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What is Network Protocol in Hindi: So friends in today’s article we are going to talk What is protocol, what are the types of protocol, use of protocol, advantages and disadvantages of protocol and all facts related to protocol I will also know.

So if you are interested to know all the facts related to the protocol, then this article is going to help you a lot, so let’s get started. and be the first to know protocol Would what Is,

what is network protocol Is (What is Protocol in Hindi)

Some rules and regulations have been made for us to do any work and we have to follow those rules, just like in the digital world Network To do any work in the field like – to do communication or Data Some rules have been made to transfer or to do any transaction. Which we call protocol or network protocol.

digital The main purpose of creating a ‘protocol’ in the world is that all the data in the network can be transferred in a secure and orderly manner. There are different types of protocols in the field of digital and they have their own different functions everywhere, they are used everywhere on the basis of their usefulness.

What is network protocol, its types and how it works (Type of Protocol in Hindi)

There are many types of protocols, all the tasks we internet But we are able to do it, it is possible through these protocols, if there is no protocol then we cannot transfer any data to any person, place etc. file Or can’t even send mail etc. Because all this work is done under protocol only.

That is why some protocols have been created for the purpose of secure data transfer and secure communication on the Internet, which we know as “Network Protocol”.

Protocols are also of many types, some refer to Transmission Process, while some refer to the subject of Communication Standard. These include data type, process nature, data flow rate and device management in the processes done under these protocols.

how many types of protocols Consists of (Types of Protocol in Hindi)

So we just told you above that there are different types of protocols, all its types are used as different functions, and that is why they are known by different names.

So let’s know about the type of Protocol –

1 – Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol or Web Protocol is a type of protocol through which data is transmitted over the Internet. computer Transferred from to another computer. By the way, we know that every mobile and computer has its own unique identity, which we IP address They say.

Which means that this IP address gives its own unique identity to that mobile or computer. When we send any data from computer to another computer, it is divided into several parts and in each part the IP address of ‘Sender’ means sender and ‘Receiver’ means receiver is present.

2 – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and Post Office Protocol

smtp And POP3 Both protocols are related to each other, as it is clear from the name Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, it is used when we ‘Send’ any mail.

Then it is done and POP3 i.e. Post Office Protocol Version 3 is used when we ‘Receive’ any mail. Any ‘Mail’ can be successful through both these protocols.

3 – Transfer Control Protocol

TCP protocol It is considered very important in the field of Internet, because this protocol provides you the facility of Internet communication, without it you cannot do any kind of communication in the Internet.

Its function is to maintain the connection between the two devices and allow the exchange of data.

This protocol does its work with Internet Protocol, and it also guarantees to deliver the data, the data it has sent in a systematic manner, it also guarantees that it can receive this data in a systematic manner.

It has the ability to bring back the part of Lost Data, which was lost while transferring data from you. Both TCP and IP are one of the important protocols.

4 – User Data Protocol

UDP There is such a type of protocol, which works to transmit small parts of data, this small part of data is called “Data Gram”.

It does not have the capacity of TCP protocol, that it can regenerate lost data, yet to some extent it works like that. But it cannot bring back the lost data during data transmit.

5 – File Transfer Protocol

When we send or transfer a file from one device to another using the Internet, here it is possible only through the FTP protocol. It is a simple and standard ‘Internet Protocol’.

Today, we are able to send or transfer multiple files online at multiple places, it is because of this. Used to transfer files software One of them is “Filezilla” and many more software are available in the market.

6 – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

whenever you are in web browser But when we request a web page, and that request is accepted by it, and it starts loading, then the protocol that works behind it, https protocols (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) It is possible only through

This is the protocol that accepts your request, and gets the page loaded. Without this, on any Web Browser webpage Can’t be accessed, and can’t exchange data on web browser without it.

By now you must have understood most of the things related to Protocol, so let’s talk about how it works, we are going to take an example here to understand it well,

How does Protocol work?

As you can on any web browser website Or request to access a web page, then every single website or web page is hosted on some server, and when we request, it is hosted on that server. servers requests to.

You all know that every website HTML If it is based on, it means that the server to which you sent the request, now also sends the HTML file to the browser, and at that time it does its work through Internet Protocol to deliver that file to the user.

But just before this a protocol is left to work and that is “HTTP Protocol” without which transmission of any web page is not possible.

After this, the work of making a connection between the server and the user is done through ‘TCP protocol’ and then the HTML files are divided into parts, then these parts are placed in a sequential manner in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc. goes.

Now after this it is the work of ‘IP protocol’, to tell TCP protocol the user’s ‘Address’ and TCP transmits this HTML file to the right user at the right place, and after all this work, the file will reach the user. Before arriving in the form of parts, everything is obtained by joining in its actual form, and this is how Protocol works.

Uses of Protocol

We have told you above about different types of protocols which are used to perform different types of tasks.

We can describe the use of the protocol as follows.

  • Determining the method to connect the device to the network.
  • Transferring data securely.
  • Managing minor errors in the network.
  • Determining the structure of the data.
  • Getting the data to the right location.

Advantages of Protocol

The advantages of the protocol are as follows –

  • It has become very easy to exchange data through protocols.
  • Today the whole world has been able to communicate with each other online only through protocols.
  • Connecting devices in any network has also been possible only through protocols.

Disadvantage of Protocol

There are also some disadvantages of the protocol which we have told you below –

  • Sometimes hackers hack the protocol, which causes a lot of damage to the user.
  • Protocols are Fixed Standerd which everyone has to follow. In such a situation, companies may face problems in using new technology.

Protocol FAQ

What is the Hindi meaning of protocol?

The Hindi meaning of protocol is etiquette or rule.

What is the function of protocol?

Protocols are made for how data will be transferred in the network, how one device will communicate with another. It is only through protocols that we are able to exchange data on the Internet in a secure manner.

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We have full hope that after reading this article you must have understood that what is protocol In English and where it is used. Protocol is very important for exchanging data in the Internet or network. Without protocols the data could never reach the right person and in the right place.

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