What is MySQL with Full Form (MySQL in Hindi)

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What is My SQL (What is MySQL)

MySQL is an open source database management system. Whose (Full Form) full name is My Structured Query Language.

What is My SQL (MySQL) Full Form (What is MySQL)

use of mysql php, C++, JAVA Language It is used to create websites and applications with MySQL. MySQL is used on Webservers like XAMPP and WAMPP.

It is an Open Source Management System which can be used absolutely free of cost. MySQL is used by large companies such as facebook, GoogleWordPress also does.

MySQL is a software in which data can be stored and managed. MySQL is the most popular language for adding, accessing and managing content in SQL databases.

History of MySQL

MySQL has been developed by MySQL AB, a Swedish company. It was founded by David Exmark, Allan Larson and Michael Widenius.

The creation of MySQL was started in 1994, its first version came on 23 May 1995. Initially it was created for personal use from mSQL based on the low-level language ISAM.

In 2008, MySQL AB was acquired by Sun Microsystems. And then in 2010, Sun Microsystem sold MySQL to Oracle Corporation.

Version of MySQL

The previous release version of MySQL is given in the table below along with the release date.

MySQL Version Release date
MySQL 5.1 14 November 2008
MySQL 5.5 3 December 2010
MySQL 5.6 5 February 2013
MySQL 5.7 October 21, 2015
MySQL 8.0 19 Apr 2018
MySQL version

MySQL Supported Platforms

MySQL supports the following platforms –

Features of MySQL

MySQL has the following features that make this Database Management System special –

  • MySQL is a Relation Database Management System.
  • MySQL follows the methodology of Client Server Architecture.
  • easy to use If you have basic knowledge of SQL then it is easy for you to use MySQL. You can build and interact using only a few simple SQL statements.
  • It’s Secure – MySQL has a solid data security layer, which protects sensitive data from attackers, and with this passwords are also encrypted in MySQL.
  • Free to Download MySQL can be used absolutely free, you can download it from MySQL’s official website without any cost.
  • speed MySQL is one of the fastest database languages.
  • Memory Efficiency – MySQL’s memory efficiency is high, because the problem of memory leakage is very less in it.
  • High Flexibility MySQL supports a large number of embedded applications which makes it very flexible.
  • High Productivity MySQL uses Triggers, Stored Procedures and Views with the help of which developers can achieve high productivity.
  • Platform Independent – Most Available to MySQL Operating System But can be downloaded and executed.
  • GUI Support MySQL provides an integrated visual database graphical user interface tool called “MySQL Workbench” for working with database architects, developers and database administrators.
  • It is Scalable – MySQL supports multi-threading which makes it easily scalable. in almost any amount data Can handle up to 50 million rows or more.
  • to MySQL C language And made in C ++ language.

Uses of MySQL

MySQL is used for a variety of specialized tasks such as –

  • data warehouse
  • E-Commerce Websites and Applications
  • login application

Advantages of MySQL

MySQL has many advantages, some of which we have mentioned below –

  • MySQL is popular in the world for being the most secure and reliable database management system.
  • MySQL24X7 assures uptime.
  • MySQL is Open Source Management System. Which can be used absolutely free of cost.
  • MySQL supports GUI.
  • MySQL can be downloaded and executed in any operating system.
  • MySQL is one of the fastest database languages.

Apart from all these, MySQL has many advantages.

Disadvantage of MySQL

Some of the disadvantages of MySQL are as follows –

  • MySQL does not support large database sizes efficiently.
  • MySQL does not support Check Constraints.
  • MySQL does not handle Transaction efficiently.
  • MySQL version less than 5.0 does not support ROLE, COMMIT etc.

How to learn MySQL (How to Learn MySQL in Hindi)

You can learn MySQL online and offline from anywhere. There are many systems online from where you can learn MySQL very easily. In offline, you can learn MySQL from online coaching, from books.

There are many websites to learn MySQL online, out of which we have suggested some below –

read these too


What is the full form of MySQL?

The full name of MySQL is My Structured Query Language.

Who created MySQL?

MySQL was created by MySQL AB, a Swedish company.

When was the first version of MySQL launched?

The first version of MySQL was launched on 23 April 1995.

Which is the latest version of MySQL?

The latest version of MySQL is 8.0 which was launched on 19 April 2018.

Conclusion – What is MySQL in Hindi

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