What is Proxy Server type and how it works (Proxy Server In Hindi)

What is Proxy Server in Hindi: Server We had given you complete information about this in one of our previous articles. A server is an online space that stores data and Internet reaches the user through But today we are going to tell you about a server which is very different from other servers. Its name is Proxy Server.

In today’s article we will tell you proxy servers what is, proxy Server Work How does Is, proxy Server Of type, proxy Server Of advantages And what harm Huh And You Our computer In proxy Server of used How do Can Huh, We are going to elaborate on these topics.

Whenever you access any website on the Internet, through your IP address, all your information reaches the server of that website, which can also put you at risk.

But if you use the Internet using a proxy server, then the proxy server does not allow your IP address to reach the website’s server and you can use the Internet safely.

What is Proxy Server, its types and how it works (Type of Proxy Server In Hindi)

In today’s time where cybercrime is increasing a lot, everyone needs to know about proxy servers. We have full hope that if you read this article carefully till the end, then all the doubts related to proxy server will be removed from your mind.

So, without taking much of your time, let’s start today’s article. what is proxy server in hindi,

What is Proxy Server (What is Proxy Server)

Before understanding proxy server, if we understand the word proxy then it will be easy for us to understand proxy server. Proxy means (Meaning) to act on behalf of someone else or to present someone else.

When you have a website on the Internet without your IP address If you want to access, then in this situation proxy server comes in handy. The proxy server reaches the website regarding your request and gives you the information from that website. Since the proxy server has its own unique IP, the proxy server hides your IP and through its IP address Website accesses the.

Now a question may come in your mind that why we cannot access the website without proxy server? actually proxy server firewall works that can hack your computer system and virus Protects from. Apart from this, there are many benefits of proxy servers, about which we will know further in this article.

Overall, a proxy server is a computer system software There is one who can access any website from the Internet without revealing the identity of the user.

Definition of Proxy Server

Proxy Server is a computer system that acts as a representative between the client and the Internet. It accesses the Internet by taking requests from the client and transmits the information to the client.

How Proxy Server Works

As you must be aware that there are mobile, computer or whatever devices with the help of which we can run the internet, all these devices have their own unique IP address. And when you access a website on the Internet through your device, the server of that website has all your information about what you did, what is your IP address etc.

But when the user accesses a website through a proxy server, the proxy server first accesses the website by taking the user’s request and then shows the information back to the user as per the user’s request. In this work, the proxy server uses its own IP address instead of using the user’s IP address. Due to which no information of the user reaches the server of the website.

When the user makes a request to the proxy server, the proxy server data First searches the data in its local cache, when the data is not found in the local cache, then it goes to the Internet with the request. And then takes information from a website and gives it to the user.

In this way, the proxy server acts as an intermediate between the user and the Internet.

Types of Proxy Server

Proxy servers can be of many types. We have told you about some major types of proxy servers below –

1 – Forward Proxy (Forwarded proxy,

This type of proxy server forwards the client’s request to the target server. In Forward Proxy server, the client tells the proxy server which website it has to access and the proxy server sends the client’s request directly to the server of that website. Most proxy servers are Forward Proxy.

2 – Reverse Proxy

In this type of proxy server, the client’s requests are forwarded to more than one proxy server, in which the client feels that he is communicating directly with the server, but the request passes through several proxy servers. Network This type of proxy server is used to increase the speed and for more security.

3 – Rotating Proxy (Rotating Proxy)

Each client in this proxy server is provided with a unique IP address which is different from all the devices previously connected to this proxy.

4 – SSL Proxy (Secure Socket Layer Proxy)

This type of proxy is used for online transactions. SSL Proxy keeps the Detail given by the user safe.

5 – Transparent Proxy (Transparent Proxy)

This type of proxy server tells the main server of the website that it is a proxy server. Transparent Proxy transmits the IP address of the client to the website. This type of proxy server is used by schools, libraries, businesscontent filtering etc.

6 – Anonymous Proxy (Unknown Proxy)

Anonymous Proxy hides your identity from the website. So that the server does not get any information about the client. This proxy server is also widely used. Anonymous proxy servers are also widely used in terms of security.

7 – High Anonymity Proxy

It is very difficult to identify this type of proxy. This proxy neither passes the IP of the client nor any information of the client to the target server. High Anonymity Proxy keeps changing its IP frequently, so it is difficult to identify it. This is the safest way to hide your identity on the Internet.

Advantages of Proxy Server

Following are some of the major advantages of proxy servers –

1 – Increasing user security

Proxy servers act as a firewall between the user and the Internet, which protects the user from hackers, malware, and viruses. Because by using proxy server, hackers are not able to know from where the request has come.

2 – Increase the speed of the Internet

Internet speed can also be increased with the help of proxy server. When the user accesses any website through the proxy server, the proxy server stores it in its local cache, and then when another client wants to access the same website, the proxy server also gives information from its local cache to that client. Due to which the speed of internet increases.

3 – Hides the IP address

When you access the Internet through a proxy server, the proxy server uses its IP address to access the Internet by taking requests on your behalf and hides your IP address. Apart from your location, other personal information can also be detected through IP address.

4 – Access the blocked website

You can also access websites blocked by proxy servers. You must have often seen in school, college or office computers that some websites have restrictions which you cannot access.

Apart from this, some websites are also banned by the government in many countries. But all these restrictions can be bypassed through proxy servers and blocked websites can also be accessed.

But we don’t suggest it. This is stated for your information only.

5 – Can Monitoring

You can monitor internet usage by your office employees or your kids through proxy server. You can find out which websites your employees are accessing by using a proxy server in the office. Apart from this, you can keep an eye on the websites accessed by your children by installing proxy servers in your homes.

Disadvantage of Proxy Server

Along with the advantages of proxy server, there are some disadvantages as well, which are as follows –

1 – Risk of data theft

Proxy server saves all the details of your computer, so your data remains with the companies providing proxy servers. In such a situation, you can understand how much loss can be caused by using the wrong proxy server.

2 – The risk of spam and viruses

some proxy servers in your computer to earn money Antivirus Let’s try to install. Such proxy servers show many tempting advertisements on the screen and if you click on them then your computer may have antivirus installed.

3 – Other disadvantages of proxy servers

  • You can use proxy server only in browser and application.
  • You cannot download any large file through block website with proxy server.
  • Many hackers also use proxy servers.

how to use proxy server

Using proxy server is very easy. You search by writing Best Free Online Proxy Server in Google, you will find many such websites which provide proxy servers. You can use proxy server very easily through these websites.

Following are some of the popular websites for using proxy servers –

how to set proxy server in chrome browser

You can connect to any proxy server through Chrome browser, but for that you need to know the IP address and port number of the proxy server. You can search IP address and port number from Google.

To set up a proxy server in Chrome browser, follow the step-by-step process given by us below.

#1 – you first chrome browser Open it and click on the 3 dot option made in the top left side and come to the setting option.

#2 Here you have to click on the option with Advance.

#3 – After scrolling down a bit, you will see the option of System, click on it.

#4 Now you have to click on Open Your Computer Proxy Setting.

Your Computer Proxy Setting

#5 – By clicking on proxy setting, you will reach the option of proxy setting in your computer. Here you have to turn on Manual Proxy Setup.

computer proxy

#6 After this, you enter the IP address and port number of the proxy server and save and apply it.

#7 Now your Chrome browser has been set in proxy server.

FAQ: What is Proxy Server?

What is proxy server?

Proxy Server is a server that accesses the website on behalf of the user from the Internet without revealing the identity of the user and brings information and gives it to the user.

Why are proxy servers used?

Proxy servers are used for security, increasing internet speed, accessing blocked websites, etc.

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Conclusion: What is proxy server in Hindi

In this article we have Proxy Server what is in hindi, proxy Server Work How does Is, proxy Server Of Advantages And Harm what Huh We have given information about etc., we have full hope that after reading this article, you must have understood proxy server very well.

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