What is Quora and how to earn money from Quora

What is the Quora App in Hindi?In today’s article we will tell you that Quora Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, Well, millions of people use Quora, but due to lack of correct information, very few people are able to earn money from it. But if you read this article of ours till the end, then you too will be able to earn money with the help of Quora.

For your information, let us tell you that Quora is a best money making app is also.

In this article, we have told you about 6 Genuine ways to earn money from Quora, by which other people are also earning money from Quora.

So without taking much of your time, let’s come straight to our article and know first What is Quora in Hindi?

What is Quora and how to earn money from Quora - Quora App In Hindi

What is Quora

quora (Quora) a forum Website Where people answer many questions on different topics. Quora Website box of knowledge Is. You can ask any type of question on Quora, and you can answer questions related to the subject in which you have good knowledge. You can also earn money by asking questions here. Just for this you have to join Quora Partner Program.

Apart from this, if people like the answers given by you, then Quora also gives you a chance to earn money. Quora has recently launched a new feature in which you can ask questions in person.

Apart from this, there are many great features available in Quora which make it the number 1 forum website in the world.

How to earn money from Quora – Quora Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Following are the 6 best ways to earn money from Quora –

  • by blog promotion
  • from affiliate marketing
  • selling e-book
  • promoting the company
  • Through the Quora Partner Program
  • by Quora Space

Let us now know about them in detail

#1 – Earn money from Quora by promoting your blog

Quora is the best platform to bring traffic to the blog as quickly as possible. If you are a blogger and regularly work on your blog, then with the help of Quora, you can promote your blog and increase the earning of your blog by taking traffic.

As you know Quora Internet But there is a store of knowledge where many people ask questions and answers on different subjects. you on Quora Blogging Niche Have to follow the related topics and space and answer people’s questions. Along with this, you must also add a link to the relevant post of your blog in the answer.

Through your blog link, people will reach your website from Quora and this will also increase the earnings of your website.

by Quora Google AdSense Earnings will increase, affiliate products will be sold, your own products will be sold, your blog will be branded, traffic will be generated on the blog, more earning sources will be generated, you get many such benefits from Quora.

#2 – Earn money from Quora through Affiliate Marketing

if you affiliate marketing If you do, then Quora is the best platform for you to promote the product. Most of the people make money by doing affiliate marketing on Quora. If you do affiliate marketing on Quora as a strategy, then you can get maximum sales in less time.

First of all, you have to follow the related space of your affiliate product on Quora and remain active there regularly. Constantly asking questions and answering questions. When people start trusting you, then you can earn a lot of money from Quora by promoting affiliate products. If you want to earn money from Quora through Affiliate Marketing, then you must win the trust of the people.

#3 – Earn money from Quora by selling E-book

There are people on Quora who really want to gain knowledge. If you have good knowledge in any subject then you can create an e-book in that subject, and suggest e-book to take in answer to the questions asked on Quora. You can also earn a lot of money from Quora by selling e-book.

If people will benefit from your e-book, then they will suggest other people to take your e-book as well. Quora is a good platform to promote your e-book.

#4 – Promote the company on Quora

If you are the owner of a company then you must be aware that Google, Facebook How expensive is it to promote the company through advertising in etc., but if you want to promote your company for free and want to find the right customers, then this facility is also available on Quora.

You answer questions related to your company on Quora, this will give you traffic on Quora as well as when the user Google But if you search Query related to your company, then your answers given on Quora will rank. In this way, through Quora you can absolutely free your business can promote.

#5 – Earn money through Quora Partner Program

Quora a few years ago Quora Partner Program Through this program, people who answer questions can earn money. Quora itself invites people to its partner program, you will not find the option of Partner Program anywhere on Quora’s website.

Quora invites those people in its partner program whose questions and answers get more than 1 lakh views and whose answers people share, upvote, comment on. If you are an expert in your subject and answer people’s questions satisfactorily, then you will automatically get an invitation to the Quora Partner Program.

Payout you of Quora Partner Program PayPal can be obtained by. To get the invitation of Quora Partner Program, you have to be active on Quora regularly and have to have some patience.

#6 – Earn money with Quora Space

Quora has launched a feature called Quora Space in 2018 where questions related to any one topic are answered. Quora Space It is like a group where many people interested in the same topic can join.

Quora gives Space Admin a chance to earn money. You can create your own space on any topic on Quora and regularly post good posts in it. When followers increase in your space, then your Earning Tab will be activated in your Quora Space.

When you get your 10$ you can make your own bank account Pay by linking your Bank account can be received. Gradually, when the number of followers in your Quora Space will increase, then your earnings will also increase.

Quora pays Space Admin money from the Ad Revenue of those who run ads on Quora.

FAQ: Quora Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

How many questions can I ask on Quora in a day?

You can ask only 10 questions on Quora in a day. If you have to ask more than 10 questions then you have to wait for the next day.

How much money can I withdraw from Quora Space?

When you have $10 in Quora Space, you can transfer money from Quora Space to your bank account.

When can I join the Quora Partner Program?

When your question-answer on Quora gets more than 1 lakh views, then Quora sends you an Invitation for its Partner Program.

How much space can I create on Quora?

There is no limit to this, you can create as many spaces as you want on Quora.

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Conclusion: what is quora how to earn money in hindi

If you want to earn money online along with increasing your knowledge, then Quora is the best platform. You can earn money through Quora in many ways which we have discussed in the above article.

Hope you like this article written by us Quora Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Must have liked it. If you have any questions or suggestions, then you can tell us in the comment box, and yes do share this article with your friends on various social media as well.

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