What is Roposo, how to earn money from it – in Hindi

Roposo App se Paise Kaise Kamaye: After the closure of Tik-Tok in India, many short video sharing applications have been created. such as Moj App, MX Takatak App,

On the basis of this, another application was made which was named Roposo. Roposo App is also a short video sharing app, but with this app you get an opportunity to earn money easily, how they will know in this article.

In this article we are with you What is Roposo App, Which country’s App is Roposo, Requirements to use Roposo, Features of Roposo App, How to create account on Roposo App, From Roposo App how to earn money And how to withdraw money from Roposo app Will share all this information.

With the help of which will help you to earn money from Roposo app, then without delay let’s start this article and know what is Roposo app.

What is Roposo and how to earn money from Roposo App - in Hindi

What is Roposo App

Roposo (Roposo App) is a short video sharing application from India. This app is very popular in India and more than 1 crore people use this application.

In Ropaso app, you also get paid for watching videos. You can earn money from here even without investing any money. Whether you are a housewife, or a student or do a job. You can earn money using Roposo in your spare time.

Roposo App Logo

If you give 2 to 3 hours to this application then you can easily withdraw your pocket money from this app. If you have talent then you can get popularity by publishing your videos on this platform.

Which country’s app is Roposo?

Roposo App is a completely Indian one which was created by Avinash Saxena, Mayank Bhangadiya, and Kushal Shubhank. This is a genuine Indian application that you can feel free to use.

Things needed to earn money from Roposo app

To earn money from Roposo app, you will need the following three things –

  • a smartphone
  • internet connection
  • An identity card recognized by the Government of India

Features of Roposo App

The following features of Roposo App make Roposo App special –

  • In Roposo app, you also get paid for watching videos.
  • In Roposo app, you can earn money along with entertainment.
  • In this app you get money in the form of coins and 1000 coins is equal to one rupee.
  • In the Roposo app, you can increase the number of your followers and become popular by posting good content.
  • This is an Indian application, the country will also benefit from using it.

How to Download Roposo App

You can easily download Roposo App from your App Store. This application is available in Play Store. So far more than 1 crore people have installed Roposo App and Google Play Store But the rating of Roposo app is 4.1.

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Roposo App Download
Roposo App Download

how to create account in roposo app

After downloading the Roposo App, the next step comes to create an account in this app. Creating an account in Roposo app is very easy. If you are facing any problem in creating an account on Roposo, then follow the steps given below.

  • Step 1 After installing the Roposo app, first of all you are asked to select the language in it. Select the language according to you and do next.
  • Step 2 After this you have to get your mobile number verified on Roposo. You enter your number, and fill the OTP that will come on the registered mobile number and click on the button of Next.
  • Step 3 In the next step, you have to fill some information about yourself. For example, after filling Name, Age, Gender, click on the button of Sign up. And if you have any referral code then you k0fZYc6D can add.
  • Step 4 As soon as you click on Sign Up, your account will be successfully created on Roposo app.

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So friends, this was a very easy process by which you can create an account on Roposo app.

How to Use Roposo App

if you Tik-TokIf you have used a short video platform like Moj or MX Takatak, then you will not have much difficulty in using the Roposo app.

You can watch the video in it and you can like, comment, share the video which you like. You can also download the video. And you can follow any user whose video you are watching.

Apart from this, you get a list of more than 25 channels in this app, you can select the channel according to your choice and watch its videos.

You can also upload your own video in Roposo app. And you can also increase your followers on this platform.

How to make Video in Roposo App

Just as you make videos on other Short Video Platforms, you can also make videos on Roposo app.

Ropos app par video kaise banaye

On the homepage of Roposo you will find a + icon, you can start making videos by clicking on it. In this you can use Filter to make the video more attractive.

How To Earn Money With Roposo App – Roposo App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Now comes the most important point that Roposo App How to earn money from You can earn money from Roposo application in 3 ways.

#1 – Earn money by watching videos on Roposo app

The best thing about Roposo app is that in this app you also get paid for watching videos. On the Roposo app, you get to see many short videos, on which you get Coins. Later you can transfer them to your account as well.

get more coin in Roposo App

#2 – Earn money with Roposo by referring your friends

Another way to earn money from Roposo app is that you can share or refer this app with your friends. If a friend of yours downloads the Roposo app from your link or signs up on the Roposo app using your Refer Code, then you get paid for it. You get 50 to 60 rupees for one sign up.

#3 – Earn money with Roposo app by making your own videos

You can also earn money by making your own videos on Roposo app. When you post your video, you get some coins in return which will be converted into money later.

Apart from this, to earn money from Roposo app, you have to increase the number of your followers by publishing content regularly, then you will have many options to earn money from Roposo.

such as Affiliate MarketingSponsor Post, Cross Platform Promotion etc.

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how to withdraw money from roposo app

In Roposo app, you get money in the form of coins. In this 1000 coin is equal to 1 rupee. When 10000 coins (means 10 rupees) are deposited in your Roposo wallet, then you can add it to your Paytm Account can transfer in.

To withdraw money from Roposo app, follow the below-mentioned process –

  • On the homepage of Roposo app, click on the option of Rupees.
  • After this click on the option Amount and Your Earning.
  • On the next page, update your Paytm number by clicking on Change Paytm Number.
  • After that Transfer to Paytm Click on the option.

After doing this complete process, your money will come in your Paytm account in no time.

Language in Roposo App

Roposo app supports 12 Indian languages ​​including Hindi, English, the languages ​​supported by Roposo app are as follows –

  • Punjabi
  • Bangla
  • telugu
  • Kannada
  • Tamil
  • Gujarati
  • flag
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Odia
  • Assamese
  • English

FAQ For Roposo App

Roposo is the application of which country?

Roposo is an Indian application.

How to get money in Roposo?

In Roposo app you get money in Coin. In this 1000 Coin is equal to one rupee.

How much money can I earn from Roposo app?

Initially you can earn as much money as Pocket Money from Roposo app. But later when the number of your followers will increase, then you can also earn lakhs of rupees a month from Roposo.

When can I withdraw money from Roposo app?

When 10000 Coin is deposited in your Roposo App Wallet then you can transfer money from this app to your Paytm Account.

Conclusion: Roposo App se Paise Kaise Kamaye

so guys this too Roposo App se Paise Kaise Kamaye Full information of. By reading this article you must have understood how easy it is to earn money from Roposo app.

you in the beginning Roposo App You can start earning money by sharing it with your friends and watching other user’s videos. To earn more money from Roposo app, you have to increase the number of your followers.

hope you from us What is the Roposo App? But would have liked this article written. Share the Roposo app and this article with your friends and start earning money by getting them to download the Roposo app.

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