What is Optical Disc and its Types (Optical Disk Drive In Hindi)

Type Of Optical Disk Drive In Hindi: You must be familiar with the round shiny looking disc with the help of which we used to store movies, games, songs etc. These were CDs or DVDs called optical discs.

In today’s article we will tell you optical disc what is, optical Disc In data Store How Would was, optical Disc To Who? Make, optical Disc Of type, optical Disc Of Advantages And disadvantages Will tell about.

5 – 10 years ago from today, almost everyone would have used this disc, but today this disc has disappeared somewhere. internet Due to the popularity of everything, everything is available on the Internet, so in the present time, the time of storing movies in CD, DVD has also gone.

In this article you will get very useful information about optical disc, so read this article till the end. So let’s start today’s article without delay.

What is Optical Disk and its Types (Type Of OptIcal Disk Drive In Hindi)

What is Optical Disc

An optical disc is a secondary storage device in which data Can be stored Permanently. The data in optical disc is stored in binary form and laser beam technology is used to store the data in it. Data in optical discs can be stored safely for a long time.

Optical discs are round shiny discs whose diameter can range from 3 inches to 12 inches. And its thickness can be up to 0.05 inches. In today’s time, the use of optical discs is rarely seen.

But talking about 5 – 10 years ago, optical disc was a popular storage device. The biggest reason for the decrease in the use of optical discs is its storage capacity. And with the advent of the Internet, almost everything is obtained on the Internet, so this disk is not used much.

There are mainly three types of optical discs – CD, DVD and Blue Ray. Blue Ray disc is the most commonly used optical disc in today’s time.

History of Optical Disc

The first technology to store data through light on hard medium was invented by James T. Russell in the late 1960s. Russell’s initial structure was similar to that of the present-day optical disc.

In the 1970s, Russell continued to refine his design. That’s where the CD started.

In 1982, Philips and Sony together presented the first commercial CD player to the world. After this CD started gaining popularity.

in optical disc Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive Storage capacity is very less as compared to (SSD), although continuous efforts are being made to increase the storage capacity in it.

How is data stored in an optical disc?

Optical storage, an electronic storage medium that uses low-power laser beams to record and retrieve digital (binary) data. In optical-storage technology, a laser beam encodes digital data on an optical, or laser, disc as small pits arranged in a spiral track on the disc’s surface.

A low-power laser is used to read these tiny pits. scanner is used, in which the intensity of the light reflected from the pits is converted into electric signals. This technology is used in compact discs (CDs), which record sound. Images, text and sound can be stored in CD.

What is Optical Disc Drive

With the help of optical disc drive, read and write data in optical disc. optical Disk Drive It is also called ODD, Optical ROM, CD Drive, DVD Drive or Blue Ray Drive. Different optical disc drives are used to read and write different optical discs.

Types of Optical Discs

There are many types of optical discs, out of which we will tell you about the 3 main types of optical discs in this article.

1 – Compact Disc / Compact Disc (CD)

Compact Disc is an optical disc in which data is stored permanently. CD one optical ROM In this, the data is already stored by the manufacturer companies, and users can only read the data stored in the CD. Laser light is used to read the data in CD.

The storage capacity of CD is around 700 MB, much more than that of Floppy Disc and less than DVD and Blue Ray Disc.

2 – Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)

DVD whose full name is Digital Versatile Disc. The storage capacity of DVD is more than that of CD. The storage capacity of DVD can be up to 4.7GB, 8.5GB and 20 GB.

The storage capacity of DVD depends on its layer. The layer of DVD can be Single, Double, Single Side or Double Side. Like a CD, laser light is used to store data in DVD as well. Data is stored in each of its layers. The storage capacity of CD was very less, so DVD was needed.

3 – Blu Ray Disc/Blue – Ray Disc

Blue Ray Disc is a type of optical disc in which we can store large size data as well. Nowadays Blue Ray Disc is widely used Secondary Memory is done for. Like DVD, the data in Blue Ray Disc is stored in layers. But 4.7 GB of data can be stored in a single layer of DVD but 25 GB of data can be stored in a layer of Blue Ray Disc. Blue Ray Disc is used to store HD video.

Advantages of Optical Disc

The advantages of optical discs are:

  • Optical discs are more durable than volatile and non-volatile memory. There is no risk of losing data when the power supply is turned off. Optical discs are safe for many years.
  • Optical discs can be used in various computers and devices. You can easily carry the optical disc from one place to another in your bag.
  • The user of the data stored in the optical disc can easily make a backup on his computer.
  • The cost of making optical discs is low because only plastic and aluminum are used in it.

Disadvantage of Optical Disc

There are also some disadvantages of optical discs which are as follows –

  • Optical discs cost more per GB/TB than other types of storage drives. And it does not have much storage capacity when compared with them.
  • Unlike flash drives, optical discs are not protected by any plastic casing, which causes optical discs to wear out quickly, even with the slightest scratches. Except Blue Ray, the storage capacity of other optical discs is very less.
  • Making a duplicate copy using an optical disc is not an easy task.

Common Questions Related to Optical Discs

Who invented the optical disc?

The optical disc was invented in 1960 by James T. Russell.

Why are optical discs used?

Optical discs are used for data storage.

What is the storage capacity of optical disc?

The storage capacity of a CD is up to 700 MB, the storage capacity of a single layer DVD can be up to 4.7 GB, while the storage capacity of a Blue Ray Disc can be up to 25 GB.

How is data stored in an optical disc?

The data in the optical disc is stored by the laser beam.

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