What is OMR and OMR Sheet with Full Form

OMR Kya Hai In HindiFriends: You must have used OMR sheet as an answer sheet at some point in the examination, but have you ever wondered how the answers filled in the OMR sheet are checked correctly.

In today’s article, you will give complete information about the device OMR to check OMR Sheet., In this article you What is OMR, How OMR Works, Advantages and Disadvantages of OMR, What is OMR Sheet and How to Fill OMR Sheet and OMR Full Form In Hindi You will get all the information.

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What is OMR (Optical Mark Reader in Hindi)

OMR full name and meaning Optical Mark Reader it happens computer one of input device Which is used to use the OMR Sheet.

What is OMR and OMR Sheet with Full Form - What is OMR in Hindi
OMR Scanner

At present, most of the examinations are conducted on OMR sheet, in which the circle has to be filled with black pencil. OMR Sheet is read by OMR Reader.

OMR is not only used in school but many businesses and agencies use OMR to simplify their data input.

Optical Mark Reader Definition of OMR

Optical mark reader is an input device which is used to read OMR sheet.

Mostly it is used in competitive exams. OMR With the help of the teacher it is easy to check the copy.

Full name of OMR (OMR Full Form in Hindi)

OMR Full Form – Optical Mark Reader or Optical Mark Recognition.

OMR is called “optical mark recognition” in Hindi.

History of OMR

OMR invented in 1991 Michael Sokolski was did. Micheal Sokolski was an American design engineer of Polish descent.

OMR scanner was used to scan grade forms on which students mark answers to multiple choice questions. Today OMR is used by many businesses to simplify data input.

How OMR Works

When the OMR Sheet is inserted into the OMR scanner, this scanner puts a laser light on the sheet and scans only the dark circles.

OMR Sheet

In the OMR sheet, where the spheres have been completely darkened, the light comes back in less quantity and from where the spheres have not been darkened, the light comes back in more quantity.

And in this way the optical mark reader checks the correct answers.

Advantages of OMR

The advantages of optical mark reader are:

  • The use of OMR saves time, this device is capable of checking more copies in a very less time.
  • With the help of OMR, the possibility of mistake in checking the copy is reduced.
  • Very easily with the help of OMR data can be collected.

Disadvantage of OMR

There are also some disadvantages of optical mark reader which are as follows –

  • If the OMR sheet is not filled carefully then the OMR scanner will not be able to read it.
  • OMR scanner is used only for multiple choice options, cannot be used for single data collection.

What is OMR Sheet

OMR sheet is a sheet that can be used for tests with Multiple Choice Questions. is made to answer. Some circles are made in the OMR sheet and the circle with the correct answer has to be filled with a black pen. You must have also used OMR sheet to answer multiple choice questions in examinations.

OMR Sheet Form

Uses of OMR Sheet

At present, data input is done in many departments to make it secure, simple and fast., OMR sheet is used for the following purposes –

  • in exams
  • in banking department
  • in taking feedback
  • in a survey

How to fill OMR Sheet

Well, you will find the process of filling the OMR sheet on the OMR sheet itself, but those who are going to fill the OMR sheet for the first time, keep the following things in mind while filling the OMR sheet –

  • While filling OMR, darken the circle completely, if you darken it incomplete, then OMR scanner Can’t read it.
  • While filling the circle, keep in mind that fill only inside the circle, do not go out of line.
  • While filling the ball, do not spoil it again and again.
  • Fill the correct answer carefully, if your answer is filled in another circle after cutting one circle, then the OMR scanner will not be able to read it.
  • Apart from darkening the circle, do not put any other mark in it.

So these were some of the precautions that you should take while filling the OMR Sheet.

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What is the device of OMR computer?

OMR is the input device of the computer.

What is the full form of OMR?

The full name of OMR is Optical Mark Reader.

What is the function of OMR reader?

The main job of OMR reader is to read OMR Sheet.

Who invented OMR?

OMR was invented by Micheal Sokolski.

What is OMR sheet?

OMR sheet is a sheet on which answers to multiple choice questions are given by filling in the circles.

Conclusion – What is OMR in Hindi

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