What is Telegram – Whatsapp VS Telegram in Hindi

WhatsApp With the arrival of the new policy, many users are leaving WhatsApp and going towards some other messaging platform which will keep their privacy secure.

Although there are many in the market Messaging App are but WhatsApp After people the most Signal and Telegram are liking more.

In today’s article we will give you what is telegram And WhatsApp vs Telegram About to tell. By comparing these two apps, you will understand by the end of the article that Who is better in WhatsApp vs Telegram And which messaging app should you use? So let’s start this article without delay.

What is Telegram What is Telegram App

to put it simply Telegram There is a Messaging App through which we can send and receive Text, Audio, Video, Image and Files. This app becomes available on all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux etc.

What is Telegram – Whatsapp VS Telegram which App is the best – complete information in Hindi

Telegram is a High Secure and very fast Cloud Base Messaging App whose interface is very simple. You can use this App in a very easy way. This App can be operated in 13 languages. This is a German company.

History of Telegram – Telegram History In Hindi

Two Russian brothers to Telegram Pavel Durov And Nikolay Durov It was made in the year 2006, and it was launched in the year 2013.

First this app was launched for Android and then after some time it was also launched for iOS.

Today Telegram has more than 500 million installations and this app is famous all over the world. Telegram is also very popular in India. Telegram can be run on all three types of devices, Web, Mobile and Desktop.

telegram in hindi wikipedia

according to wikipedia ,Telegram The word originated from telegraph. “Telegraph means – writing from a distance. In today’s era, telegraph system to send message by electricity and news through internet (Message) wire to send Telegram It is called doing or sending.

Features of Telegram

There are some very best features of Telegram which make this app very special.

1 – High Security is available on Telegram App.

The security of Telegram is very high compared to other messaging apps. In this you get the facility of Voice Call. For which 3 Layer End to end encryption security is also available.

2 – Multiple accounts can be created in the Telegram app.

Here you get the option to create more than one account ID. You can access by creating multiple Telegram IDs simultaneously.

3 – Telegram is Cloud Base.

Telegram is a Cloud Base Messaging App. Cloud means that it does not take your data in your device storage and stores it in its own server.

When you use Telegram, all your data will be stored in Telegram’s server.

4 – Telegram Group

In Telegram, you can add 2 lakh people in a group. And can add Unlimited people to Telegram Group.

5 – Location Sharing

Telegram app you Location Sharing Gives the option, in this you can share your Live Location with friends.

How to Install Telegram

Telegram you AndroidCan be installed very easily in iOS and Desktop.

  • Get it from Play Store in Android installed can do.
  • You can download Telegram from the App store in iOS. installed can do.
  • In Desktop, you can go to Telegram’s Official Website and install it for Windows and Linux.

How to create an account in Telegram

You have to follow some steps to create an account on Telegram. Which we have mentioned below.

  • First download Telegram from Google Play Store, and then installed Get it done
  • After the installation is complete, open Telegram.
  • Now select your country, and fill your mobile number
  • After filling the mobile number, an OTP will come on your number, you fill that OTP.
  • Now fill your name and click on DONE button.
  • After doing all this process step wise, your Telegram ID has been created. And you can use Telegram.

By the way, we told you in a previous article that Signal What is App,

WhatsApp vs Telegram

Now let’s compare WhatsApp and Telegram. In Telegram, you will find some such great features which even WhatsApp will not be able to compete with.

1 – Group

Whenever you create a new group in Telegram App, you can add 2 lakh people to that group.

Only 256 people can be added to the WhatsApp group.

2 – Edit Massage

Whenever you send a message to someone, you accidentally send a message with wrong words, so when we send a message on Telegram, we can edit it.

But if you send a message on WhatsApp, then you cannot edit it.

This is the best feature provided by Telegram.

3 – Data Storage

Since Telegram is Cloud Based, it stores all the data in its server.

While WhatsApp can be used for any type of data Does not store in its server. It uses the cloud of another platform to provide data-backup to the user.

4 – File Size

You can send and receive files up to 1.5 GB in Telegram.

While there is no such feature in WhatsApp. In this you can transfer file of 16MB.

FAQ For WhatsApp vs Telegram

What is Telegram App?

Telegram is a messaging app through which we can send and receive text, audio, video, photos and files to our friends for free.

Which country’s company is Telegram?

Telegram app is a German company.

When was Telegram launched?

Telegram app was launched in October 2013.

Who created Telegram?

Telegram was created by two Russian brothers Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov.

How many GB of files can be transferred in Telegram?

A file of 1.5 Gb can be easily sent in the Telegram app.

Is Telegram App Indian?

No, Telegram app is not from India but from Germany.

Is Telegram Safe?

Telegram is absolutely safe for private messaging but not in channels and groups.

Conclusion – What is Telegram in Hindi

In this article we have given you WhatsApp vs Telegram compared to with and only What is Telegram and told about its features,

By reading this article, you must have easily understood that for you Which messaging platform is better? and if you Alternative of Whatsapp If you are searching, then you must use it after seeing the feature of Telegram.

Hope you have liked this article of ours as always. Share this article as much as possible so that your friends can also know about it before using Telegram.

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