What is Output Device (Types and Examples) Output Device In Hindi

What is the Output Device In Hindi, computer You must have heard about output device but do you know? What are the output devices in computer And What is an output device?

If you do not know about the different types of output devices of the computer, then read this article till the end. What is Computer Output Device And 7 such output devices of the computer have been told about which you have hardly heard.

What is Input Device We have told you this in the previous article. To know more about Input Device, you can read our previous article.

Let’s start now without wasting time, know more about this article What is an output device?

What is the Output Device of a Computer (Types and Examples) Output Device in Hindi

What is a computer output device

of computer Output Device is the part that input device Processes the instructions after receiving the instructions and displays the results in the form of hardcopy or softcopy.

Output is called Nigam Yantra in Hindi.

definition of output

It is the work of the output device to display or provide any instruction received from the input device, processing it and displaying it in the form of hardcopy or softcopy.

Output is made up of two words. Out means out and Put means to keep. Meaning that based on the instructions given to the computer, it processes the data and shows it outside. Ex – Monitor, Speaker, Printer etc.

As you watch a video, movie, listen to a song in the computer, print out a document, all this is done by the output device.

Example Output Device

There are many types of output devices in a computer, out of which examples of some important devices are given below.

  1. Monitor (Monitor)
  2. Printer (printer)
  3. Speaker (Speaker)
  4. Projector (projector)
  5. plotter (plotter)
  6. Headphone (headphones)
  7. Speech Synthesizer (speech synthesizer)
  8. ear phone (air phone)
  9. sound card

Types of Output Device in Hindi

The following are the types of output devices which are described in this article.

1 – Monitor

Monitor It is the primary output device of the computer, without it it is almost impossible to do anything in the computer. Because without a monitor we will not know what is going on in the computer.

Monitor is also called VDU (Visual Display Unit). Because it is used to display the output. Output results in the monitor can be in the form of Image, Text and Video.

LCD-Monitor white color

This electronic device, which looks like a TV, shows the results in the form of softcopy. It is a very powerful and important output device of the computer.

Many people think of monitor as computer but both computer and monitor are different. Monitor is only a part of computer whereas computer is complete system.

Some other names of Monitor

Monitor is known by many other names like – Screen, Video Display, Video Display Unit, Video Display Terminal, Visual Display Unit etc.

Type of Monitor

There are four types of monitors on the basis of display –

CTR Monitor ( Cathode Ray Tube ) Cathode Ray Tube monitors are large and heavy in size. This type of monitor is rarely used in modern times. These monitors were made for television.

FPD Monitor ( Flat Panel Display ) – Flat Panel Display are light in weight. Nowadays this type of monitor is used in large quantities, it is found almost everywhere. This is a thin screen. It is used in Display, Laptop etc. LCD and LED are examples of this.

2 – Printer

Printer There is an External Output Device which provides the result to us by converting the softcopy displayed in the monitor into hardcopy.

Printer is used to take out the printout of any document in the computer. We can work in computer even without printer.

Type Of Printer

Depending on the method of using the printer, it is divided into two parts.

Impact Printer – This type of printer hits the ink filled ribbon on the paper to print the letters on the paper. It makes a very loud sound compared to normal printers. They are often used in such businesses where multi-part printing has to be done. The quality of these printers is low.


Impact Printer Examples are – Dot Matrix Printer, Chain Printer, Line Printer etc.

Non Impact Printer – This type of printer does not hit the ink filled ribbon on the paper to print the letters on the paper, hence they are called Non Impact Printer. These printers work in a smooth way. This leads to high quality printing.

Non Impact Printer Examples of are – Laser Printer, Inkjet PrinterPhoto Printer etc.

3 – Speaker

Speaker There is an output device that converts Electronic Signal into Sound. With the help of Speaker, we can listen to the sound in the computer.

A computer has a component called Sound Card It is said that with the help of which sound is produced in the computer. Speakers produce loudly the sound emanating from these sound cards. In some computers the speaker is already installed and in some the speaker has to be installed from outside.

Speakers are equipped with amplifiers. When the speaker receives instructions from the computer, the amplifier starts vibrating at different frequencies, which produces sound.

Type Of Speaker

Speaker is divided into two parts.

Passive Speaker It does not have any internal amplifier. This speaker is connected to the amplifier using a wire.

Powered Speaker Internal amplifier is already installed in this type of speaker.

4 – Projector

Projector It is used to show the work running on the computer on a large screen or on a plane surface.

The projector sends a light that has to be projected to a big screen or wall, which shows the activities going on in the computer on that big screen.

To use Projector, the surface must be large, straight and white in color, only then the surface will appear clear.

Projector is often used in those places where a large group of people have to show a video, image or any other content. Projectors are mostly used in Business Meeting, Training, Movie hall, Classroom.

5 – Plotter

plotter, is an output device that acts like a printer. But it differs from printer. With the help of plotter, make high quality work on a large paper. Graphic can be obtained.

The plotter has a multicolor pen, with the help of which the plotter draws the sketch on the paper according to the instructions given by the computer.

Graphs, charts, maps, banners, posters, etc. can be made by Plotter. Plotter is used for making maps, building buildings, making circuit diagrams, etc.

6 – Headphone

Headphone So all of you would know about it. Headphone is an output device which is used to listen to the sound of the computer.

It is tied like a belt on the head and both its speakers come above the ears of the wearer. The sound of the headphone can only be heard by the person who wears it.

It is used in the place of call center, commentator etc. Mike is also installed in any headphone, through which the call can be talked.

7 – Speech Synthesizer

Speech Synthesizer There is an Advance computer output device, with the help of which the written text can be converted into voice. It is widely used in the treatment of blind and dumb people.

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Importance of Output Device

Output devices are very important in a computer system. It display the results. Without output device we cannot get any result from computer.

Through the output device itself, we can watch video, listen to music, read any text in the display and take a printout of any document.

Output devices convert the result of instructions to the computer into hard copy and soft copy. As important as the Input Device for a computer, the Output Device is equally important.

FAQ For Computer Output Device in Hindi

What is hard copy and soft copy?

Hard copy is called that which has a physical form and we can touch it. Like a printout of a document.
Soft copy is called that which does not have any physical form, we cannot touch it. It is opened through some software. Like the things being displayed in the monitor.

What is an output device in a computer?

Receives instructions from the input from the computer and then processes them and displays the result of the instructions in the output device.

What are hard copy devices?

Printers and plotters are hard copy devices.

How to say output device in Hindi?

Output device is called output device in Hindi.

Screen Fingerprint Which device is input or output?

The screen is the fingerprint input device.

What are the types of devices?

All types of devices in a computer are divided into two parts, input and output devices.

We learned – what is an output device in Hindi

In this article we have What is Computer Output Device And Output Device In Hindi told about. And shared information with you about how the output device works and why it is important in a computer.

After reading this article completely, you will be familiar with such Computer Output Device which you must have seen but you did not know the name. If there is any such output device, then tell in the comment box.

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