What is the motherboard, its types, parts, functions (Motherboard in Hindi)

What is Motherboard in Hindi: if you computer If you are interested then you must have heard the name of computer motherboard because it is the backbone of the computer, without it we cannot connect the components of the computer. The motherboard connects all the components of the computer together.

But you do not have complete knowledge about the motherboard or you want to know more about the motherboard then this article is for you only because through this article we have given you What is motherboard, what are the types of motherboard, names of different parts of motherboard and functions of motherboard given information about.

A computer Student Therefore, there is a lot to learn in this article, so do read this article till the end so that you do not miss any important information.

What is Motherboard (What is Motherboard in Hindi)

motherboard ,MotherboardComputer is a very important device by which all the devices of the computer are connected to the computer and can communicate with each other. The motherboard is the base of the computer. Motherboard supplies power to all parts of the computer so that they can do their work smoothly.

What is motherboard, its types, parts and functions in Hindi (Motherboard in Hindi)

The motherboard can also be called the hub of the computer because all the devices that are connected to the computer are connected to the motherboard. Different ports or slots are made in the motherboard to connect different computer devices.

The motherboard is made of a strong plastic which is a bad conductor of electricity. A thin layer of copper and aluminum is printed on this plastic sheet.

Definition of Motherboard

Motherboard is the most important part of the computer through which all the computer input device, output device And memory Stay connected to the computer and can communicate with each other.

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History of Motherboard

in today’s time The motherboards used were very advanced, but the motherboards used in earlier times were not so developed, these motherboards could only do some special tasks.

The first motherboard was the Planar Breadboard, which was made in 1981 by the IBM company. It was created to be used in computer systems. This motherboard was not so advanced. In 1984, IBM made Advance Motherboard with new technology, this motherboard was suitable for all types of Desktop.

In 1986 Gigabyte motherboards made by Taiwan’s Pei Chang came into existence. In 1989, a company named Pegasus was formed in Taiwan, which was created by ACER’s application. Later it became the world’s largest motherboard maker.

Gradually other companies also started coming into existence which started manufacturing motherboards like Intel, ASUS Tek etc. In today’s time, there are many motherboards available in the market depending on their capacity, design and size.

Types of Motherboard

Motherboards are of the following types on the basis of their structure and usage –

Types of motherboards based on structure

depending on the structure Motherboard can be divided into two parts –

#1 Integrated Motherboard

Motherboard Integrated has different parts to connect different devices of the computer. This type of motherboard is used in Desktop, Laptop etc.

#2 Non-Integrated Motherboard

Non Motherboard Integrated does not have separate parts to connect different devices of the computer. This type of Motherboard is used in old Desktop, servers Used to happen in the beginning.

Types of Motherboards Based on Use

based on usage Motherboard can be divided into 3 parts –

#1 Desktop Motherboard

Desktop Motherboard is widely used in today’s time. This type of motherboard is the most basic type of motherboard.

#2 Laptop Motherboard

which motherboard in laptop Used are called Laptop Motherboard. With the help of this type of motherboard, different parts of the laptop can be connected.

#3 Server Motherboard

This type of motherboard is made for Server. These are very high quality motherboards. These motherboards last a long time. There are many Slots and Connectors in it.

Names of parts of computer motherboard (Part of Computer Motherboard Hindi)

There are many parts of the motherboard through which different components of the computer are connected. Whose names are as follows –

motherboard parts names Functions of the Parts of a Computer Motherboard
Power Connector (Power Connector) Electricity is supplied to CPU and other computer components with the help of Power Connector. power first SMPS I go to the motherboard after that.
CPU Socket CPU is also called the brain of the computer. cpu A socket is used to connect CPU to the motherboard, it is called CPU Socket.
PS/2 Port (PS / 2 Port) mouse And keyboard PS / 2 port is used to connect.
Sockets Speaker And microphone is connected to the computer through a socket.
Parallel Port (Parallel Port) in this port scanner And the printer is connected, these are 25 pin plots.
USB Port (USB Port) USB devices such as keyboard, mouse, printer, hard disk etc. are connected.
Serial Port (Serial Port) The additional modem is connected to the computer through the serial port. These are of Port 9 and 25 Pin.
VGA Port (VGA Port) using this port Monitor is connected to the computer.
External Port (External Port) External port is used to connect one computer to another.
Game Port Gaming devices such as Joystick Game Port is used to connect.
DVI Port (DVI Port) Flat Panel Monitor like lcd, LEDs DVI port is used to connect etc.
RAM Slot in the computer RAM RAM Slot is used to install. This slot is only near the CPU slot.
Part of Computer Motherboard

These are some basic parts of all computer motherboards that you should know about.

Functions of Motherboard

  • Motherboard is that part of the computer in which all other devices of the computer are connected.
  • The motherboard supplies power to whatever devices are connected to the computer.
  • The device connected to the computer has to be managed by the motherboard itself.
  • Through the motherboard only one device of the computer can communicate with another device.
  • The motherboard is also useful for starting the computer, because the RAM also resides in the motherboard.

motherboard manufacturers

There are many popular companies in the market which Manufactures motherboards such as –

  • intel (Intel)
  • ASUS (Asus)
  • Gigabyte
  • ACER (Acer)
  • AMD (AMD)
  • ESC

motherboard price

If you want to buy a computer, then the motherboard is installed in it, you do not need to buy it separately. Motherboard alone is of no use. The value of the motherboard is determined by the components attached to it.

The price of motherboard may differ from company to company.

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Motherboard FAQ

What is the function of computer motherboard?

All computer equipment are connected to each other through the computer motherboard and the motherboard also supplies power to the computer equipment to work smoothly.

What is another name for motherboard?

Another name for motherboard is Main Board.

How many types of motherboard are there?

Motherboards are mainly of two types on the basis of their design Integrated Motherboard and Non Integrated Motherboard.

What is the full form of motherboard?

There is no full form of motherboard, it is made up of two words Mother and Board.

We taught – What is Computer Motherboard in Hindi

Motherboard is an important part of the computer, with the help of which we can connect computer devices to the computer and they can do their work smoothly.

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