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What is PHP in Hindi – to advance technology computer And Programming You must know how important is the role of Many applications, websites, software etc. are made by coding. then know What is PHP and how to learn PHP in Hindi.

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In today’s article, we will tell you about PHP, the most powerful and very popular scripting language used in Web Development.

In this article we will give you What is PHP, History of PHP, Features of PHP, Uses of PHP and Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP Will give complete information about

php kya hai hindi - What is PHP in Hindi

If you have interest in Coding and want to know about PHP, then read this article completely, in this you will get a lot of information about PHP.

What is PHP

PHP is a very strong and powerful computer programming language whose full name is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is Server Side Programming Language.

Programs written in PHP run only in the server. The output of the program written in PHP is converted into HTML page and displayed in the user’s browser. PHP always works on the server.

PHP It is the most powerful and very popular scripting language used in web development. You HTML And CSS Can see the code but cannot see the code of PHP because the coding of PHP always remains in the server.

PHP is an open source language, you can use it absolutely free. PHP is also used as General Purpose Programming Language.

PHP is a very powerful language. Millions of websites on the Internet use this language. Almost all Popular CMS like wordpress, Joomla etc are built on PHP only.

Full name of PHP Language (PHP Full Form in Hindi)

Hypertext Preprocessor ie Full Form of PHP Personal Home Page It happens.

History of PHP Language

PHP in 1994 Rasmus Lerdorf was created by. At that time it was named Personal Home Page Tool. Rasmus first created PHP to track his online resume.

In 1995, Rasmus prepared the source code for PHP Tools. With this, improvements could be made in Dynamic Webpage.

In the year 1998, the first version of PHP was improved and PHP 3.0 was made, which was stronger and more powerful than the earlier version. After the arrival of PHP 3.0, the limited use of PHP was eliminated and PHP started being used for many things.

In the same year PHP was renamed from Personal Home Page Tool to HypertextPreprocessor. After this PHP was further improved and from time to time new versions of PHP are released.

Websites are made on modern PHP in which the number of users is high, such as amazon, facebookwordpress, Instagram e.t.c.

So this was a brief history of PHP, let us know which versions of PHP have been released so far.

PHP Version

Seven versions of PHP have been released so far. The current version of PHP is PHP 7.0. The list of all versions of PHP and their release years are as follows –

PHP Version Release Year
PHP Version 1.0 1994
PHP Version 2.0 1995
PHP Version 3.0 nineteen ninety eight
PHP Version 4.0 2000
PHP Version 5.0 2004
PHP Version 6.0 2004
PHP Version 7.0 2017
PHP Version

Features of PHP Language (Feature of PHP Language in Hindi)

Now let’s know some features of PHP which makes this language very special –

  • By using PHP embedded with HTML, you can add new features to it.
  • PHP is a programming language that means a language that the computer can understand.
  • PHP is Simple and Easy Language as compared to other Scripting Language.
  • PHP is a fast language as compared to other scripting languages.
  • PHP is Open Source Language means that you can use it absolutely free.
  • PHP is a Case Sensitive Scripting Language.
  • PHP code can be run on any platform. Such as on Linux, Unix, Windows etc.

Uses of PHP Language

PHP is used for the following tasks –

  • The main work of PHP is done in Side Server Scripting. This is a technology used in Web Development. PHP was primarily created for this.
  • Dynamic Website, Web Application are made using PHP.
  • PHP is also used to create Android applications.
  • User Login, Online Transaction System are also made with the help of PHP.
  • Popular CMS like WordPress are also built in PHP.
  • Big websites also use powerful languages ​​like PHP like – Amazon, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Advantages of PHP Language (Advantage of PHP Language in Hindi)

PHP is a powerful scripting language which has many advantages. Some of the advantages of PHP are as follows –

  • You can use PHP for free.
  • Its Syntax is very easy so it can be learned easily.
  • It can run on any platform.
  • Its execution is very fast.
  • You can become a web developer by learning PHP.
  • With the help of PHP, you can open, read, write and create any file.
  • With the help of PHP, you can easily manage the code.

Disadvantage of PHP

Along with the advantages of PHP, it also has some disadvantages –

  • Being Open Source, it is not a more secure language.
  • PHP is not a suitable language for creating large web applications.
  • Using more features of PHP Freamwork and Tools reduces the performance of Web Application.
  • PHP does not allow to modify or modify the core behavior of the online application.

For coding PHP you need web server And Notepad++ is needed.

web server Whatever work you do, it remains stored in the server.

Notepad++ For coding PHP, you will need Code Editor. You can use Notepad++. Apart from this, many Code Editors are available in the market such as Sublime.

How to learn PHP (How to Learn PHP in Hindi)

All you need to learn PHP HTML, JAVA, C Language , C++, JavaScript, MySQL There should also be some knowledge of Then you can easily learn PHP language. You can use the following methods to learn PHP –

1 – Learn PHP from Online Website

Online websites are the best medium to learn PHP, where you can learn PHP for free. We have suggested some websites where you can easily learn PHP language –

2 – Learn PHP by watching YouTube Videos

You can take the help of YouTube Video to learn PHP for free. After doing a little research in YouTube, you will find many good channels where you can learn PHP.

3 – Learn PHP by visiting Coaching Institute

You can also learn PHP language by joining any Coaching Institute near you. Here you will also get the Certificate.

4 – Learn PHP by reading PHP books

You can also learn PHP by buying PHP related books from the market and practicing regularly.

So these were some ways to learn PHP where you can learn PHP language after some hard work and practice.


What is the full form of PHP?

The full name of PHP is Personal Home Page and HypertextPreprocessor.

Who made PHP?

PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf.

What is PHP File?

The file programmed by PHP Code through any software is called PHP File.

What is Scripting Language?

Scripting Language is a programming language with the help of which programs are developed.

Which language should I know to learn PHP?

You need a little bit to learn PHP HTML, CSS, JavaScript And must have knowledge of MySQL.

Conclusion: What is PHP in Hindi

So friends, in this article we told you that what is php And shared a lot of useful information related to PHP with you.

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