What is Python and how to learn (Python In Hindi)

Python Language: if you computer Programming ie coding If you are interested in and want to become a programmer then you need to know about Python language. Because Python is a high level programming language which is used in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning etc. Learn Python Language In Hindi.

In this article we will give you What is Python, features of Python, uses of Python, how to learn Python (Learn Python In Hindi) and advantages and disadvantages of Python Will get to know about.

You should have all this information before learning Python, so let’s start this article and know what is Python.

What is Python

python (python) It is a high level computer programming language which is used AI, machine learning, Data Analytic, is done in Application Program etc. It is an Object Oriented Language.

What is Python and how to learn (What Is Python In Hindi) in Hindi

Python is a free and open source language, its code can be used by any Operating System Can be done in

What is Python

Python’s code is easy to write, read and understand, so after a little effort, the Python language can be learned easily.

Due to its amazing feature, Python is a popular language in the world today. It is used in many works. We will know about all these in the next article.

History of Python

The Python language was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. Its first release version was 0.9.0. Concepts like Classes, List, String etc. were used in this.

By the way, Guido Van Rossum started working on Python since 1980. Python was started in the National, Institute for Mathematical and Computer Science Netherlands.

Gradually the use of Python started increasing and it became a popular language. Python’s versions are updated from time to time, about which we will learn further.

Many people think that Python is named after the python snake, but it is wrong. Python Language is named after a British TV show “Monty’s Python Flying Circus”.

Versions of Python (Python Version in Hindi)

New versions of Python keep coming from time to time. So far 3 versions of Python have been launched. Its latest version is 3.9. All the launched versions of Python and their launch year are given in the table below.

Python Version Launch Year
Python 1.0 1994
Python 1.2 1995
Python 1.3 1995
Python 1.4 1996
Python 1.5 1997
Python 1.6 2000
Python 2.0 2000
Python 2.1 2001
Python 2.2 2001
Python 2.3 2003
Python 2.4 2004
Python 2.5 2006
Python 2.6 2008
Python 2.7 2010
Python 3.0 2008
Python 3.1 2009
Python 3.2 2011
Python 3.3 2012
Python 3.4 2014
Python 3.5 2015
Python 3.6 2016
Python 3.7 2018
Python 3.8 2019
Python 3.9 2020
Versions of Python (Python Version in Hindi)

Features of Python

python Language has many features. About which a person learning Python needs to know.

1 – Easy to Code (Easy to code)

Syntax of Python is very easy. Its code is also very easy to write. Python’s coding is easy as compared to other programming languages ​​such as C language, C++ Language, JAVA e.t.c.

2 – Free and Open Source (Free and Open Source)

Python is an Open Source Programming Language. You can use it for free. You can download its source code, use it and share it with others.

3 – Object-Oriented Language (object-oriented language)

An important feature of Python is that it is an Object-Oriented Programming Language. It supports concepts like Classes, Object Encapsulation.

4 – Portable Language (Portable Language)

Python is a portable language. Like if you have Python’s code in window then you can use Same Code in Linux, Unix, Mac etc. also there is no need to change it.

5 – High-Level Language (High Level Language)

Python is a high level programming language. When writing a Python program, there is no need to remember its System Architecture, nor does it need to manage its memory.

6 – Integrated Language (Integrated Language)

Python is an Integrated Language. Its code can be integrated with other languages ​​such as C Language, C ++ Language.

7 – Extensible Feature

Python is an Extensible Language. You can also write Python code with other languages ​​and compile them as well.

8 – Graphic User Interface (Graphic User Interface)

There are many modules available for creating Graphic User Interface in Python. Such as PyQt4, PyQt5 etc.

Uses of Python

By now you must have understood that Python Now let’s know about its benefits.

Python is a popular language. The world’s biggest tech companies use Python. Python is used in the following works –

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning – Python is a simple language it can be used for many It is done in Machine Learning and AI Project. Python is a popular language for machine learning.
  • Programming Application Many types of applications can be programmed using Python.
  • data analytics Python language is also used in
  • data visualization Due to the flexibility of Python language, it is also used in Data Visualization.
  • Web developmentIn Web Development, Python is used to strengthen the Backend.
  • Desktop Application Python is also used to create different types of desktop applications.
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Advantages and benefits of Python (Advantage of Python Language in Hindi)

  • Python is a high level programming language.
  • Its code is easy to write, read and understand.
  • You can use Python for free.
  • Python is an Open Source programming language.
  • Python is a dynamic type language, it does not understand the type of the variable until the code is run.
  • It is a portable language. Same Source Code of Python can be used in any Operating System without any change.

Disadvantage of Python Language

While on one hand there are many advantages of Python, on the other hand it also has some disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of Python are as follows –

  • Being a dynamic language, the speed of Python is slow.
  • Python language uses a lot of memory.
  • Python is mainly used as Server Side Programming Language. That’s why we cannot see Python in Client Side and Mobile Application.
  • Since Python is a dynamically typed language, the data type of variables can change anytime, leaving the possibility of errors at runtime.

How to learn Python language (Learn Python Language In Hindi),

As we learned in the article that Python is a High Level Programming Language and it is used in big works, so learning Python can be beneficial for you.

Python code is easy to write and learn as well. You can easily learn Python Language in 1 – 2 months. You can learn Python online for free and you can also learn it by taking offline coaching.

There are many sources available to learn Python language. In this article we will give you information about them.

Python Learning Website

Python Tutorial YouTube Tutorial

book to learn python

You can also learn Python language by reading from books. best book to learn python Python Is.

learn python in coaching institute

Apart from all these, you can also learn Python by taking admission in coaching institutes.

FAQ For Python

Who discovered Python?

Python was discovered by Guido Van Rossum in 1991.

Is the Python language named after a snake?

No Python language is not named after a snake, it is based on a British comedy serial Monty’s Python Flying Circus?

Which is the latest version of python?

The latest version of Python is Python 3.9.5 which was released on 3 May 2021.

How to download Python?

You can download Python from its official website ,https://www.python.org/downloads/, Can download from.

Conclusion: What is Python

So friends, this was the complete information about Python language and if you want to become a programmer by learning Python, then use the source to learn Python. I hope you like this article written by us what is python in hindi Must have liked it.

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