What is the difference between RAM and ROM (RAM And ROM In Hindi)

RAM and ROM Difference in Hindi : computer Or in mobile, you must have heard about RAM and ROM, but do you know what is the main difference between RAM and ROM and how ROM is different from RAM, we will talk about all these. Today we will know in this article.

There are 2 types of memory in our device, one is Primary Memory and one is Secondary Memory.

RAM And ROM Both are part of the primary memory. we gave you our Blog I have already told about RAM and ROM, even then in this article we will tell you about RAM and ROM briefly and then What is the difference between RAM and ROM (Different between RAM and ROM Hindi) Will explain in detail.

What is RAM – What is RAM in Hindi

RAM computer and Mobile Key Main memory In which all the programs of computer and mobile, Softwareapplications run.

What is the difference between RAM and ROM - Different Between computer RAM And ROM

All the data of current work running in computer and mobile is stored in RAM. Store data is stored in this Temporary Store.

RAM is volatile, when the system is shut down or when the power supply is turned off, all the RAM stored in Data goes away.

There are 2 types of RAM

  • SRAM (Static Random Access Memory)
  • DRAM ( Dynamic Random Access Memory )

What is ROM – What is ROM in Hindi

ROM is also a part of primary memory, which helps in turning on the computer. We can only read the stored data in ROM. Meaning the data stored once in it cannot be removed.

In ROM, the data is already filled by the manufacturer company, in it the same data is filled which is important for the system. The data stored in ROM is permanently protected.

ROM is Non-Volatile Memory, the data remains safe in it only when the system is shut down or after the power supply is turned off.

There are 4 types of ROM

  • MROM ( Masked Read Only Memory )
  • PROM ( Programmable Read Only Memory )
  • EPROM ( Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory )
  • EEPROM ( Electricity Erasable Programable Read Only Memory )

Understand computer RAM and ROM

Now let’s know the main difference between RAM and ROM, after which you will understand well about RAM and ROM –

#1 – Full Form

full form of RAM Random Access Memory Whereas the full form of ROM is Read Only Memory Is.

#2 – Volatile and Non – Volatile Memory

RAM is Volatile Memory, which means that whatever data is stored in RAM is stored temporarily. Whenever you shut down your system, all the data stored in it gets erased or erased.

ROM Non-Volatile Memory Which means that the data stored in ROM is stored permanently. Its data remains safe even when the system is shut down or after electric power is turned off.

#3 – Structure

RAM is a chip which is installed on the board of computer or mobile whereas ROM magnetic tape There is an optical driver made of.

#4 – Main Work

Program in RAM System, Application Software, Operating System is used to run. And also RAM is important for the speed of computer and mobile.

It is used to start the ROM system and store the data Permanently. It is used as storage in computers and mobiles.

#5 – Change Data

Data can be changed in RAM.

Whereas in ROM we cannot change the data. The data that is put in it by the producer company cannot be removed. Nowadays there are such ROMs available in which data can be changed, but for them we need some special type of equipment and technology.

#6 – Size

The size of RAM is less. While the size of ROM can be more. It depends on how much data you have.

#7 – Accessibility

RAM function Processor It stores the same information that the processor can access quickly.

Whereas Store Information in ROM cannot be accessed directly, it first gives commands to RAM and then will transmit the information to the RAM Processor.

#8 – Storage

Data is stored temporarily in RAM, like when you open a browser on the Internet, then those websites come in them which you had visited earlier. You can free up RAM by clearing History, Cookies.

The data stored in ROM is stored permanently. Store data on ROM cannot be erased, so you must have seen that you can recover data from back date in computer and mobile.

#9 – Coast (Price)

The coast of RAM is expensive whereas ROM is cheaper than RAM.

#10 – Trust

RAM is not a reliable memory, as soon as the power is turned off, the data stored in it is removed. Like you are creating a document in MS Word and the power goes out in between, then everything you type gets erased. If you don’t save it.

ROM is a reliable memory. In this, the stored data always remains even after the power supply is turned off.

Difference Between RAM and ROM (RAM vs ROM In Hindi)

Full Name Random Access Memory Read-Only Memory
storage Data is temporarily stored in RAM. Data is stored permanently in ROM.
stable and unstable
When the RAM is shut down, all the data is erased. The data remains in the ROM even after shutdown.
change in data RAM data can be changed Data in ROM cannot be changed.
readings RAM can also read and write data. Can only read data in ROM.
power Power is required to save data in RAM. in ROM Data Power is not required to save.
Speed Data store is faster in RAM. There is a long process to store data in ROM.
Different Between Computer RAM And ROM

Last words: Difference between RAM and ROM in Hindi

Through this article we Difference Between RAM and ROM (Different between RAM and ROM In Hindi) Well explained. After reading which you must have understood all the difference between RAM and ROM. Hope you have liked this article written by us, keep visiting our blog to read articles with this type of knowledge. And share this article as much as possible so that other people can also get good information.

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