What is SMPS and how does it work (SMPS in Hindi)

Switch Mode Power Supply In Hindi: Do you know computer What is SMPS? What are the types of SMPS? How does SMPS work? What is the function of SMPS in computer? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of SMPS?

If you do not get the answers to the questions asked above, then there is nothing to worry, in today’s article we have tried to give you complete information about SMPS so that you can also know the answer to the questions related to SMPS.

in today’s article What is SMPS Will learn about in detail.

What is SMPS

SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) computer of one hardware Which is an electronic circuit. SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) supplies power to the different hardware devices of the computer.

What is SMPS, its types and how it works (What is SMPS in Hindi)
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It is any electronic device that has many small delicate parts inside which require electricity to work. If we talk about TV, Freeze, Oven etc. then they use electricity from 220 to 240 Volt.

If this voltage is given directly to the part of the computer, then they will burn, then for this SMPS is used in the computer, which supplies power to the equipment inside the computer as required. SMPS converts AC current to DC and supplies power.

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What is the full name of SMPS (SMPS Full Form in Hindi)

The full form of SMPS is Switched-Mode Power Supply (Switch Mode Power Supply).

Types of SMPS

There are many types of power supplies available in the market, but the most used are as follows –

  • DC – DC Converter
  • Forward Converter
  • Flyback Converter

#1 – DC-DC Converter (DC – DC Converter)

In this type of SMPS, the power received from AC Mains is Rectified and Filtered as High Voltage DC. After this the high DC voltage is switched on and the current passes through the primary side of the step-down transformer.

On the other side of the step-down transformer, the output is collected in Rectified and Filter which is sent to the power supply as Output.

#2 – Forward Converter

Forward Converter This type of converter takes the current through the choke whether the transistor works or not. When the transistor is completely turned off, the diode does this work.

During the off period, the diode inside the transistor carries the current to flow energy through the load. During the on period, the choke stores the energy and sends a part of the energy to the output load.

#3 – Flyback Converter

Flyback Converter When the switch is on, the magnetic field of the inductor stores energy. When the switch is in the open state, the energy is emptied into the output voltage circuit. The duty cycle in a flyback converter is determined by the output voltage.

Connector of SMPS

Some of the connectors of SMPS are as follows –

ATX 24 Pin Power Connector

this one Motherboard There is a connector that supplies power to the motherboard and other components connected to it. It has a total of 24 pins. Older motherboards have 20 pins and modern motherboards require 24 pin connectors.

ATX 4 Pin Power Connector

This connector is of 4 pin which CPU supplies power to.

SATA Power Connector

These are also 4 pin connectors which hard disk And ROM Supply power to.

Part of SMPS

Some main parts and their functions inside a computer SMPS are as follows –

  • Rectifier – This diode It is also said that it converts AC power into DC.
  • Transformer Transformer controls the incoming voltage.
  • Transistor – The work of switching power is done by the transistor.
  • Heat Sink When the transistor is heated, it absorbs the heat.
  • Capacitor Filters the irregular DC converted by the Rectifier and converts it to Smooth DC.
  • Fuse Protects the circuit from heavy voltage.
  • Choke Coil Smoothes DC Current.

How SMPS Works

The main function of SMPS is to supply power to the computer hardware, for which it converts the AC current into DC and makes it usable for the device. For this, AC power is first input to SMPS through wire.

The current first reaches the AC Filter. With the help of NTC, Fuse, Line Filter, PF Capacitor, AC Current is stabilized. After this the current is sent to the Rectifier and Filter which convert the current from AC to DC.

Now the received DC current is sent to the transistor, where with the help of NPN transistor and switching cycle, the DC current is once again converted into clean AC current. Even the entire process takes place in the primary circuit of the SMPS.

The output AC current received in this process is sent to the Rectifier and Filter present in the other part of the circuit, which converts the AC current into Pure DC current. By repeating the process of converting the current again and again, we finally get the Stable DC Current.

So this was the working of SMPS which you must have understood.

Function of SMPS

The main functions of SMPS are as follows –

  • SMPS supplies power to turn on the electronic device.
  • There are many components inside the computer, which SMPS gives power supply as per the requirement.
  • Converts SMPS Wall Voltage AC Power to Lower Voltage DC Power.

Advantages of SMPS

The advantages of SMPS are as follows –

  • SMPS can also easily meet the shortage of low power.
  • SMPS are small in size and light in weight.
  • SMPS supplies power to all electronic devices as per their requirement.
  • No matter how irregular the Input Voltage may be, but SMPS keeps the Output Voltage absolutely stable.
  • The Output Range of SMPS is very high.

Disadvantage of SMPS

There are also some disadvantages of SMPS which are as follows –

  • Functions in SMPS are complex.
  • SMPS has high intensity electrical noise.
  • Output Voltage in SMPS is the same.
  • By installing SMPS, the cost of electronic device increases.


What is the full form of SMPS?

The full name of SMPS is Switched- Mode Power Supply.

What is the function of SMPS?

The main function of SMPS is to supply power to the hardware of the computer as required.

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