What is Sandes App (Sandes App Full Review in Hindi)

Sandes App Kya Hai – since WhatsApp had made a statement that he would share his data with Facebook, so keeping in mind the privacy of the people, many messaging apps were created such as Signal App And Sandesh App in Hindi,

On the basis of WhatsApp, the Government of India created a messaging app named Sandes App. Message app is considered to be a good alternative to WhatsApp in India.

In today’s article, we will give you complete information about sandesh app. in which you will get to know Sandes App Kya Hai, How to Download Message App, How to Create Account in Message App, Features of Message App, and Benefits of Message App.

Read this article completely till the end, in this you will get complete information about Sandes App.

What is Sandesh App – In Hindi (Sandes App Full Review in Hindi)

What is Sandes App

Sandes App There is an Instant Massing App made by the Government of India, where you can do Personal or Group Chatting with your friends. messaging app Just like WhatsApp.

The specialty of Sandesh App is that it is completely Indian application which has been made by National Informatics Center. In this, full attention has been paid to the privacy of the user and the message app does not share the data with any third party.

This app has got a rating of 4.6 in Play Store and till now more than 50 thousand people have installed this app in their mobile.

Sandes App, WhatsApp is a good alternative. You can use this app to promote indigenous products and make a digital India.

How to Install Sandes App

When the messaging app was launched, it was not available on Play Store and iStore. But now this application is available on both the platforms.

You can download Messages application from Play Store in your Android Mobile, and iPhone users can download Messages application from iStore.

How To Create Account In Sandes App

Creating your account in the Messages app is very easy. The way you create your account on WhatsApp, in the same way you have to create an account in Messages app too. If you are facing some problem in creating an account in Message app, then follow the steps given below.

  • Step 1 After installing the message app, open it.
  • Step 2 First of all you will be asked to register with mobile number. You enter your mobile number and then an OTP will come on the mobile number registered by you. You verify that OTP and register it in the message app.
  • Step 3 Now the Message app will ask for permission to access Contact, Image, Video, Audio Send, Location etc. from your mobile, allow all of you without panic. Because this app is controlled by NIC (National Informatics Center).
  • Step 4 Now you will be asked to create a Profile. In this, fill a good photo of yourself, your name and your gender and click on the button of the next.

By following this process sequentially, you can easily register in the message app.

How to Use Sandes App

Messages app is almost similar to WhatsApp. If you know how to use WhatsApp, then you can easily use the Messages app as well.

You will see four options in the Dashboard of the Sandes App. Chat, Contact, Groups and Profile’s.

  • Chat In the section below, all the chatting done by you in the Messages app will be shown.
  • Contact In this option, you can add any messaging app user contact to your chat.
  • Groups In this you can create a group in the message app or join any group.
  • Profile In this you can edit your profile. You can change the setting of the messaging app, delete your account. You get many types of facilities etc. in this option.

Features of Sandes App

The features of Sandes App are similar to WhatsApp, but some more features have also been added to it such as –

  1. A special feature in the Messages app is that you can use Tags in Massage. Here you get three different tags of Confidential, Priority and Auto Base. This feature is not in WhatsApp.
  2. There is an option of Logout in the message app. If you do not want the notification of the message app to come again and again in your mobile, then you can logout it. This feature is not in WhatsApp.
  3. You can transfer data up to 500 MB in the Messages app. Whereas in WhatsApp this limit is less.
  4. Image with your friends, FileAudio, Video, Contact can share.
  5. to your friends or relatives audioCan do video calling.
  6. In the message app, you can do chatting by creating a group and add 50 members to a group.
  7. Your daily chatting in Sandes App and your Data your phone memory Stored in. If you want, you can save your data and chatting from the Messages app. Cloud Backup can also take.

Advantages of Sandes App

  • to the messaging application Android And iOS Can be installed in both platforms.
  • Sandesh app is completely Indian app, Indian government will also benefit by using it.
  • Messages app is completely secure. Your data will be kept absolutely safe in this
  • It will promote the initiative of Digital India and Self-reliant India.
  • The Sandesh app is controlled by NIC (National Informatics Centre).

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FAQ For Sandes App

Is it safe to use the messaging app?

Yes, the messaging app is completely secure. According to the privacy policy of the Messages app, chats made by an individual or group are end-to-end encrypted. The policy clearly states that the messaging app does not sell or share information of any kind with any third party.

Is the messaging app now available on the Play Store?

The messaging app is now available on both the Play Store and iStore platforms.

Who controls the messaging app?

The Sandesh app is being controlled by NIC (National Informatics Centre).

Is Sadesh App Indian?

Sandesh app is completely Indian app.

Who is the owner of the messaging app?

Sandesh App is owned by Government of India.

Which is the best alternative to WhatsApp in India?

The best alternative to WhatsApp in India is Sandes App.

Conclusion: What is Sandes App in Hindi

So friends, through this article, we told you that Sandes App Kya Hai and Sandes App have tried to give complete information about it.

You can also use the Sandesh app to promote the Digital India initiative. In this, your privacy was also completely protected. Hope you like this article written by us Sandes App Full Review Would have liked to contribute in promoting self-reliant India by sharing it with your friends too.

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