What is Operating System Type, Definition (Operating System in Hindi)

Type Of Operating System in Hindi: computer Many types of hardware are made up of devices and programs with the help of which the computer performs its work. The computer also has its own control program which operates the computer and handles the various devices and programs of the computer. This program of the computer is called Operating System.

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What is Operating System

Operating System which is also called OS in short form and operating system in Hindi, it is such a system in computer. Software happens which computer hardware and operates other software.

What is Operating System (Types, Definition, Functions, Features) what is Operating System in Hindi

Operating system is very important for running the computer. With the help of the operating system, the hardware of the computer becomes functional. If the operating system is not in the computer, then the computer cannot do its work, it will remain like a non-living one.

operating system

operating system a system software Which acts like an interface between the computer and the user. Whenever the computer is turned on, the first program to be loaded is the operating system itself. OS manages all the operations running in the computer, hence it is also called Programs of Program.

Definition of Operating System

Operating system is the software in a computer that operates all the hardware devices and software of the computer. Operating system is the software of the computer that brings life to lifeless hardware and makes them workable.

Meaning of Operating System in Hindi in Hindi)

Short Form of Operating System is OS. Operating system is called operating system in Hindi.

Example of Operating System

There are many types of operating systems in the market which are used in different devices. Examples of some popular operating systems are as follows –

Explain the types of Operating System

Operating systems are divided into many categories, out of which we have told you about some of the major types of operating systems in our article –

#1 – Batch Operating System

One Batch Operating System In this, similar tasks are grouped together in batches with the help of some operators, and then these batches are executed one by one.

Suppose we have 20 programs which have to be executed. some of these programs C++ Language written in, some C Language Anything else? Java language In. Now when we run these programs separately, the compiler has to be loaded separately for all the languages ​​and then the program will have to be executed.

But if we make a batch of 20 programs then the compiler has to be loaded only once for C++ and similarly for Java and C language. That is, we will not need to load the compiler again and again.

#2 – Distributed Operating System

One Distributed Operating System In this, the user has many systems and all these systems have their own resources such as CPU, memory etc. are there. All these systems are interconnected through shared communication network and each system can do its work individually.

Distributed Operating System has remote access. i.e. a user of another system data can access and work accordingly.

#3 – Time-Sharing Operating System

time sharing operating The Operating System is also called Multi-Tasking Operating System. In this, with the help of time-sharing concept, more than one program can be executed at a particular time.

To complete each task properly, the operating system gives a specific time so that that task can be completed correctly.

The time taken to complete a task is called quantum. And when a task is completed, the operating system executes the new task. Similarly, this process continues.

#4 – Real Time Operating System

Real-time Operating System Used when the user is working with Real Time Data. Therefore, as soon as the data arrives, the process has to be executed without any delay so that there is no buffer delay.

If you have to process a large number of requests in a very short time, then in that case Real Time Operating System should be used.

There are also two types of Real-time Operating Systems –

  • Hard Real-time In this type of operating system, there should not be a delay of even a second in completing the task. That is, the task has to be completed in the time which is available to complete a task.
  • Soft Real-time There is not that much time restriction in this type of operating system, if a task is running and a new task comes at that time, then the new task is given first priority.

#5 – Embedded Operating System

One Embedded Operating System is designed to perform a particular device or a particular task which is not a computer. Like the software used in the lift is only for the lift and not for any other work.

Functions of Operating System and Various Services

Whenever the computer is turned on, the operating system is first loaded. Operating system has many functions (services) in the computer which are as follows –

#1 – Memory Management

Operating System Primary memory And Secondary memory Manages the. computer’s primary memory RAM It is in which all the programs run by the computer are saved.

Operating System keeps complete information about RAM, how much memory is being used where, how much memory is to be given to which process, it all determines the operating system and when the program is closed, the operating system takes back the memory.

#2 – Device Management

all in computer input device And output device to install Driver get that Device Driver also say. Without a driver, the computer cannot know which device is installed.

The operating system keeps information about all the devices and decides which program to give which device and for how long. As soon as the device completes its work, the operating system inactivates it again.

#3 – File Management

You must also create a file to save the data in your computer so that whenever we need it, we can easily find that file and do our work.

The operating system keeps the information of all the files like what is the location of the file, when and which user created the file, what is the size of the file etc. And the one who processes all these files is called File System. Also, the operating system decides how many resources to give to which file and it takes back the resource if it is not used.

#4 – Processor Management

In the Multi Programming Environment, the operating system decides which process is to be given the processor and which is not. operating system for a process Computer Processor And when a process stops, it takes back the processor.

#5 – Acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer

The operating system also acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer. When we give any instruction to the computer, it is able to access that particular software and hardware of the computer only with the help of Operating System.

Like if you want to listen to the song in the computer, then you open the Music Player and listen to the song, then with the help of the operating system only the instructions can reach the speaker.

#6 – Provides protection

If we do not want our computer to be used by anyone other than us, then the operating system gives us the facility of password so that our computer remains secure. If we want, we can lock a particular program or create more than one user and put different passwords in each.

#7 – Detects the error

Sometimes we have to face some error while working in computer. The operating system tracks and recovers all these errors.

Features of Operating System

The operating system has the following characteristics –

  • The operating system runs other programs on the computer.
  • The operating system manages the computer’s memory, devices, files, processors.
  • The operating system also performs the task of establishing coordination between the computer program and the user.
  • The operating system is easy to use, the operating system in today’s time is Graphic Based on the principle of User Interface. in the computer command No coding is required for giving.
  • Operating system is used to start the computer.
  • The operating system provides communication between the hardware and software of the computer.

Advantages of Operating System

Following are the advantages of operating system –

  • The interface of the operating system is very simple, it is very easy for a normal user to use it.
  • Through the operating system, we can also share the data with other users.
  • These can be updated easily.
  • Operating systems are safe and detect and remove harmful files.
  • Through the operating system, we can install and use other software and applications in our computer.
  • Some operating systems can also be used for free.

Disadvantage of Operating System

Some of the disadvantages of operating systems are as follows –

  • The cost of Windows operating system ranges from 100 to 150$.
  • Linux is harder to use than Windows.
  • Sometimes operating systems do not support some hardware.

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Operating System FAQs

What is Operating System?

Operating system is a software in a computer that manages the hardware and programs of the computer.

What type of software is an operating system?

Operating System is a type of System Software.

What is an operating system called in Hindi?

Operating system is called operating system in Hindi.

What is the full form of OS?

The full form of OS is Operating System.

What are examples of operating systems?

Examples of operating systems are Windows, Android, Apple iOS, Linux, MacOS etc.

What is the basic function of operating system?

Although the operating system has many functions, but talking about the basic function of the operating system, it operates all the hardware and software of the computer.

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