the Sandford Research Institute. The name of the first mouse made by him was X-Y Pointer. Both hands were needed to use it. Later, further changes were made in the mouse so that it could be used with one hand.

before the mouse keyboard Instructions were given to the computer through which there is a lot of problem because it was necessary to have information about all the keys, which key is used for which purpose. And all the keys had to be remembered. To solve this problem, Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse.

Types of Computer Mouse

Nowadays many types of mouse are available in the market. Out of which we have told you about five major types of mouse which are used.

Mechanical Mouse

There is a rubber ball at the bottom of the mechanical mouse, in this ball, the mouse moves the cursor on the screen in the same direction only by movement.

This type of mouse was used earlier, now Optical Mouse is used in its place.

Optical Mouse

In place of rubber ball in optical mouse LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) is used. This mouse is able to track the movement with the help of Optical Sensor.

Nowadays this type of mouse is used. Wired Mouse and wireless Mouse both are optical mouse.

Wired Mouse

To connect a wired mouse to a computer usb cables is used. This mouse is used a lot. Wired Mouse does not need to be charged, it takes power from the system itself. These mouse are available in the market at reasonable prices.

Wireless Mouse

wireless No type of wire is used in the mouse, hence it is also called Wireless Mouse. USB receiver is used to connect the wireless mouse to the computer. Which is plugged into the USB of the computer.

some mouse Bluetooth Can also connect to computer via. The price of wireless mouse is higher than that of wired mouse.

Structure / Part of Mouse

There are many parts in this input device that looks like a mouse. There are 2 buttons and a wheel in its upper part and a ball at the bottom.

Apart from this, a circuit board and a wire are also attached to it. Nowadays many wireless mice also come. All these parts of the mouse have different functions.

Left Button

in mouse left button The most commonly used button by the user. Through this, all the important tasks are done in the computer. Like opening a file. Close a program. When Left button is pressed once, it is called Left Click and when Left button is pressed twice, it is called Double Click.

Right Button

in mouse right button Right button is used to open the sub-menu of any file or program in the computer screen. Pressing the Right button once is called Right Click.

Wheel/Scroll Button (Wheel/Scroll Button)

It is placed in the middle of two buttons like a wheel. Its work is done in scrolling the computer screen, hence it is also called Scroll Button.

Ball and Led (Ball and Led)

There is a ball or Led under the mouse. When the mouse is rotated in which plane, then this ball rotates due to which the cursor moves in the computer screen. Ball is used in Mechanical Mice and Led is used in Optical Mice.

Circuit Board

The circuit board is inside the mouse, it contains all kinds of electronic components through which the mouse can interact with the computer. and receives instructions.


Some mouse has a USB cable through which the mouse is connected to the computer and the same mouse is wireless which has a USB receiver through which the mouse is connected to the computer.

Trackball (Trackball)

This type of mouse is similar to the optical mouse, a ball is attached to the middle button of the mouse and the ball has to be rotated to move the cursor on the computer screen. The speed of this type of mouse is very high, it takes some time to control them.

How does the mouse work?

As we mentioned above in the article, nowadays optical mouse is mostly used, so we will give you information about how optical mouse works.

Optical Mouse has an LED at the back which shines above the desk. It reflects on the Photocell located below the Light Mouse. A lens is attached to the photocell, which magnifies the reflected light, on the basis of which the movement of the mouse user’s hand is recognized.

When the user moves the mouse, the direction of the reflected light also changes so that the mouse moves the cursor according to the movement of the user.

Work of Mouse

A lot of work can be done in the computer by the mouse, some of the work done by the mouse are as follows.

  • Can move the cursor anywhere on the computer screen.
  • You can select the file on the computer screen, you can select multiple files at the same time.
  • Can move a file from one place to another.
  • You can open any file visible on the computer screen by double clicking it.
  • Can close any program running on the computer screen.
  • The computer screen can be scrolled by the Scroll Button in the mouse.
  • Through mouse we can do graphic editing in computer.

Advantage of Mouse

  • with the help of the mouse keyboard I can do a lot of work in the computer even if I do not know much about the key.
  • You can select multiple files at once.
  • A file or folder can be moved from one place to another.
  • While creating a document, by adding an image to it, the size of the image can be reduced or enlarged.
  • Through Double Click, you can open any file or folder from the computer screen itself.
  • You can scroll through any webpage or document with the middle wheel button.

Disadvantage of Mouse

  • Mouse cannot be used in any Base. For this it is necessary to have a flat base.
  • Due to the cable in Wired Mouse, the mouse cannot be used from far away.
  • There is a problem of battery drain in Wireless Mouse.

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FAQ For Mouse

What is Touchpad?

Touchpad is an internal mouse which is already installed in laptop and some keyboard. When the user moves the touchpad with his fingers, the cursor on the computer screen also starts moving.

What is Mouse Pad?

The plane on which the mouse is run requires a pad, so that the mouse works well, it is called Mouse Pad. Most of the optical mouse requires a mouse pad to run.

Can you run a computer without a mouse?

You can definitely run a computer without a mouse, but you may have to face a lot of problems while running a computer without a mouse. You should know about all the keys in the keyboard. That’s why you need to have a good memory. Because instructions can be given to the computer only through the keyboard without the mouse.

Who invented the mouse?

The mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1963.

What is another name for mouse?

Another name of the mouse is Pointer Device.

How many buttons are there in a mouse?

There are three buttons in the mouse. Left, Right and Scroll.

What is the middle button of the mouse called?

The middle button of the mouse is called the Scroll Button.

What is the full name of mouse?

The full name of the mouse is Manually Operated User Selection Equipment, in Hindi it is called manually operated selection equipment by the user.

Conclusion – What is mouse in Hindi

In this article we have what is mouse These Hindi From here a lot of information has been given about the mouse, from which you must have come to know a lot about the mouse.

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