What is PSTN How does it work (Difference between PSTN and VOIS Connection)

PSTN Full Form In Hindi: Do you know What is PSTN? PSTN Full Form in Hindi? How does PSTN work? What are the services of PSTN? What are the advantages and disadvantages of PSTN? And what is the difference between PSTN and VOIP?

If you do not know the answer to the above questions related to PSTN, then you have come to the right blog post, in today’s post we are going to give you complete information about PSTN connection.

PSTN is one of the oldest connections in the world that served to connect the world together through one device and one cable. PSTN connection was most commonly used for communication in the 90s.

But today there are many advanced and high speed connections, so now the use of PSTN is rarely seen, but you should have knowledge about the world’s oldest connection.

What is PSTN and how it works (Difference between PSTN and VOIS Connection) PSTN Full Form

So let’s start without wasting time, know more about this article today PSTN connection what Is Hindi Expansion From,

What is the full name of PSTN (PSTN Full Form in Hindi)

Before knowing about PSTN connection, let us know its full name, the full name of PSTN is Public Switched Telephone Network.

What is PSTN Connection (PSTN Connection in Hindi)

PSTN A Analog Circuit switch Phone Network is the system which is used for transmission of voice. It carries the voice through the copper cable. It is also called plain telephone system, in many countries the old plain telephone services are also known as post office telephone services.

Initially PSTN was an analog circuit system run by the telephone company but later it was changed to electro magnetic switch and it was made digital. Today we are connected to each other with PSTN, it makes dial-up connection.

PSTN is a very large network system which is used for telephone calls, earlier PSTN was only for voice calls but today it is also used for data transfer as it dial-up connection If so, its speed is low, the rate of data transfer is 64kbps.

History of PSTN Connection

The PSTN connection dates back to 1875, which was created by Alexander Bell’s telephone company in America. A year later in 1876, Bell made such a device in which voice could go from one place to another, that too through a cable.

You can imagine how difficult it must have been to do this at that time, we could not even imagine that we would be able to talk to the person sitting far away from us. But Bell made it easy with a device that allows us to talk to a person who is far away from us as if he is sitting in front of us.

In this, a cable by which two devices are connected, earlier only one side could talk, that is, one person would speak, the other would hear. Carbon macrophone, battery, electromagnet and iron diaphragm were needed to send the voice from one place to another. . To talk, the whole place had to be connected by cable which used to increase its price.

Later Bell made a device called Switch in which only you need to be connected to the centralized then the centralized office will connect the call to the final destination.

Later on, more changes kept coming in the world of telephone, PSTN which was an analog circuit which was later changed to electro magnetic and it started coming in digital circuit. Digital circuits have good voice quality and can travel long distances.

How PSTN Connection Works

Now let’s talk about how PSTN connection works, first of all a copper cable is needed to install PSTN connection and two telephones are connected with a copper cable.

And then when we speak from the telephone, a sound wave is produced from it which it analog signal And this analog signal goes from one telephone to another telephone through copper cable and again converts the analog signal into sound wave so that we hear the voice of the front. In this way it exchanges voice and the whole system runs.

PSTN Services

PSTN or Old Plain Telephone Connection used to provide many services, know about them in detail such as –

  • long distance Call When a telephone network is made far away from a place, it is called long distance call. In this type of call additional STD code is dialed with telephone number.
  • Directory assistance This is a phone number in which any person can inquire about any other person. You can think of it as a support number on which the person can call and inquire about the other person.
  • conference calling system If a person has to send a message to more than one person, then it is used.

After reading the article till here, you must have understood that what is PSTN connection, let us now take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of PSTN as well.

Advantages of PSTN Connection

Following are some of the major advantages of PSTN connection –

  • The biggest advantage of PSTN is its voice quality which is good as compared to other connections.
  • It is also ahead in terms of security.
  • PSTN has good reliability as it is best for businesses if there is a power failure, it still works so that the business keeps running.
  • Using PSTN is easy.
  • PSTN is easy to set-up and install.

Disadvantage of PSTN Connection

There were many drawbacks in PSTN connection. Following are some of the disadvantages of PSTN –

  • The speed of PSTN is very low.
  • In PSTN you have to pay maintenance fee every month which makes it expensive.
  • PSTN call fees are also expensive.
  • Many times there was a problem in PSTN that it used to be connected to some other line.

Difference Between PSTN and VOIS Connection

Both PSTN and VOIP connections are completely opposite to each other. Following are some of the differences between PSTN connection and VOIS –

The full name of PSTN is public switched telephone network. The full form of VOIS is Voice over Internet Protocol.
PSTN network uses circuit switching. VOIP uses packet switching.
Cable is required to connect both the devices in PSTN. No cable is required to connect the device in VOIP.
Dedicated line is required in PSTN. Internet connection is required in VOIP.
PSTN supports speeds up to 64 kbps. VoIP supports speeds up to 100kbps.
Difference Between PSTN and VOIS Connection In Hindi

FAQs: PSTN in Hindi

What is the full form of PSTN?

The full name of PSTN is Public Switched Telephone Network.

What does PSTN mean?

PSTN is based on Circuit Switching Network system, which is used for transmission of voice through copper cable. It divides the message into different packets and transmits it from source to destination.

When was the PSTN connection started?

PSTN connection was started in America in 1875, which was made by the telephone company of great scientist Alexander Bell.

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Conclusion: What is PSTN Connection in Hindi

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