What is Network Topology?

Network Topology In Hindi: friends, have you Network Have you ever heard about Topology, if not then in today’s What is TopologyYou will get complete information about this in the post. Because today we are going to tell you in detail all the information related to what is network topology.

So if you also want to get all the information related to Network Topology, then read our post completely. Before knowing about what is network topology, it is important to know what is topology.

What is Topology

If we talk about Topology, then the shape and layout of the network is called Topology. As you know that there are nodes (devices) in the network and how these nodes are in contact with themselves or with each other and how they keep communication with each other, all these things are decided through topology only. goes.

If seen, it is of two types, first physics and second logical. If we understand about Topology in simple words, then let us tell you that computer The process of connecting them to each other is called Topology.

What is Network Topology and its Types in Hindi (What is Topology in Hindi)

Types of Topology

There are two types of topology –

1 – physical topology , Under physical topology, details about what is the physical structure of any other network are presented.

2 – logical topology Talk about logical topology, under which the details of how data is sent from one device to another in any network are presented.

Hopefully, in the post so far, you must have understood well what is topology. But now we are going to tell you about what is network topology.

So if you want to understand well about network topology, then you must first know the definition of network topology.

What is Network Topology

When many different computers are connected together and some kind of details (data), it is called a network. At the same time, the way many computers are joined together, it is known as Network Topology. That is, the layout, structure of connecting computers in the network is called network topology.

Types of Network Topology

We have already explained to you about topology and its types, so now let us understand how many types of network topology are there.

There are mainly four types of network topologies –

#1 Star Topology

One central device by different computers in star topology network hub or else switch is associated with. If seen, Star Topology is the most used topology today. This topology provides a cost effective method for providing information in the network.

But if seen, if there is any problem in its central device HUB or Switch, then all the networks suddenly fail. But if seen on the same, if there is a problem in any local computer system, then it does not have any effect on its network.

star network topology
star network topology

What are the advantages of star topology

  • The process of installing it is quite simple.
  • Let’s say that if there is a problem with the network, then finding faulty devices is as easy as installing it.
  • If you want, you can enlarge the network by thinking of enlarging it through star topology.
  • If you add or remove any device in the network while running, then let me tell you that it is not going to affect the network.
  • If you want, you can also centralized manage all the networks through star topology.

What are the disadvantages of star topology

  • Talking about the disadvantage of star topology, that is, more cables are needed to build the network in it.
  • If there is a problem with the hub and switch, there is a risk of failure of the entire network.

#2 Mesh Topology

If we talk about Mesh Topology, then all the devices in the network are connected to each other. In this topology, the data can go to the destination by any route. The mesh topology is used at the place where the network breaks frequently.

mesh network topology
mesh network topology

What are the advantages of Mesh Topology

  • In Mesh Topology, you get many options to transfer information.
  • In this you are provided with security and privacy.
  • It is quite easy to detect the faulty device in the network.

Disadvantages of Mesh Topology

  • Talking about the disadvantages of Mesh Topology, it is quite valuable.
  • You also need many cables and NIC cards to implement in the network.

#3 Hybrid Topology

If you want to understand about Hybrid Topology in simple words, then let me tell you that the topology which is constructed by adding different types of different topologies in it, we know it as Hybrid Topology. This type of Topology can prove to be very helpful for Corporate Offices.

Advantages of Hybrid Topology

  • The biggest advantage of this topology is that it is a better option for large office networks.
  • Hybrid topology can prove to be very beneficial for handling even the largest volume of traffic.
  • In this it is also quite easy to find the network faulty device.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Topology

  • It is quite valuable.
  • The structure of hybrid topology is considered quite complex.
  • It is also very difficult to configure and install it.

#4 Bus Topology

If we talk about bus topology, then in bus topology all the devices of the network are connected by a single cable. This means that with the help of a single cable, all the computers are connected in the same order. in Bus Topology Coaxial Cable is used.

In Bus Topology, information is shared from any device, then it goes to all the devices and the destination address of all the devices is checked, and the device whose destination address matches is given to the data send and the rest. Data packets get terminated.

bus network topology
bus network topology

Advantages of Bus Topology

  • The cost of Bus Topology is not high.
  • Very little cable is required in bus topology as compared to other networks.
  • Bus topology is good for small networks.

Disadvantages of Bus Topology

  • Since all the devices are connected to the same cable, then the entire network fails due to cable fault.
  • Bus topology is very slow compared to other topologies.

#5 Ring Topology

In this type of topology, the network forms a ring. In this, the last computer on the network is connected to the first computer on the network.

In Ring topology, all the devices in the network are connected to their nearest 2 devices and each device has 2 NIC cards. In this way the network becomes a circle. In this, all the devices work like a repeater. In this the data flow is in one direction.

ring network topology
ring network topology

Advantages of Ring Topology

  • It is very easy to manage.
  • Provides good speed in the network.
  • Can handle high traffic in the network.
  • The cost of installation is less.

Disadvantages of Ring Topology

  • Disconnection of one device in the ring topology can damage the entire network.
  • Troubleshooting the network is very difficult.

#6 Tree Topology

Tree topology is created using bus topology and ring topology. In this type of topology, many switches are connected to a single cable. Usually in tree topology Twisted Pair Cable is used.

Advantages of Tree Topology

  • The network can be expanded easily.
  • Installing is quite easy.
  • It is quite easy to find faulty device in the network.

Disadvantages of Tree Topology

  • If there is a problem with the cable, the entire network gets damaged.
  • Expensive compared to other topologies.

Last words: What is network topology in Hindi

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