What is System Software, Types, Definition (System Software in Hindi)

System Software Kya Hai In Hindi: as you must know computer There is a combination of hardware and software, both of which together form a computer system. in the computer Software And hardware There are also many types, about which we have told you in our previous articles.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the most important aspects of computer. important Software System Software Of about In tell the ones Huh, Some of you might have heard its name before but do you know? System Software what is in hindi, system Software how many type Of would have been Huh And system Software Of what Work Huh,

If you are not aware about the things asked above about system software, then today’s article is going to prove to be very important for you. In this article, we have given you complete information about what is called system software.

System software is responsible for managing the hardware and application software in the computer. Operating System (OS) is a great example of system software. Along with operating the computer, the operating system also manages all the programs of the computer.

What is System Software, its Types, Definition and Functions in Hindi (System Software in Hindi)

Many people consider the operating system to be system software, which is not even wrong, but in addition to a type of operating system system software, there are many system software in the computer, which work to manage the application of the computer, which we talk about. Will learn in the article.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article Explain what is System Software.

What is System Software

System software is called computer program that manages the hardware of the computer and application software operate the. The computer becomes workable only with the help of system software. They bring life to lifeless hardware.

Due to system software, the computer is able to do its work, if there is no system software, it was impossible to do any work on the computer. The system software controls everything from turning on the computer and working in it to being off. Along with managing the computer, system software acts as an interface between the computer and the user.

Some system software can be used directly by the user, but some system software works in the background. The user can interact with the hardware only with the help of system software.

Definition of System Software

System software is a computer program that controls the hardware and application software in the computer.

Types of System Software

There are many types of system software, about which we have told you below –

#1 – Operating System

An operating system is a system software that operates all the hardware devices and software in a computer. It acts as an interface between the computer and the user. Whenever the computer is turned on, the first program to be loaded is the operating system itself. OS manages all the operations running in the computer, hence it is also called Programs of Program.

some operating systems android, Windows, Linuxmac ios etc.

#2 – Device Driver

Whenever we connect any other device to the computer, it is necessary to have the driver installed in the computer like mouse, keyboard Drivers are installed for everyone.

Device Driver It is a type of system software with the help of which computer devices and devices that are external to the computer are made to communicate with the computer. With the help of the driver, all the components and external devices connected to the computer are able to do their work properly.

The operating system gives instructions to the computer device, if the device drivers are not there, then the OS will give any instructions to any device so that the user will not be able to work properly on the computer.

Overall, through the device driver, the computer is able to recognize which device is connected to the computer and what is its function.

#3 – Translator

Computers can understand only machine language, so translator’s work in computer is to translate high level language into machine language, because computer can understand only machine language.

There are also three types of translator which are designed by the manufacturer company –

  • Compiler Compilers are computer programs that are high level Programming Language direct translation of Machine Language do in.
  • assembler – Assembler is also a type of translator software that converts Assembly Language into Binary Language (0, 1).
  • Interpreter – Interpreter also translates High Level Language into Machine Language like Compiler. But Interpreter Line by Line translates a program into Machine Language.

#4 – Firmware

Firmware is an operational software which ROM or EPROM memory is embedded in. It controls all the activity done by all the hardware. Firmware provides information about how a hardware will interact with the device.

#5 – Utility Software

Utility Software They are software that work between the user and the application software. Utility software provide security to the computer. They do the work of Optimize, Maintain and Configure the computer like Anti Virus, Security, Backup, Network Programming etc.

Function of System Software

The main function of system software is to manage the hardware and application software in the computer. System software is what makes the computer hardware workable in the computer. Different system software has different functions such as –

  • Operating system manages the hardware and other software of the computer.
  • The device driver identifies any computer component and external device with the computer.
  • Translator translates High Level Programing Language into Machine Language in the computer.
  • Utility Software Optimize, Maintain and Configure the computer.

Feature of System Software

The main features of system software are as follows –

  • System Software is written in Low Level Language which only machines can understand.
  • It is difficult to manipulate system software.
  • Designing system software is also a difficult task.
  • System software is very fast in speed.
  • System software are also smaller in size.
  • System software are the integral parts of the computer that control and operate the computer.

Example of System Software

Some examples of system software (Example of system software) are as follows –

  • Operating System
  • Drivers
  • BIOS
  • Programming Language Translator
  • Anti Virus (antivirus)
  • Disk Repair

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FAQ For System Software

What is the main function of system software?

The main function of system software is to control the hardware and application software in the computer. With the help of system software, the user can work in the computer through the hardware and is able to interact with the application software.

What are system software?

System software are Operating System, Drivers, Firmware, Utility Software, Translator etc.

What do you understand by system software?

System software is the software in a computer that controls the entire computer system. The computer becomes workable only with the help of system software.

What we learned: What is System Software in Hindi

After reading this article you must have understood that What is System Software And what is its importance in computer. From this article you learned that what are the types of computer system software, what are their functions and what are the features of system software. Hope you have understood the article, share it with your friends on social media too.

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