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What is Pen Drive

pen drive (Pen Drive) computer It is an external device used in the computer, with the help of which we can access the files and data You can make a backup of . And at the same time, using a pen drive, you can transfer information (data) from one computer to another. Pen drive is a portable device in which data can be easily put through copy paste. Pan drive is called Smriti Shalika in Hindi.

What is Pen Drive

If we move data from one place to another from our computer for our work, then pen drive is very useful for us. Moving the computer to another place is a difficult task, but the pen drive is small in size and very light in weight, so by storing the data in it, it can be easily moved from one place to another. This small looking device is very useful.

History of Pen Drive

Pen drive was invented by IBM company in 1998. IBM had the intention of making Pen Drive at that time so that it could convert its Think Pad product into a floppy drive.

The first Flash Drive was made by the Israeli company M-System, who built it under contract with IBM. The credit for making this pen drive goes to Dov Maron, who used to work in the M-System company. This pen drive was called Disgo, it came in different sizes 8 MB, 16 MB, 32 MB and 64 MB.

The advanced version of Disgo pen drive was made by KS Pua Khein Seng of Malaysia. With the advent of KS Pua pen drive, the pen drive became famous all over the world and big companies started manufacturing pen drives.

There are many pen drives of different sizes, types and brands are available in the market today. Pen drives are used in many devices like mobile phones, video-game consoles and digital-music players.

Part of Pen Drive

There are mainly 8 parts of pen drive –

  • USB Connector – With the help of this pen drive Plug in with the computer.
  • Controller Chip – This chip retrieves information from the pen drive.
  • Test Points These are electronic pins. When the pen drive is assembled, the pen drive is stimulated with the help of this pin.
  • Flash Memory Chip – This chip is used for storing files and data, with the help of this we can also delete data from pen drive.
  • Crystal Oscillator – It is a piece of Quartz Crystal that vibrates at a particular frequency.
  • LED – With its help, it shows whether the pen drive is working properly or not.
  • Write – Protect Chip – With its help, the data stored in the pen drive is protected.
  • Second Flash Memory Chip – Extra memory This is a slot for inserting a chip so that the storage capacity of the pen drive can be increased.

How Pen Drive Works (Pen Drive Work in Hindi)

Pen drives are also called Gate Style Data Storage Device because technically pen drives are classified into NOT AND, NAND. In this type of technology, data is stored according to the block and not randomly like RAM And ROM We do. By storing data in the form of a block, more information can be stored that too at very low prices.

When you plug the pen drive to the computer, then the file you want to store in the pen drive can be saved in the pen drive by Copy / Paste. With this, if there is ever a problem with your computer, then your data remains safe.

Types of Pen Drive

On the basis of usage there are 3 types of pen drives –

#1 – Security Flash Drive

This pen drive is a common way to keep your data safe. usb is a storage device. It has a combination lock before accessing the USB disk.

#2 – Music Flash Drive

Music Flash Drive is a flash drive that can be used to store or transfer music from one device to another.

#3 – Boot Flash Drive

Boot Flash Drive is a simple USB memory stick that Operating System able to install.

Features of Pen Drive

  • The capacity to store data in a pen drive ranges from 512 MB to 128 GB.
  • Pen drives are very portable, they can be easily carried from one place to another.
  • We can store our important files in pen drive.
  • pen drive Primary memory Just like data can be stored and kept.
  • Pen drive does not require any kind of external power.
  • Pen drives transfer data faster than computer components.

Uses of Pen Drive

Pen drive is used for the following types of work –

  • The most common use of a USB PAN drive is to store personal files such as documents, images, videos, etc.
  • If there is any problem in our computer then pen drive is used as back up. You can store important files in pen drive.
  • With the help of pen drive, you can access the files stored in your pen drive in any other computer also. This is a portable gadget.
  • Operating systems are also installed with the help of pen drives.

Advantages of Pen Drive

There are many advantages of a pen drive such as –

  • We can make back up of our computer in pen drive.
  • Pen drive is small in size and also light in weight so we can easily move pen drive from one place to another.
  • You can store your important data in pen drive.
  • Pen drives are available in the market at very low prices.
  • The data storage capacity of pen drive ranges from 512 MB to more than 128 GB, you can buy pen drive as per your requirement.

Disadvantage of Pen Drive in Hindi

While there are many advantages of using a pen drive, on the other hand it also has some disadvantages such as-

  • Pen drives are very small in size, you have to be careful in carrying them from one place to another because they can also get lost.
  • Computer Virus With the help of a pen drive, it can be easily accessed, so the pen drive should be scanned for viruses from time to time.
  • Pen Drive Storage Capacity Hard Disk is much less than .

Other Names of Pen Drive

Some other names of pen drives are as follows –

  • USB Drive
  • Jump Drive
  • Flash Drive
  • Thump Drive
  • USB memory

pen drive manufacturers

Some of the popular pen drive making companies are as follows –

  • SanDisk
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • HP
  • iBall
  • Kingston Technology

FAQ For Pen Drive

What is pen drive called in Hindi?

Pen drive is called Smritishalaka in Hindi.

What type of device is a pen drive?

Pen drive is an external device.

Why is a pen drive used? Why is a pen drive used?

Pen drives are used to back up data in the computer and transfer files from one computer to another.

Which memory is pen drive?

Pen drive is an external memory. We can also call it the Secondary Memory of the computer because we can store and keep all the files of the computer in the pen drive.

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We learned: What is PAN in Hindi

Pen drive is very small to see but it is a very useful device which should be used by every person who uses computer, because with the help of pen drive you can save your data from losing. There are different capacity pen drives in the market, you can buy pen drives according to your data size at a very low price.

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